Deirdre talks with Alan Steinfeld – Introduction to the 6 Simple Keys

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  Deirdre: Welcome, I’m Deirdre Hade a mystic and guide into the other realities. I am very excited because I have my good friend, wizard, miracle embodiment of light, Alan Steinfeld—a real pioneer in the movement of consciousness, leading the discussion about what is on the other side of that veil? Can we go in there and find out? He … Read More

“Love No Matter What” with Cate Montana

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  Deirdre: Today I am excited to have another wonderful friend on the show—Cate Montana who is a wonderful spiritual leader and author of The E Word: Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials. You have just moved to Hawaii isn’t that right?   Cate: I just moved to Maui, yes.   Deirdre: What’s that like?   Cate: It’s extraordinary. The sea … Read More

How To Enjoy The Family Vacation

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Having fun is one of the most important things you can really do. It’s a step to awakening, to enlightenment, and a huge part of having a fulfilled existence. Because without fun, we begin to feel sad and feel cheated in this human experience. We’re here to have some fun in the middle of the chaos that we find in … Read More


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  What is enlightenment really? Is it something that we want? Is it really relevant in our fast-paced, modern, distracted world? The answer is “Yes!” It’s absolutely relevant, relevant as never before, because enlightenment very simply means to be conscious, to be aware, to be awake. It means to have that observer within watching even when you’re having a difficult … Read More