Happy Mother’s Day

Betsy ChassePost

Happy Mothers Day flower photo by Endre Balogh
Happy Mother's Day flower (photo by Endre Balogh of EndresArt.com
photo by Endre Balogh, EndresArt.com

Dear Friends,

Happy Mother’s Day! For every mother in your heart, whether you are a mother we know you have a mother. For every woman who has birthed life into our world. For every woman who has birthed light into our world. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for you have given us life. You have brought us into existence so that our soul could have a human experience.

Mother, we are grateful for your sacrifice. For putting us before you, for guiding us in the best way possible. Nobody gives a mother a ‘How to’ manual. Mothers all wing it. Mothers make mistakes. Mothers berate themselves for their shortcomings. Mothers are so aware of their own imperfections. It is the most challenging duty mothering. Today mothers are trying to juggle mothering, along with work and the stress of an ever rapidly changing world. So, to all, of the mothers, forgive yourself, you have done the best you can do.

How can we love our mothers? First, by forgiving your mother for not being perfect and getting it right 100 per cent of the time. Second, by showing your gratitude. Third, listen to your mother’s stories, being patient with her and spending time with her – mothers really, simply want to spend time with you. This is your greatest gift to your mother, To Be with Her.

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Recently I learned that a baby in the womb sends some of its cells into its mother’s heart and brain. And then these cells remain there for the rest of the mother’s life. So, you see a mother really does feel you in the deepest way of anyone on the planet.

Mothers are the foundation of civilization. Mothers hold the energy of creation. Mothers are the sun we orbit. Mothers are the heart of the universe. Where would we be without our mothers?

God bless you mothers everywhere. Thank you for your service, your care, your goodness, and your rebuke when we need to be straightened out. We are so grateful for you. May this day we one of appreciation and happiness for all of your hard work. Happy Mother’s Day!

~ Deirdre