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The 6 Simple Keys to Living a Spiritually Connected and Purpose Filled Life.

Betsy ChassePost

Welcome to my video series “The 6 Simple Keys to Living a Spiritually Connected and Purpose-Filled Life.”

In each short video I will explain the key, why it’s important and how to use it in your everyday life. Each key is connected and I suggest you watch the videos in order. Once you’re finished with all 7 videos, you will have a daily practice that will bring you calm, connection and balance.

The 6 Keys are:

  1. The Silent Watcher
  2. Finding Your Core Value
  3. Living in The Present Moment
  4. Integrity, Love and Action
  5. Living In Service
  6. Living in Bliss

Why are these keys so important? We need these keys because we are living in very rapidly changing times, and life is often stressful and chaotic. Our greatest goal, our greatest desire, is to truly embody love and be connected to something greater, to know that our lives have meaning and purpose. This is fundamental to being human—the core of being a human being. To attain these goals you need calm. You need a place where you don’t have stress. You need to feel whole when everything around you is fractured.

These energetic keys give us simple, easy and quick access points to opening the gates to the inner reservoir of our strength, resilience, love and harmony. Practicing the 6 keys will bring you health, it will bring you love, and it will bring you satisfaction. That is why the 6 Keys are essential to living a spiritually-connected and purpose-filled life right now, today.

Key #1 – The Silent Watcher

Your first key is what I call “The Silent Watcher.” The Silent Watcher is the observer, the place of higher consciousness within everyone. It is always watching, observing, your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions from a non-judgmental, neutral place. It doesn’t give direction, it is just simply watching. Think about how you go about your day and how often you have a judgmental thought about a person, place or thing. Imagine what would happen if you had a place within yourself from which you could observe and have a greater detached perspective—a place from which you could see more than just your opinions, judgements and beliefs within a particular moment. It’s possible you could open up to new experiences, awareness and understandings.

This is why the Silent Watcher is your first key:  it is the neutral place for you to create from, free from the patterns and old belief systems that have created obstacles and hinderances to creating the life you want. From the neutral place of the Silent Watcher you are free to create your life, your purpose, your heart’s desire. You get to choose your reactions and your decisions based on a deeper awareness.

How do you connect with your Silent Watcher? Here are the activation steps I lead you through in the video. This is a short, simple way for you to connect to your higher self, your Silent Watcher within.

  1. Close your eyes, relax your shoulders, put your feet on the ground, relax your face, and now, gently watch your breath. Exhaling and inhaling.
  2. Imagine that sitting on your forehead is a “mini me.” It is a little you. And from this vantage point you are watching your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions. How does your body feel? You are watching from a neutral place now.                                                                         Hint: (If you are starting to judge what you are seeing, you have stepped back into your ego. If this happens, gently bring your mind back into your mini me.
  3. Now, see your mini me as your third eye, the illuminating eye of your spiritual connection, your higher consciousness. From this place you have a greater view of reality and control over how you feel about it and the choices available to you that will deliver your desired results.

By living in your Silent Watcher, you have the ability to observe the future. You know how to make important decisions for your family and your life. You have this ability within you. It is your birthright. You simply need to become aware of your Silent Watcher.


Key #2 – Finding Your Core Value

What is core value? Your core value is the virtue that you live your life by. It is the energy, the principle, the ideal that you build your life around. Your core value may be love, or truth, justice, beauty, or loving kindness. Whatever it is, it is the divine message, the divine calling of your soul.

Most people have lost connection with their core value and, as a result, they often find themselves unhappy in their work, their relationships and their life. Your core value is infused with an enormous presence of energy that you can use to create your life and clear away obstacles, hindrances and fears. Your core value is the virtue that is the foundation of your soul’s purpose. It is a messenger of wisdom, intuition, guidance, forbearance, resilience, health, and love. When you are consciously connected to your virtue, your value, the core of who you are, you are automatically connected to the divine, to the Source, to the power house of energy.

How do you connect with your core value? The virtue of your soul? Here are the steps I lead you through in the video.

  1. Begin with closing your eyes, accessing the Silent Watcher, the mini me.
  2. Now, from the Silent Watcher watch your breath, observe your thoughts, your feelings, your body.
  3. Now, take your mind from the neutral stance of your Silent Watcher and place your attention in your belly. In your belly is a golden globe of light. You are just sitting in this beautiful globe of light. So peaceful, so calm.
  4. Now, from the Silent Watcher, ask this globe of light (this you) sitting in your belly, “What is my core value? What is the virtue that means more to me than anything? What value do I live by?”                                                                                                                                                         Maybe this is something that you have forgotten about. Maybe it is something you no longer live by anymore, but it is still there, waiting for you to resurrect its power.
  5. As you sit quietly, observing yourself in your globe of light, listen. You might hear a word, you might hear a sentence. Connect deeply into this golden orb in your belly. What do you hear?

When I first did this what I heard was “love.” Love is my core value. And then I heard “love no matter what.” The anti was upped! And I can tell you, living from this place, my core value of “love no matter what,” has changed my relationships. It has changed my world, it has changed my life.

Your core value is the foundation of your soul. And when you connect with your core value, you are living in a quantum field of creation. You are spiritually connected and you are automatically living a fulfilled, purposeful life.

Key #3 – Living in the Present Moment

What is living in the present moment? Living in the present moment is when you’re fully focused and connected to the person that you’re speaking to, connected to the place or the thing that’s right in front of you. You’re right here, right now, with all of yourself.

When you’re Living in the Present Moment, you are aware of your Silent Watcher. Your Silent Watcher is fully engaged. You’re in a neutral place observing whatever your thoughts and feelings are without judgement. When you’re in the present moment you are fully connected to your core value so that you are connecting, in truth, with the person, place or thing that you’re with. Your thoughts aren’t wandering to the future. You’re not thinking about something else or someone else, or thinking you should be somewhere else. You’re really right here, right now.

Why live in the present moment? Because it’s fun! It’s bliss! It’s where the joy juice is. Living in the present moment is a gem—like a delicious meal—like dessert all at once.

Here is a short activation on how to live in the present moment:

  1. Close your eyes, become aware of your feet touching the floor, relax your shoulders, relax your face, take a deep breath and gently exhale.
  2. Bring your attention to your Silent Watcher, your mini me sitting on your forehead observing your thoughts, feelings and actions.
  3. Now bring your attention down into your belly, into the golden orb of light, into yourself, sitting inside of this golden orb of light that’s holding your core value, your virtue. Now bring your attention into your heart. See in your heart a beautiful white rose with petals—petals of light unfolding. There in the center of this rose is a sapphire gem. Place yourself in the center of this gem. From this gem white light expands into the petals of light of your beautiful white rose heart. As this light expands, connecting with the Silent Watcher and the golden orb of your core value, you open up the central pillar of your consciousness in the center of your body: the present moment. There, running from the top of your head down to your feet, is a tube of white light. The staff of life. The present moment of your being.

The key to Living in the Present Moment is at your fingertips. Now that you have been activated in the core pillar, the central pillar of your consciousness, when you become aware that your thoughts are racing forward or that you’re ruminating on the past, avoiding being in the now, simply call your Silent Watcher in, connect to your core value—the golden orb, the virtue of your being—and visualize the core pillar, the central pillar of the present moment.

Hold that pillar. Be aware of the heart—be aware of the flower in your heart. And now, be in the moment. It’s really that simple.

When I first started using these keys, my entire life changed. It’s very hard for me to give myself a lot of directions. But when I used my imagination, I discovered I could easily see my Silent Watcher. I could see the golden orb—I could see my heart is the flower. I could feel the core central pillar.

In an instant, you drop into that energy. You drop into that state of consciousness. When you do, you are living in the present moment.

Key #4 – Integrity, Love and Right Action

What does it mean to live in integrity, love, and right action?

Integrity is alignment. When you are in integrity you are in the Silent Watcher because you are observing your human experience—you are living in your human experience in the present moment. You are holding this expanded state of consciousness of observing and of also being in your truth, in your integrity.

From integrity comes love. Love, true love, is a frequency of vibration and there are billions of states of love. Love, your unique vibration, is a love that is needed by everyone around you. And their love is another kind of love that you need. So, in this way we connect with each other to create the whole.

And then there’s right action. You can think something, you can feel something, but then you have to take an action. When you take an action from your core virtue, when you take an action from the Silent Watcher and are in the present moment, that action is called right action. It is hitting the mark. It is shooting the arrow and hitting the bullseye. It’s being able to create and manifest the life that you dream about. It is how we connect spiritually and it is how we lead a fulfilled, purposeful life.

Integrity, love, right action.

By now you have read and/or watched the first 4 Keys. I’d like to share with you an example from my life of how the keys work. The Silent Watcher, Finding Your Core value, Living the Present Moment, and Integrity, Love and Right Action.

I was supposed to be at a meeting at five in the morning and then catch a plane right afterwards. At a quarter to five they canceled the meeting. I was upset because I had to get up so early—which is my normal reaction. I mean, my ego is like, “Oh, life didn’t go my way.” So, I’m driving to the airport with my husband and I say, “I’m feeling grumpy. I’m tired. Life didn’t go my way and I had to start way too early this morning. Let’s just use the keys!”

So we both activated the Silent Watcher, and I started observing my feelings. I’m feeling grumpy. I’m angry and tired. I’m hungry because I haven’t eaten. I simply observed with no judgment whatsoever. Just, “Oh, there I go!” Then I activated my core value, which is to love no matter what. So, I immediately started loving the anger, the resentment, the hunger. And those feelings just vanished. It was magic!

We get to the airport and again I’m practicing loving no matter what. Now I’m in my integrity, my true self, and when this happened love just started to blossom. I started to feel this profound love for everyone and everything around me. So, then I went into action. I heard a voice that said, “Put your hand out to everyone you meet and say ‘Hello!’ and see that they’re a long-lost friend.” So, I did that. I started doing that and everybody started lighting up and I started feeling all this love coming back to me. People were saying, “How are you?” and starting conversations, even the security guards, the people at TSA. And then something happened that was really miraculous. I stopped putting my hand out. I stopped going up to people. And everybody started coming up to me! People I didn’t know saying things like, “I like your dress. Those are great shoes. How are you?” Everybody started “seeing” me because we were all now in the present moment together. It was so simple and so easy and truthfully, it blew the socks off my husband and me. We said, “Wow! This is magic. These are powerful keys. If we could all do this, think of the world we could create together.”

Indeed. Just think of the world we could create together.


Key #5 – Living in Service

Why live in service? Why is service important? Service is important because when you’re in service you’re in love. You are giving love and you’re receiving love and it’s the most intoxicating uplifting place to be. When you are spiritually connected, when you are living a purpose filled life, you are in service.

Whether you want to be a teacher or a mother or even a millionaire, when you are in the integrity of your core value, your virtue, when you are in the love of your present moment, when you are living from the clarity of the Silent Watcher, you are automatically giving service because you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose. When you become aware of this key of service, it boosts life to another level. Because now you’re conscious of what you’re already doing. It makes your service stronger more powerful, and from this place you can contemplate even more clearly the questions, “What is my purpose?” and “How do I direct the service I have to give so that it has the greatest impact?”

The 6 Simple Keys should be a daily practice. It doesn’t take long to see an impact. Every morning when you wake up, connect to your Silent Watcher, then connect to your core value, your virtue, then connect to your heart of the present moment and your central pillar of your consciousness. Then simply say, “From this place of who I am, my core virtue, I am in service to everything and everyone I meet. I am a creator and today I want to create.”

Play with this. You can say, “Today I want to create a way to solve a problem at work. Today I want to create a deeper relationship with my friend.” You can say whatever you want to say. Just set your intention. Because service in action is an intention. Then go about your day.

Throughout the day, if you feel your mind starting to wander—if you feel yourself ruminating on the future or ruminating on the past, if you start to feel like, “Oh, I can’t do this! Who am I?”— look at all these obstacles as old patterns and again, go back to these keys: The Silent Watcher, Core value/virtue, the heart of the present moment, my central pillar. Then you remember, “Oh yes! I am here to give this service!” And then you’re back on track.

It’s so easy. You can run through it in 30 seconds. You can do it while you’re talking to people or running an errand. If you need a private moment, just shut the door and do it very quickly. Practice, and these keys will become the backbone of your spiritual connection. That is the key to living a purpose filled life.


Key #6 – Living in Bliss

Let’s define what bliss really is. Bliss is a state experience in your body, in your heart and in your mind, where you are fully connected to a greater reality. This state of bliss is a subtle field of joy—a subtle field of “Everything’s okay just the way it is.” Bliss is the internal experience of  “I have the strength and the tools to get through what I have to get through.”

Bliss is like a rainbow. There are many colors to it. Bliss can be happy and sometimes bliss comes in the beauty of deep grieving—the place where we go when we experience loss. There’s a beauty and a bliss that comes. You could also say that it’s a grace.

How do we receive this bliss? How do we live in all the different colors and facets of bliss? We do this by using the first five keys: living in our heart of the present moment, the central pillar of who we are; witnessing as the Silent Watcher, observing our thoughts, feelings and emotions without judgment; living from our core value, the virtue of who we are—the golden orb of light of our soul in the belly; connecting deeply with the state of purpose and integrity and alignment with who we are, the great sense of right action acting from this place within; being in service—the service we are giving to everything and everyone we touch. These five keys are the recipe, they are the backbone of life. They are the keys that unlock the door to bliss.

And what is the 6th key?

The last key of the six keys, the most important part, is to say, “I receive. I receive bliss. I receive life. I receive the goodness. I receive the dreams I have and see them coming true.”  Receive! By receiving you are giving service because you cannot serve without having someone receive. And when you are in this magical state, this mysterious state, synchronicity happens, luck happens. People show up and you live a glorious, fabulous life, spiritually connected and on purpose, fulfilled by joy.

The 6 Simple Keys To Living A Spiritually Connected

and Purpose Filled life – The Wrap up!

Wow, the response to The 6 Simple Keys to Living A Spiritually Connected and Purpose-Filled Life has been amazing. Thank you! I am so very glad the 6 Keys are helping make a profound difference in so many people’s lives. Our world needs you to be a spiritually connected and purpose-filled person now more than ever.

Here’s the Wrap-Up. We all need a little repetition for the big ideas to sink in, and in today’s video I’m going to be sharing about what the 6 Keys are, how they work together and why they can truly transform your life. If you haven’t had a chance to watch my short videos or read about the 6 Keys, I want to invite you to join me on my YouTube channel  But don’t worry—if you want to dive right in with the wrap-up today, they still work even if you do them backwards!

Remember, your 6 Keys to Living a Spiritually Connected and Purpose Filled Life are:

Key # 1. The Silent Watcher (the observer)

Key # 2. Finding your Core Value (the virtue that you live by)

Key # 3. Living in the Present Moment

Key # 4. Living a Life of Integrity and Right Action

Key # 5. Being in Service

Key # 6. Living in Bliss.

This sounds pretty yummy doesn’t it?

It is your birthright to have a fulfilling human experience. You are meant to live in the fullness of your purpose in the abundance of life experience. When your spirit is fulfilled your soul is at peace, your consciousness is at peace, and then, guess what? Your relationships are at peace, your world is at peace. You become the peaceful warrior. You become the voice of change and justice because you are in your truth of wisdom.

Thank you for watching! Please share with your friends and family!