The Mystical Meaning of The Spring Equinox


In ancient Egypt they began the New Year on the spring equinox because it is the birth of the resurrection, the sphinx, the phoenix, the eternal returning after winter. This equinox light that we just experienced had a very powerful energy of the divine mother, Pistis Sophia. Sophia is the mother of wisdom, the Mother of the World. Her name, which derives from the Greek, means wisdom. In fact, this universe, this world, was created from wisdom—from Sophia.

Now, that is an interesting concept because we tend to think of God in masculine terms. But when you look into the ancient Hebrew at the 72 names of God, many of those names of God are feminine as well as masculine. Not only that, but some of the names of God are plural, like Elohim, which is a group of creators.

So, this presence of Sophia that birthed the world is feminine. She is the Divine Mother. So that is a little bit of clarification from the Old Testament, which nowadays tends to be translated into strictly masculine vernacular.

Sophia, wisdom, was the second emanation, the second universe created, the first being Truth—let there be light. In Hebrew the word for wisdom is Hochma, which was translated as Wisdom and sometimes Lady Wisdom. Hochma is the second creation, the crown, the sapphires of light, the universes of light of the Tree of Life. And from the sacred womb of Sophia/Wisdom, we were birthed.

During this equinox, divine Sophia said that she is sending this ray of healing energy for the sacred feminine in order that we can all hold wisdom. But what is wisdom? Sophia says that without wisdom we tumble into chaos and disarray, that the healing of our world—both our internal world and our external world—comes from wisdom. She says that wisdom is a form of love. And love has many emanations, for example, the beloved, the love between two people, and the love of duty. There are many different kinds of love, and wisdom is a kind of love. So, when you are in wisdom, when you are holding the consciousness of wisdom, you are embodying love, you are embodying the presence of love, which is healing not just for yourself, but for everyone around you.

There are three different levels of wisdom that I’d like to talk about. There are more levels, but I just want to talk right now about the first three. The first level of wisdom is conscious wisdom—the wisdom that we are aware of from our life experiences. I love coffee, for example. But when I drink coffee, I get a stomach ache for a couple of days. So, I’ve learned, through experience, not to drink coffee. That’s wisdom.

Another kind of first-level wisdom is being a mother. You know your children. You learn their temperaments. You know what works to help them make good choices. You learn what doesn’t work for your kids. Like my son, he’s 18. So telling him that he needs to do this and that doesn’t work anymore. The only thing that works for him is to give him choices. I ask him, “What do you choose now that you are 18 and a grown up?” He likes that. He likes the acknowledgment of his adulthood and the freedom. So, part of my first-level wisdom is I have re-adjusted my communication with my son.

You know your partner or your friend. Right? You know when they’re in a bad mood. You know when they’re not feeling right. In your wisdom of experience, you know when you can brings things up in a relationship or not.

These are very basic, practical ways of wisdom that make our lives better. And I’m sharing this because wisdom is one of those words that seems so lofty. It’s like tackling a poem. It’s like, “Oh, that’s more than I can handle!” I want to bring wisdom down to earth and make it very practical for you. It’s not like you’re going to be punished because you don’t have wisdom. It just means you’re going to live a better life because you do have wisdom. That’s the first level of wisdom.

The second level of wisdom is the wisdom of your intuitive gut. That’s the wisdom where you can’t really put your finger on why you know something. You just have a hunch. Something is telling you which way to go. That’s a gut feeling. For me it’s like, “Hm. The rains are coming again and I feel the right thing to do is evacuate.” I think, I better take this path in life. I just feel such a strong pull, a passion towards something. (One of my favourite books is The Passion Test which is really about this second level of wisdom, following our passions to have our dreams come true.) Following our passion, that wisdom—our body-knowing of our life’s purpose and direction—is a powerful, powerful state of love. It’s an emanation of love. When you follow your passion and your intuition you are practicing self love. You are saying, “I chose to love myself by honouring my wisdom.”

The third level of wisdom is the wisdom that is beyond the conscious mind. It is the subconscious mind. It is the wisdom in the formation of reality, the wisdom of God, the Divine Mother, the Presence. In this third level there is a wisdom from nature, wisdom from trees, wisdom from animals. Your dog, your cat have wisdom. Horses have wisdom. Bees have wisdom—in ancient Egypt the symbol for wisdom was a bee. This kind of wisdom is the taproot of our sacred feminine. It is knowing. It is sensing, on a very deep level, the greater wisdom of creation, how this world was formed, the laws of physics, the laws of nature that keep the planets in order, the solar systems spinning, spring coming up, and fall descending. Everything in our world is in a natural order, and that is the wisdom of Sophia. Whether you are a woman or a man, this wisdom is the foundation of your sacred feminine.

For men, the sacred feminine is as important as it is to us women. We have spent the past 100 years building our woman’s movement, our feminist movement. But the sacred feminine is in each and every one of us, whether we are male or female, or identify as non-gendered. Because this energy of the sacred feminine is not about gender. This is where we get confused. We think, “I am a woman. I am feminine. We must be talking about women.” But the essence of the sacred feminine is not about gender. It is about descending into the wisdom of your being— the third level—the great expanded presence of Sophia, the all-knowing wisdom.

The American poet Aberjhani wrote, “You were born a child of light, a wonderful secret. You returned to the beauty that you have always been.”

So, what is the wonderful secret? The wonderful secret is that you were born from wisdom. That’s the secret! That wisdom lives in that secret hidden place, the mystical, the mystery, the mystical world you were born from and still inhabit. That is the secret, this wonderful secret, the hidden mystical emanation of wisdom. Knowing this you return to the beauty that you have always been—the beauty that is the emanation of wisdom, like a gem, a sapphire, or a diamond. The inner beauty you experience is the radiance, the radiating beauty of this gem.

You were born from wisdom and you return to wisdom. This really is the journey of your soul. Today, more than ever, I want to encourage and entice you to take this journey of the mystical, this journey into knowing your sacred self. Because when you are your sacred self, when you discover this wisdom for yourself, this beauty—the eternal beauty of your true self—you enter into a divine alchemy of the mystical.

And what is the mystical? The mystical is the creating of light, the mystical is in synchronicity, the mystical happens in magic—in the ability to have an idea and a vision that is outside of the box and then witness the support of the universe as things show up at the right time … when money comes, when everything you need shows up. That is mystical and the practical outcome of knowing yourself as sacred. This has been my experience and the experience of thousands and thousands of people who have embraced this concept.

There is a gentler, kinder, easier life. A mystical sacred life where our ability to manifest, to create the reality that we desire for our dreams to come true, is not just possible, but is our true spiritual inheritance.

So, let’s take a few moments to connect with Pistis Sophia, light of wisdom, light of healing wisdom. Imagine that you have an orb of light swirling just above you. This beautiful orb of shining light is a beautiful purple light. This is wisdom, this purple light—the truth of wisdom, the emanation of wisdom.

Imagine this light is pouring over you in a veil covering your face and shoulders, your back, your belly—a great curtain of light. Remember, imagination is your key to illumination. Imagination is a powerful force, a powerful creator. You must imagine before you can create. So imagine this beautiful purple light pouring over you. This is the light of Sophia, wrapping you in a blanket of wisdom.

Call to this light to heal the deepest places in your heart and soul and mind where you have disconnected from your sacred feminine eminence. Call to this light of wisdom. Ask it to reconnect you to the powerful emanations of love that create life on this plane saying, “Beloved radiance, I open my mind, my body, my heart to receive your wisdom and understanding from the power of your presence, Pistis Sophia. In this moment I am still. I open my crown chakra. I open my tree of life. I spread my arms, lifting my palms upwards to receive my healing, to connect with my body and the wisdom and love of the sacred feminine of all creation.”

Bask in the luminous purple rays of the light of wisdom, Pistis Sophia, and know your soul is shimmering and exalted, spreading your love to all the systems of creation birthing a new world of light and joy, cradled in the all-loving arms of the Mother of Wisdom, the Mother of the World.