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Blessings of Light This Chanukah and Christmas, My Message for You

Betsy ChassePost

Mankind is a great, an immense family.
This is proven by what we feel in our hearts at Christmas.”
– Pope John XXIII

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Dear Friends,

Blessings of light to you and your family this holiday as Christmas and Chanukah overlay each other.  This is a beautiful tribute that we are indeed “One Human Family” with many rays of light leading us towards higher consciousness.  Today is a day to remind ourselves of inner salvation.  In Hebrew, Jesus translates to Yeshua, meaning Salvation.  He said, “I am Salvation” invoking the I Am Presence, the words of creation of the Sephirot Keter, Truth. Keter in the Tree of Life is the crown of the Tree and sits above one’s crown Chakra.  A Sephirot is understood to be a universe of consciousness.  In the Tree of Life there are ten Sephirot that overlap and include the seven Chakras.  The nine branches of the Chanukah Menorah symbolize the awakened mind of higher consciousness.  Together the light of Salvation (Yeshua) and the light of Chanukah unite.  In the story of Chanukah, the Maccabees overthrew their oppressors – as the story goes – because the sacred oil for their lamps lasted for eight days, instead of merely one day.  This is the miracle of Chanukah.

The word “Christ” comes from the Greek word “Khristos,” which means oil for anointment.  Originally, Jesus was called The Anointed One by the Israelites who followed him as the Messiah, because the Messiah was said to be anointed by holy oil.  Later on, the Greeks would translate this name to Khristos, meaning oil for anointment.  Then in Latin Khristos became Christ, the name we now use today as Jesus Christ. The reason I share this story with you today is to illuminate how the stories of our spiritual essence overlap.  Hence the message this year that we are One Family. We are truly One Soul of Light. When we realize this – we will be Self-Realized.

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I hope you enjoy taking the journey with me as we stroll down the ancient steps of Israel’s history and miraculous legacy.

Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love and Light, in gratitude,