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Why Do We Need To Heal Our Hearts

Betsy ChassePost, Uncategorized

“Do not lose your heart in the madness that surrounds you lest you stiffen and break, be as supple as the grass.”

This message from last week’s newsletter couldn’t be more true for what we have seen unfold during our first week of 2019.  As millions could possibly go hungry due to the loss of food stamps and as our precious National Parks and Monuments are abandoned, it seems like an impossible task to yoke ourselves to the light of goodness, prosperity and hope.  This is why now more than ever we must all attach to our Central Pillar of Light; our Core Value, The Sword of Truth.  By attaching fully to your spiritual center, you will have the strength of the, All Loving Higher Power.

The Shekinah (the Divine Feminine aspect of God also known as Sophia, Divine Wisdom)  also illuminated that this year we must reconnect to our heart’s ethics, and standards of virtue, and that this year is the year we must take Conscious Action for truth, justice and tolerance.

This week join me in dedicating time to reassess what Conscious Action you can take to help humanity reconnect to the ethical and virtuous heart.  Whether it is deciding to not engage in an argument, or whether it is to speak up where you have been afraid to speak up, the Divine Presence wants to support you and encourage you to be courageous because what we need now are millions of courageous individuals.

In Kabbalah it is said there is no such thing as a small act of kindness.  Every act of virtue has a powerful effect on all of humanity.  In fact, it is the billions of kind acts which keep our world from falling into disrepair.  Here are the steps to reassessing and reclaiming your heart’s Conscious Action.

The Steps to Reassessing and Reclaiming
Your Heart’s Conscious Action:​​​​​​​

1.  Every day, preferably in the morning, spend 5 minutes meditating in the Radiance Light. 
This will open your heart and yoke your consciousness to the Light of Creation.  You can use my 5‑minute Ignite the Light of Your Soul meditation if you like.

2.  Engage your imagination and ask your soul this question:
“How can I serve from my heart with the clarity of my life’s purpose?”

3.  Listen carefully.  Write down what you hear. 
My life purpose is to be a guide for you to have a direct spiritual experience with your intuition, your soul, the Angels of Light, and the Divine Presence of Pure Creation.

Do these three steps and you will, I promise, hear the correct and wise voice of your inner Light’s guidance.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​4.  Now have a mindfulness practice of following the message you heard in every action you take.

By doing this you have reconnected and revitalized the powerful creating aspect of your heart.  Your days will become brighter and snippets of magic will begin to occur.

Rediscover Your Bliss. 

Do this Radiance practice and you will soar during our Age of Surprise.  This is how to stay supple during our Age of Surprise .  Staying supple means not giving into despair or anger.  It means to bend as a golden rod, the way the light bends.  There is not an obstacle in the world that can stop the light from shining, figuratively or metaphorically.  You are the light of transforming love.  And together we will be the citizens of the world knitting back together the fabric of humanity’s loving kindness, the fabric of the true human soul.