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Your heart is the pathway to your soul.  Discover your sacred keys within and you will know who you are...

Deirdre Hade is a spiritual teacher, mystic, creator of Radiance Healing and visionary leader in the ancient art of wisdom, angelic knowledge and soul journey guidance.  At an early age, she was given a spiritual sight while standing before an ancient evergreen, and from this she helped her mother outlive extensive breast cancer by 15 years.  Deirdre is here as a guide to anyone who wishes to enter into the universal Tree of Life.  

"Allow the perception of your matrix to bend into forgiveness ~ for to forgive is to yield to the all loving mystery of creation that is guiding you on your journey home."

My Revelations

2014 ~ The Year of the Archangels

2014 is the Year of the Archangels who have come into our world with their great emanations of clarity and vision, hope and healing, protection and transformation.

Their message to you:

"You are safe - you are held within our wings ~ we are here now to heal your world."

"Messages from the Archangels" available in Summer 2014.
Journey through a Kaleidoscope of Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry by Endre Balogh inspired by Radiance

Music by David Young from Radiance Pure Energy

Don Miguel Ruiz - Author of The Four Agreements

My relationship with my wife and sons have deepened...