Easter as Our Pillar

Betsy ChassePost

If two make peace with each other in a single house,
they will say to the mountain, ‘Move from here,’ and it will move.”

– Jesus (Yeshua)
The Gospel of Thomas;
verse 48

Dear Friends,

Easter is the Phoenix, our human spirit, rising from the ashes.  The parts of ourselves we thought were real, our control mechanisms, our sense of order, our close held beliefs of separation having to die in order for each of us to be re-born in a holier more complete way.

Now finding ourselves in the cosmic story of our ‘One World’ we fight a war with an unseen oppressor, COVID-19.  Each of us processing this war in our own very personal way.  Our inner psyche becoming the battleground between fear and serenity, for some, life or death on life support, alone and isolated from loved ones.  Angels are near.  Holding the sick in their arms they sing, “resurrect into the light your soul is free.”  The comfort of heaven.  There is no death of the soul and spirit, only the body.

Our doctors, nurses and technicians are the tireless angels caring for the sick.  Our grocery store workers and delivery people are the ropes keeping our country from complete destitution.  Thank God the angels of hope are among us.

Easter this year, on the fourth day of Passover, has a special meaning.  Easter this year is a message of hope.  We must celebrate the greatness that is yet to come.  A re-birth of the human spirit that is evolving.  We are called to Passover our fears and triumph in the Easter resurrection of  light over the dark.  This year two spiritual narratives become the two pillars of  truth.  We are to meet the time we live in with reflection, mindfulness and prayer.  We are being asked to become spiritual warriors where gratitude is our leader, loving-kindness and hope our resolve.

It won’t be easy, and it will most likely take longer than we anticipate.  But we will discover the greater place within ourselves and we will find each other as friends and neighbors united by the light of goodness.  As always, I love hearing from you.  Please keep sending me any questions or comments.

Have a Blessed Easter.


Easter 2020
Deirdre Hade

Beloved Presence
hear my prayer

I am weak
my virtue crumbles
my feet stagger

today a waterfall
of golden vines
buried in my burdens
kneels before You

I surrender
Grace your arms

loneliness and despair
resurrection calls
for me to share
light of wisdom

heart of healing
return my soul
the angels call
no sacrifice

listen to the millions
birthing Christ

Lift me from my
splintered wood
carry me to your gates
bind me on the golden cross

eternity awaits

I am the cross between the desert
and another’s hand

I am your son your daughter
Your humankind.