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June 15th – Receiving Bliss Course; Choose convenient time for your schedule.

Betsy ChassePost

Dear Friend,

From happiness comes health.  Your endocrine system works better, your neurotransmitters create more dopamine and serotonin, you’re uplifted, and you feel free – it is proven that you make better decisions.  When you act out of anxiety, fear, or depression you don’t make good decisions in your life.

By tapping into the divine energy and experiencing happiness you can use your mind and thoughts better.  You can see clearer, especially the obstacles, and you make better choices for creating life.

When we are not connected to this Divine Light – the source that fills us – it makes it easier to become blinded and not able to see the obstacles that could trip us up.

This deep state of happiness is called “Bliss.”

And if daytime is not the right hour for you, no problem, you will receive a link to your very own “Deirdre Hade” library at Learning Strategies where you can “Receive Bliss” wherever and whenever it is convenient for you!

You are a Light Warrior.  This next week’s Bliss Experience is here to serve you, uplift you, give you strength, open your heart!  Plus, we will have some much needed fun!

We’ll be together four days in a row for approximately 1 to 1‑1/2 hours each day.   I can’t wait to see you!

Monday June 15th through Thursday June 18th

     11:00 am – Pacific Time

     12:00 pm – Mountain Time

     1:00 pm – US Central Time

     2:00 pm – Eastern Time

Monday – June 15

Using Radiance Pure Energy and Allowing the Bliss to Transform You.

Tuesday – June 16

Clearing Your Karmic Field to Dissipate Overwhelm, Chaos, Anxiety and Grief.

Wednesday – June 17

Allowing Health and Well‑Being to Feel at Home Within You.

Thursday – June 18

Living Life to the Fullest Every Day in the Bliss of Radiance Pure Energy.

We’ll be using a live video stream, but you can choose to call in by phone.  You can also follow along with the recordings if you cannot make the sessions live.

The tuition for Receiving Bliss is 4 payments of $30.

Join me on the Bliss Journey!

Love and Blessings,

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