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Harnessing Rigor


Rigor is a word that’s not used very often today. It’s also built up a negative connotation in a lot of people’s minds. But that’s actually quite unfair. Rigor is perseverance. It’s passion. You know if you’re passionate about something you begin to have rigor. You think, “I’m gonna do this!” Rigor is an energy,

Rigor is held by Archangel Michael, the protector, the slayer of the demons. Michael is also the carrier of prayers to the Godhead. It’s said that to get them all the way to the Godhead, Michael has to go through a lot of obstacles. It takes a lot of rigor on his part! So call on Michael when you say a prayer and know that he will carry your prayers to heaven. And ask him, as well, for his support and his rigor.

Rigor is the resilience to create possibility. It’s a thrust of consciousness that propels us, like an engine. And we feel this engine in our lower back, because the lower back is where the hand of the divine is pushing us, as human beings, to go forward, to become conscious, to wake up, to grow, to transform, to be who and what we are meant to be.

Take a moment, right now, and just connect with your lower back. You might be aware of it feeling a little tight or maybe a little sore. Whatever’s happening there, let’s give it some healing energy. Use your imagination and see Archangel Michael putting his hand on your back, filling your lower back with the energy of great rigor. Feel the support. Feel the strength. Allow the presence of Archangel Michael’s hand to rest on your lower back and fill you with rigor, warmth, and support, so much so that deep down your body knows I’m supported. I don’t have to be afraid. I’m not alone in this little space capsule body. There are divine energies that are holding me and supporting me. Feel it now. Feel that support come into your body.

Now, let the energy of rigor flow up from your lower back into your belly and into your heart. Fill your heart with the strength and the vigor that is the support of Archangel Michael. It takes a strong heart to create possibilities in a world that believes so much is impossible. But it’s doable, very doable. Allow the energy of rigor to hold your heart and just imagine your heart breathing in this beautiful energy. Take a deep breath. How do you feel in your body now? Check in with it. Ask, “Hey, body! How’re we doing?”

When you allow this energy to empower you and allow support from the divine to come in, then you are magnificent. Your spirit descends fully back into the body and says, “Hey, I want to be here! This feels good!” Then you have access to not just your own intuition (which just might save your life someday) but also you have access to the divine intuition—the great Sofia, the wisdom of the universe. This, my friends, is huge.

When you are empowered and supported with rigor, another very profound presence comes in—a presence called the Silent Watcher. The Silent Watcher is the place in you where your soul and your Oversoul, the divine, intersect to become the witness of your human experience. When this happens, your consciousness begins to shift. You begin to watch your life through a new set of eyes. And this new set of eyes brings peace, forgiveness and passion.

The Silent Watcher is a wonderful gift and an effective tool to use, living as we do in this harsh, free-for-all world of great doubt and anger. When somebody throws crap in our face, if you have access to the Silent Watcher, you don’t let it in. Full of love and rigor, your body is supported and strong. Your energy body is strong. Filled with rigor, you can say to the angry world, “Go away! I have a zero tolerance for your abuse! I am allowed to exist fully as I am because I am filled with the divine, the presence of rigor, the presence of strength!”

As a spiritual warrior, as the light of goodness, as a flame keeper of compassion, as a temple for the Silent Watcher, and emissary of the angelic kingdom, I want you safe. I want you protected. So please, use these tools. Allow the great cobalt blue pyramid of Archangel Michael to descend over you. Allow this beautifully rigorous aspect of the heavenly Father—the divine masculine energy—to hold and support you, bringing protective insight, caring strength, and the ability to overcome all obstacles. Archangel Michael, give us the rigor, strength, boundaries, and protection that are your sacred energies that we might make them our own.