Happy Chanukah

Betsy ChassePost

Happy Chanukah! May the Festival of Lights bless you, uplift you and bring you the miracle of winter. Within the Chanukah story is the inspiration for all of us to keep faith and work side by side with the Creator and the angels to protect what is sacred, persevere and stand firm for justice as we march on to bring Peace on Earth. The Bal Shem Tov, 17th century mystic and founder of the Chasidic movement of Kabbalah was to have said that all great spiritual teachings are held within a story. Here is a brief synopsis of the Chanukah story. Like all great stories it holds the archetypes of our human journey towards awakening.

The Maccabees (a family of brothers), were guarding the sacred Temple against yet another Roman attack. The Romans were intent on destroying the center of Jewish worship, The Temple, as a strategy to disperse and destroy the Jewish religion. There was only enough oil to light the Maccabees lantern for one more night. It looked as though the Maccabees would be wiped out and the Temple destroyed. The Maccabees prayed for a miracle. Then miraculously the oil for one night lasted for eight and the Maccabees were able to subdue the Roman soldiers and save the sacred Temple.

The question is then where in your life are you a Maccabee? What truth, sacred space or dream are you charged with protecting? And what is your response when it looks as though all is lost? Who are the Romans in your life? We all have a few. For Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, the epic spiritual story of the Hindu religion, the Romans were Arjuna’s family. Sound familiar? As we enter December the month of light for many religions I encourage all of us to take the time to think, look and explore where the light of our soul is on the brink of being put out. A rather tough question, but truthful. Because when you face the obstacle that puts your faith to its ultimate test you open yourself to discovering the mystery of revelation. The miracle. And isn’t this what our time in history beckons us to remember?

Thank you for joining me every week. Thank you for taking your personal path of self discovery as something very important in your life. Because it will lead you to the greatest gifts life has to offer.

Chanukah Prayer 2018

Beloved Presence, All That Is,
Ignite your miracle light, the light that sustains,
the light that rejuvenates, the light of the Phoenix
rising out of the ashes, the light that can never be put out
no matter how dark the times become.

​​​​​​​Beloved Presence, All That Is,
Presence of Pure Creation,
give us the strength to be the candle
that never expires. Cradle us in your mercy.
Bestow within us the ability to do good
even when are hearts are breaking.
Teach us how to find one another,
teach us how to love.
We ask for your guidance and your blessing
that this winter be one of peace, healing and new tolerance.
We place our faith in you.
Thank you. Amen.