A Thanksgiving Message for 2018

Betsy ChassePost


Happy Thanksgiving! As a Mystic, I travel through the greater realities, receiving messages and visions for all of us. And this year the Prophets, the Ascended Masters and the Archangels want to remind us that,

Thanksgiving is a deeply-rooted Spiritual Gift from the Earth Keepers,

the indigenous souls who inhabited America. In this great tradition it was always felt that to give was greater than to receive, and that it is important to first give thanks to the Creator for the presence and love of the family. Then to give thanksgiving to everything we have received by giving a sacred feast for all to partake. Rejoicing in the bounty and celebrating what the community has built, grown and worked so hard to manifest. I invite you to meditate on this, share this idea and have conversation around your Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving acts as a pillar by which we know that we indeed have a foundation, something under our feet that we can count on, because every year, on this particular Thursday, we let the world stay outside and we find our way to each other to give thanks, connecting with family and friends. Even though there may have been disagreements and misunderstandings, we know we can count on coming together on this day to create a beautiful table, enjoy a shared meal and experience our soul bond with each other.

Thanksgiving is our day of appreciation. Sustenance and support, Make Thanksgiving this year your spiritual backbone to be an anchor throughout the coming year during these changing times.

Please join me in a Thanksgiving prayer.




Prayer for Thanksgiving 2018


Beloved Presence, Creator,

Bless all who have felt empty of your nourishment this year.

Help us to find your healing light of Thanksgiving.

Bring to all souls the love of friends and family.

Provide for everyone the gift of food, love and caring light.

Bring an end to hunger and poverty.


Beloved Presence, Creator,

Fill our world with Your abundance.

Fill each person with Your gift of prosperity,

Tether the fruits of our beautiful earth into your healing care.


Bring us together, help us to drop our differences, help us to

hold each other’s hand around the table of Mother Earth.

Show us where our differences are actually the areas of our greatest place of finding love.


Beloved Presence, Creator,

Thank you for always being with us, guiding us, comforting us and sustaining us.

Today we have gathered as a united family, committed to healing and helping each other that we may live all year long in Your State of Deep Gratitude and Thanksgiving.”  Amen.



Thank you for joining me in a moment of blessing this Thanksgiving, bringing heart-centered gratitude to our whole world.