Clear The Obstacles of Your Heart


2018, the year possibility, came rolling in with a lot of climate change events, a lot of fear and anxiety, and a lot of stress. Because of the fires in California, I started the year wondering if I had a home or not. But despite all the fear and stress, for me, it’s still the year of possibility, because we’re here to discover what’s possible and what’s important in life no matter what the obstacles. No matter how dire the situation, there’s always the possibility for healing, for repair, for redemption, and ultimately, for love.

What I’ve learned so deeply in these past six weeks of disaster, fire, flood, and mudslides, is that we are here to connect with one another—heart to heart and to soul to soul. Our deepest lesson is to learn how to slay the 10 million distractions that keep us from being fully present with each other every day. You know what I mean. You’re trying to connect with someone and your mind is all over the place. Or you’re answering the phone in the middle of a conversation with someone. You just can’t get into the moment.

When that happens you’re lost. Truly. When you’re not fully present with another person, it is YOU who are lost.

You may say, “But my body is here in my office. I’m not lost!” But the energetic you, your soul, your consciousness, your mind, your heart is lost. You’re divided into pieces. And that’s what leads to all the stress and anxiety and depression.

The human soul is the lamplight of God. You are the lamplight. I am the lamplight. All people are the lamplight. We are here to ignite each other and remind each other that we are the lamplight of the divine in the human world. When adversity comes and you can connect with another person at a deep, satisfying level, guess what? The anxiety goes away! Stress goes away. Fear goes away. Why? Because you are fully present in the moment, experiencing the joy and camaraderie of being in your tribe.

Yes, the earth plane is volatile. The earth plane is the youngest strata of heaven. It’s the newest, and it’s fragile. Rains come to lands scarred by fire and boulders the size of trucks take out people’s homes next door to you. Even the strongest structures we build, like the Twin Towers, can come down on our heads. You think, “I’m safe, I’m protected. Nothing can take this great skyscraper down.” But you’re wrong. Even the greatest creations are vulnerable in this reality.

We have to accept this. We have to accept reality on reality’s terms. However, we do have a voice. We do have power.

I wish I could explain how this power works, but I can’t. It comes straight from the Mystery. The power is there when we come together and connect soul to soul. The power is there, inside our minds. The creative mind activates, and in that power we’re able to overcome. We’re able to work with nature as a team.

You see, all of the nature beings, which are consciousness, too, have language and understanding. They have feelings. A rock has feelings. Trees have feelings. Animals have feelings. They all have stories and languages. For example, a study was done that showed that crows pass down information for seven generations. If somebody hurts a crow, seven generations of crows will squawk every time they see this person walking down the street. This is the language of nature, and it’s time for us to connect with that language—which is what happens when we connect soul to soul with each other.

It is in dynamic connection that faith and trust live.

Faith and trust are not abstract concepts living somewhere in your head or on a piece of paper. Faith and trust are an experience—an experience you have every time you drop into the present moment with another person. You don’t even know you’re trusting because you’re in it! Such is the power of faith and trust.

Let’s take it a step further. Let’s drop into faith and trust together. Be present. Be open and feel our connection, your connection with me, with the whole world. Feel that it’s happening—Presence is dropping in. That thing you feel, that’s you, that’s your light and that’s your soul connecting with your fellow human tribe members.

What a trip it is down here! Oh, my gosh, I’m so glad we’re in it together. I’m so glad I’m not alone down here. It’s a journey, it’s an odyssey. But with you I can do it.

This is faith, this is trust. This is really the only lesson there is. The lesson of how do we find each other? How do we find each when we look so different, eat different foods, watch different TV shows, speak different languages? But that knowingness, that connection, that recognition, is the language of nature. This is the unity of oneness, right here, right now. In this moment that we are together, everything is perfect, just as it’s meant to be.

Let the light fill you. Let your own brilliance fill your body and fill your belly. Pour it into your feet. This brilliance is knowledge. This brilliance is your intuition, your knowing. This brilliance is your ability to work with nature as another team member on planet Earth. We’re all in this together, guys and gals, and all of nature is saying, “Hey, humans! Come on, man, get on the program! We’re missing a team member! How are we going to make the touch down when the quarterback is over there on his cell phone? Come on, join up!

This is the big lesson.

I want to encourage you to make you a priority. Please, practice being present with other people. And when those feelings of discomfort, of anxiety, of nervousness, of fear come up, breath it out. Let it go. Say, “Oh, that’s not real. What’s real is this connection—you to me and me to you. This connection is what’s real.”

And guess what happens when we do this? Not only do fear and loneliness go away, the desire to consume goes away. Whether it’s cheesecake or alcohol or TV or buying more things we don’t really need, the need to consume is gone because no longer feel so empty because we’re finally feeling our connection.

Even with climate change and shifting landscapes and politics and rulers, this is a glorious time. This is a time of a great hope. This is the time of spiritual awakening, of remembering who we are. And you are a very important part of this.

When you embody your soul and you live in this connection, in this faith and trust, you’re finally home. And that’s where your power lies—the power that creates, the power that shifts energy, the power that brings truth and healing. And when enough of us are embodied in our soul’s power we’ll look like a vast field of flowers. And we’ll look around at one another and wonder, “How did this happen?”

It happens one flower, one soul, one person reaching out to another at a time, connecting into the field where billions and billions of hearts are opened in faith and trust in the possibility of our humanity.

I’d like to finish with a Radiance Healing to seal this yummy energy we all just brought in together:

Take a moment and allow this Presence to fill your body

Now, bring into your mind all the things you love—your pets, your garden, whatever you love

Brings these things into your field of consciousness

See yourself as this beautiful being of light

Your light envelopes everyone and everything you love

Your light touches everything you love

And now, everything becomes beautiful flames of light

We are all orbs of beautiful light

Everything is beautiful

Everything is consciousness

The flower of life blossoms

As we hold one another in unity

As you enter this unity, this field of possibility

Be aware of your heart

Here lies the true power of love

The power of miracles

The power of unity

Breath this in


Today is good day

I am peace

I am Faith

I am Trust

I am Resilience

My light, my miracle light, can overcome any obstacle

I am

I am


Thank you.