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Healing Our Hearts from a Broken Family

Betsy ChassePost

This is a photo of my blended family in Morocco from this year’s Passover Celebration.  My first husband and his fiancé  and our grown children, my husband Will is beside me and  Sabba ( Hebrew for Grandfather ). But it  wasn’t always like this — for many years —  but we  persevered until we found  a  path to healing and repair —- it took time — but then what is time for but to find love again?





The family, that’s where it all starts isn’t it? You know, in a family we have all different kinds of personalities, some are rigid, some more fluid. But there is a connection that connects us to each other that we cannot deny. In my last newsletter I sent out a picture of my family—my blended family. I put that picture up because I wanted it to be a message of hope. Because, without getting too personal, I can honestly say that my blended family, after divorce and several relationships, went through a lot of difficulty the way families do. Now all that is healed and my family is in a beautiful, beautiful place. It’s a miracle. It truly is a miracle. So, I want to say to you that miracles can happen. They just take time.

Even though we see in the world a great deal of energy of destruction, an energy of coming apart in our society, I’m here to tell you as a mystic, as one who travels into the multi-dimensional realities of light, that there is a presence of light, of hope, and transformation, that is pouring into our world, our planet, our third dimensional reality right now. It’s even in the stars.

I want you to just play with me and believe this. Even though Mercury’s in retrograde, even though in astrology it says these planets are lined up in a certain way to make life more  difficult, I want you to believe with me that the stars in the heavens above, even during a time like this, are shining and  penetrating your consciousness with the light of transformation. The ability to change, the miraculous energy that can  shift a distortion or a disagreement into peace, into connection, is being given us. So, just hold that deep belief and allow it to saturate every cell of your body. Because remember, energy is energy. Whether you can see it or not, you can feel it. You can experience ii. And you know when the energy is really good.

So, just allow this goodness and this energy, this healing—what I call radiance, the radiance of the stellar world of light—to pour into your cells. Allow yourself the gift of deep belief and knowing that this is your time of transformation. That whatever disagreements you have in your family, they can heal. They will heal. So, how does this happen?

In the mystical world, it is a sacred alchemy that occurs. It’s not necessarily what you say. (You know sometimes words, no matter how well intended they are, sometimes words are just oil on a fire if there’s been a disagreement.) So, even though words can be very powerful for healing, you have to go beyond words and move into your mystical self—that shaman part of you that’s inside of you. Trust me, it’s really there. The angelic presence that’s in you is part of your multi-dimensional self. So, I’d like to ask you to connect into this being inside of you right now, this empowerment, this knowingness, this language, this communication of love. Allow the Archangels, the architects of this creation, to fill your being. Know that they are within you. Imagine that your cells are shimmering, vibrating with the healing miraculous powers that come from the great teachers of our time. And when I say our time, I’m talking about the last 20,000 years. (As a mystic I see time in terms of billions of years.)

So, take a moment and bring into your conscious awareness a situation in a relationship with someone in your family or with a close friend that’s like family, where there is a hurt or disagreement. Just bring it to mind and see what that feels like. What happens in your body? How does your body feel as a result of this situation? Maybe it tightens up a little bit. How does your heart feel?

Now, take a deep breath and imagine that you’re breathing in this beautiful, beautiful turquoise-blue light. Just imagine it. You don’t have to try to “see” it. Just use your imagination. Just think, “Oh, I’m imagining there’s this blue light and this blue light is bathing my heart and bathing my mind, bathing this image, this experience, this memory or this resentment that I’m holding and feeling.”

This turquoise blue light (with golden light as well), is Archangel Raphael, the great healer. Archangel Raphael is now filling this memory, this experience, this place in your heart, with light. And it that may be something that is happening right now with your family. Or perhaps you’re going to have a meeting or you’re going to go to a family reunion or a dinner, but you have a trepidation. Just allow Archangel Raphael to fill the picture in your mind and your heart with this beautiful blue light. Just hold that for a  minute and say the following prayer:

“Beloved Archangel Raphael, great healer of humanity, I invoke you and invite you to heal this situation and fly before me to this person. Speak to this person’s Angels. Encourage them to say, ‘Yes, I am ready for a resolution. I am ready to be connected.’ Archangel Raphael, please soothe the soul of this person, soothe my soul, wash away resentment, anger, and bitterness. Illuminate our souls in the yellow light of forgiveness, that we can be friends, soul friends.”

Now, take a deep breath and then let that breath and that prayer go.

I want to invite you to say this invocation, to have this mystical practice as part of your routine in life. Because, when you do this and you connect into yourself as the mystic, you will see miracles happen. Do this before you enter a room, before you show up in a place where you feel nervous or you feel fear or where the people there have been a problem. Just send this before you. Ask the Archangels to heal the energy, such that you create a doorway, a gateway of energy, to have that transformation.

The second mystical key I want to give you regards what to do if you do this and there’s still that negativity going on.  If there is still an issue after you’ve done the first process, inviting in Archangel Raphael, that means that the energy you sent is working. However, the souls of the people that you’re working with are going through their own, let’s call it fire—that’s a good metaphor for negative energies—that they don’t know how to contain and deal with.

If this happens, don’t take it in. Don’t take it personally or think you did something wrong. Instead, take the next mystical step, which is to place around you a field of protection, the cobalt blue pyramid of protection. The pyramid is a structure based in sacred geometry. It is the sacred geometric shape of strength and is the strongest formation there is in our world. And cobalt blue is the great color of Archangel Michael. So, call on this mystical key, the cobalt blue pyramid of protection, and the negative energies won’t penetrate. The pyramid creates a field where negative energies just bounce off. And the great thing about this mystical tool is with the cobalt blue pyramid of protection, love can go in and love can come out. But anger, resentment, hatred, fear—those negative energies cannot penetrate and harm you.

Of course, it’s best to simply stay away from negative energy. But sometimes it is unavoidable—which is why I’m giving you this key. This cobalt-blue pyramid of protection is a force field that can keep someone’s process and negative energies from igniting you again. It will protect you from bringing up thoughts and emotions that you’ve already healed. Because that’s the thing about disruption and anger, they ignite us. They get a fire going and keep it going. We think, “Wow, I thought that I healed this!” Well, you did heal it. But sometimes there are these small little embers still inside of us. And when they get ignited, we end right back up in reaction.

So, this is how to begin to bring peace into your being so that you can have a joyful human experience, a happy human experience. These keys for healing disagreements and problems are very practical. They’re very practical keys. They’re like a new upgrade for your cell phone so it can work better. And that’s what we’re doing. We’re  just getting an upgrade, we’re upgrading our vehicle of energy of communication because we’re like a phone or a computer (though much, much, much more intelligent!). Sometimes we need these upgrades to keep up with what’s happening here.

Because the human world was really created for us to enjoy—to enjoy each other’s company—to enjoy the beauty that was given us. This world was not created for us to suffer or for us to be at war. That is a confusion of the mind.

In this era, at this time, as the great light is coming in, you have an opportunity to choose a different state of consciousness, a different perception of what our world is. And this means engaging in the next great step of our human expansion, embracing the knowledge of how to be the mystical being, a spiritual being, a powerful being, a creator of our reality.

So, as we close, let’s bring in the beautiful turquoise-blue light, gold light, Archangel Raphael, which is also the sapphire light of healing in the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah. And now let us bring in the cobalt-blue pyramid of protection, which is Archangel Michael. Let us invoke the ancient wisdom traditions that leave us a foundation for living here, as masters of the third dimension. I love you.