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The 6 Simple Keys – Key #3 Living in the present moment

Betsy ChassePost

The 6 Simple Keys To Living a Spiritually-Connected and Purpose-Filled Life: Key 3 — Living in the Present Moment

What is living in the present moment? Living in the present moment is when you’re fully focused and connected to the person that you’re speaking to, connected to the place or the thing that’s right in front of you. You’re right here, right now, with all of yourself.

When you’re living in the present moment, you are aware of your Silent Watcher. Your Silent Watcher is fully engaged. You’re in a neutral place observing whatever your thoughts and feelings are without judgement. When you’re in the present moment you are fully connected to your core value so that you are connecting, in truth, with the person, place or thing that you’re with. Your thoughts aren’t wandering to the future. You’re not thinking about something else or someone else, or thinking you should be somewhere else. You’re really right now, right here.

Why live in the present moment? Because it’s fun! It’s bliss! It’s where the joy juice is. Living in the present moment is a gem—like a delicious meal—like dessert all at once.

Here is a short activation on how to live in the present moment.
1. Close your eyes, become aware of your feet touching the floor, relax your shoulders, relax your face, take a deep breath and gently exhale.
2. Bring your attention to your Silent Watcher, your mini me sitting on your forehead observing your thoughts, feelings and actions.
3. Now bring your attention down into your belly, into the golden orb of light, into yourself, sitting inside of this golden orb of light that’s holding your core value, your virtue. Now bring your attention into your heart. See in your heart a beautiful white rose with petals—petals of light unfolding. There in the center of this rose is a sapphire gem. Place yourself in the center of this gem. From this gem white light expands into the petals of light of your beautiful white rose heart. As this light expands, connecting with the Silent Watcher and the golden orb of your core value, you open up the central pillar of your consciousness in the center of your body: the present moment. There, running from the top of your head down to your feet, is a tube of white light. The staff of life. The present moment of your being.

The key to living in the present moment is at your fingertips. Now that you have been activated in the core pillar, the central pillar of your consciousness, when you become aware that your thoughts are racing forward or that you’re ruminating on the past, avoiding being in the now, simply call your Silent Watcher in, connect to your core value—the golden orb, the virtue of your being— and visualize the core pillar, the central pillar of the present moment.

Hold that pillar. Be aware of the heart—be aware of the flower in your heart. And now, be in the moment. It’s really that simple.

When I first started using these keys, my entire life changed. It’s very hard for me to give myself a lot of directions. But when I used my imagination, I discovered I could easily see my Silent Watcher. I could see the golden orb — I could see my heart is the flower. I could feel the core central pillar.

In an instant, you drop into that energy. You drop into that state of consciousness. When you do, you are living in the present moment.

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