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The 6 simple Keys – Key #4 Integrity, Love and Right Action

Betsy ChassePost

6 Simple Keys To Living A Spiritually-Connected and Purpose-Filled Life: Key 4 – Integrity, Love and Right Action

What does it mean to live in integrity, love, and right action?

Integrity is alignment. When you are in integrity you are in the Silent Watcher because you are observing your human experience—you are living in your human experience in the present moment. You are holding this expanded state of consciousness of observing and of also being in your truth, in your integrity.

From integrity comes love. Love, true love, is a frequency of vibration and there are billions of states of love. Love, your unique vibration, is a love that is needed by everyone around you. And their love is another kind of love that you need. So, in this way we connect with each other to create the whole.

And then there’s right action. You can think something, you can feel something, but then you have to take an action. When you take an action from your core virtue, when you take an action from the Silent Watcher and are in the present moment, that action is called right action. It is hitting the mark. It is shooting the arrow and hitting the bullseye. It’s being able to create and manifest the life that you dream about. It is how we connect spiritually and it is how we lead a fulfilled, purposeful life.

Integrity, love, right action.

By now you have read and/or watched the first 4 Keys. I’d like to share with you an example from my life of how the keys work. Silent watcher, core value virtue, the present moment, integrity, love and right action.

I was supposed to be at a meeting at five in the morning and then catch a plane right afterwards. At a quarter to five they canceled the meeting. I was upset because I had to get up so early—which is my normal reaction. I mean, my ego is like, “Oh, life didn’t go my way.” So, I’m driving to the airport with my husband and I say, “I’m feeling grumpy. I’m tired. Life didn’t go my way and I had to start way too early this morning. Let’s just use the keys!”

So we both activated the Silent Watcher, and I started observing my feelings. I’m feeling grumpy. I’m angry and tired. I’m hungry because I haven’t eaten. I simply observed with no judgment whatsoever. Just, “Oh, there I go!” Then I activated my core value, which is to love no matter what. So, I immediately started loving the anger, the resentment, the hunger. And those feelings just vanished. It was magic!

We get to the airport and again I’m practicing loving no matter what. Now I’m in my integrity, my true self, and when this happened love just started to blossom. I started to feel this profound love for everyone and everything around me. So, then I went into action. I heard a voice that said, “Put your hand out to everyone you meet and say ‘Hello!’ and see that they’re a long-lost friend.” So, I did that. I started doing that and everybody started lighting up and I started feeling all this love coming back to me. People were saying, “How are you?” and starting conversations, even the security guards, the people at TSA. And then something happened that was really miraculous. I stopped putting my hand out. I stopped going up to people. And everybody started coming up to me! People I didn’t know saying things like, “I like your dress. Those are great shoes. How are you?” Everybody started “seeing” me because we were all now in the present moment together. It was so simple and so easy and truthfully, it blew the socks off my husband and me. We said, “Wow! This is magic. These are powerful keys. If we could all do this, think of the world we could create together.”

Indeed. Just think of the world we could create together.

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