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A New definition of manhood

Betsy ChassePost


With you Deidre Hade, thank you for joining me. I’m here now from Santa Barbara California, today going to be talking about a new definition for manhood. What is a man? I mean it’s a big conversation right now isn’t it? We have the idea of what man it has been and of course we as women we have our laundry list of what a man should be. But essentially spiritually, metaphysically, mystically, know what is that consciousness of man? So, today we’re going to explore a little bit about this and then have a radiance healing for the men of our world. So, women and men thank you for joining me today, it’s really great to have you. In the mystical tradition, the energy of man is the divine patriarchy, know that it’s not the patriarchy that we associate with aggression or the patriarchy that we associate with control. But the divine patriarchy is the spiritual Godhead, the Adonai, the action of creation, the woman the feminine, Godhead is this Sophia, the wisdom, the womb of intelligence that the masculine basically impregnates with light thus creating everything we see. That can have been a really simplified nutshell. Each of us as an individual is really here to retether ourselves, re yolk ourselves, to the original thought of creation. This is at the core of our soul the core of our being. And until we have that tethering, until we have that yoke that connection, we are lost, we are unconscious and we are susceptible to the whims and the flows of society, culture, media whatever it happens to be the name of the day. We are not in our center our core. So, manhood is this light of thought that is an action.

Now from that, during the past 5,000 years, we have been in the age of the patriarchy. We went from matriarchy societies to the patriarchy and somewhere along their way are the patriarchy got a little untethered, show you say from the source. Thus, moving into a great deal of violence. Now this is not the fault of all you great men it is just an energy that we’re talking about that’s untethered to wisdom. So, what I really see her next phase the phase that we’re moving into, is actually the phase of the matriarch and the patriarchy, side-by-side equal. We know about the ancient cultures that were the matriarchal societies the goddess worshipers, we know about the coming of the one God or the God is the father, the head of the tribe the chief, but now we are coming into a time because remember we are in the process of creating. We are in the becoming. So, we’re in the time or hopefully the matriarch and the patriarch we can stand together and bring the best of who we are so that we have a balanced society in these very polar opposites of energy masculine and feminine.

Well this is what I call this time is the messy, the messy middle. The time when things are coming undone we’re not quite sure we are what are we doing, oh what happened to all those Cowboys and all those images of the movies in the 1940s. As I mentioned in my newsletter you know where what happened? Where are we? Well we’re actually in a really great place it’s just really messy because right now we, you and I, we are creating and defining a new lineage in a new definition of what it means to be a man to be a woman or to be identified with another gender, which I’m not an expert in so forgive me. But I can speak about men and women that’s what been my experience for my life. So, the man the new man, mystically what my vision has shown me is that this birth of the new man is the man that is not afraid to be tethered and connected to the feminine. The feminine around him and the feminine within. Citing Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, as women we have the masculine energy within and as men we have a you have a feminine energy within. Where we get displaced where we get into trouble is when we deny this. And so, for men to deny that there is a vulnerability, there are feelings or emotions of sadness or weaknesses, doubts that is seen in our society is somehow bad.

And so unfortunately, we have all colluded to take you beautiful men and stuff you into a prison that is not sustainable for anybody. Because you have strong feelings and you have profound vulnerability just like women. Being able to show this, being able to acknowledge this, is really the first step to healing manhood. To be able to embrace women and say you’re my partner not my subservient my spouse but my partner, that is the step towards this new manhood this definition of manhood. And as we each internally connect with this the inner parts of ourselves, whether masculine or feminine and however they play out in our gender, as we do this we become more whole within. Now it’s a stretch, it’s a stretch, it’s a stretch I know there are a lot of really great funny movies which I love including The Incredibles which is pretty awesome anyone where the big macho guy had to stay at home and take care of the kids, so it’s a stretch to step into those shoes sometimes. And it’s a stretch for women to go out into the corporate world and guess what we’re not doing it perfectly, blundering we’re trying to figure it out, we’re questioning who we are really and that’s exactly perfect that’s exactly where we’re supposed to be right now. I don’t think we’re supposed to have an answer. We’re supposed to contemplate, experiment, make some mistakes get back up and say oh okay this is I am.

So, this new definition we are all writing we are actually all creating you’re creating. The airwaves are creating. But most importantly is a light worker as a spiritual seeker as someone who yearns and longs for the greater reality to have that deep, deep connection and purpose. You really hold the template meaning the foundation for this new definition. Because the foundation of the new definition of the new man is a spiritual one, it is a spiritual definition. Because we are moving into the age of spirituality in the ancient ways and in new ways this age of light of the great light, of the unifying field. Now I know it doesn’t look like a unifying field is out in the world right now but to use a cliché it gets the darkest before the dawn and that’s really what’s going on. So, take heart, don’t feel too much despair and know that we are we’re going through a change but that there is a dawn coming. And the most important thing I want to empower you with is that your part of this change. Your meditation practice, your practice of mindfulness, a spirituality, your practice of compassion, loving kindness, understanding, has a very powerful effect on our world. Because remember everything is energy, if you don’t believe me get out of physics textbook. Everything is energy, your thoughts and your beliefs about yourself vibrate, they radiant that they were there the radiance or the radiant energy the radiant into the unified field of existence. An important example is this I have this iPhone it causes me a lot of grief I’m not a techno person and that was in some random place in Los Angeles I wanted to send a text and on my phone is airdrop. And there’s all these strangers on my phone with their names that are sitting around me their phones. And I looked at that I said you know what’s interesting we accept that this little phone you know it’s a little device, has the power to emit of a wave of energy another little device picks up, somebody you don’t even know. But guess what, your brain is in much more complex, refined, faster more efficient, cell phone. You are emitting waves of thought and other people with their cell phone is picking that up and you’re picking them up.

And everyone’s having a conversation that no one knows about and this is called neuroplasticity again please look it up because there’s a lot of scientific information about that. So, spiritually neuroplasticity is essential to understand so that you know that your purpose when you are meditating when you are to having your spiritual practice, is it you’re effecting peace, clarity and goodness around you. You’re very being this is emitting this these waves this action. Now that beingness’s the energy beingness is feminine. The masculine is the action of it, it’s the movement of the thought, it is the movement of the intention. So, the definition of manhood, the new definition for me is the action of all of us that is fully rooted and tethered to the feminine wisdom and understanding. And in this as I spoke about last week about rigor and righteousness this creates right action and this is the true definition of the patriarchy. It is what was first established before went awry. What about the ego, because we’re all having to deal with the ego right now and we all like roll our eyes on the male ego right. And I love that quote from Jim Carrey that was on the newsletter they don’t behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.

So, let’s talk about that ego. You know the ego is actually your friend it’s our friend. The Eco really gets a lot done and in the male energy, okay the ego is strong now I’m not saying we as women don’t have strong egos we have our own issue with that. But in the male energy the ego is supposed to be very strong and very forceful. Because that’s tethered to the masculine energy that’s what it is. Women we have our own powerful energy but I’m not going to talk about that today so don’t get your tackles up all right. This this energy of this power in the new definition of man, will be an enormous spiritual power. A power to part the Red Sea, a power to create on a global scale much goodness. And the new man is prepared to do that because the man is balanced and that’s where we’re going. And as we move there in this messy time, the ego that’s attached to the way a label is the one we’ve been told what we believe, that ego now is just having a temper tantrum like a two-year-old and saying I’m going to fight back and I don’t want to change and I don’t want to greet a new level of consciousness. Because consciousness is growing and expanding whether we want to be part of it or not we’re going to get swept up in the tide because consciousness itself is growing, the divine intelligence.

So, this the Eco right now is saying I don’t want to grow I don’t want to change, I’m afraid. So, there’s a lot of fear and that’s what we’re seeing on the planet right now is a lot of fear. And desperate people do desperate things. That is not my quote but it belongs still famous person I’m not sure who but it’s true desperate people do desperate things. So, what can we do and what can you do as a as a man and what can we do as women to support men? What you can do is to define to meditate to look at yourself and say you know Who am I, what really defines me? What are the ethics of manhood? What is the code of honor of manhood ? What is the value and the virtue in manhood? And in that you will find nurturing you will find care, you were find loving kindness, you will also find protection, you will find righteous action, you will find the qualities of a building. And these qualities, when you immerse yourself into them, your soul is birthed. And that’s the true power.

And the soul in the Kabbalistic tradition is feminine, the Shekinah, the mahout, is the King shivers is the divine man and within that presence of divine man is the feminine the soul, because the soul is beingness. And we are all here men and women to birth our soul into this reality. We’re here to bring light, we are here to grow to experience and then to expand with consciousness, the Wonder in this world was really meant to be. So, with this I want to say thank you. I hope I did shared some thoughts for you to ponder and for you to think about perhaps help you on your journey in this chaotic world ring right now. Be the central pillar, would be that sort of like that voice of a manhood because of our world desperately, desperately needs you and we women do as well.

So, let’s take a moment of prayer of meditation, you close your eyes, watch our breath and then imagine there above your head a white star of light, a brilliant star of light. This is truth, the kept air the truth. And now with a breath, we call this light into the central pillar of your body, and a beam of light comes down all the way through, through each of your chakras, down into the earth. And as you see this beam of light feel this energy of light, imagine now that you’re going to put yourself inside this table white light and place your eyes in your heart, the lion heart. And imagine that you’re looking at the world from the heart of manhood. And with each breath, expand this to both white light this pillar of light, this is the staff of life, this is the sword of light. And see that this light now connected beneath our feet into the earth is connected to a golden orb, just golden orb is the soul of Mother Earth. And she is emanating up into you her rays of powerful, powerful light. And this beautiful, beautiful pillar of light within you expands even more until you are in a tool of light. And this tube of light becomes an envelope of light. And this envelope of light now is your temple.

As you stand in the temple of light, the Pyramid of light allow the bliss, allow the shimmering to fill every soul with the greatness of manhood. With the power of deep love and deep care of manhood. And now of the union between manhood and womanhood, that we stand together side by side as partners, to create an incredible world for every global citizen. Thank you, thank you so much for being here. And I hope, love to see you next week come and visit me at, send me a note I’d love to hear from each and every one of you. Have a beautiful, beautiful day and a glorious 4th of July. Bye-bye.