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A Mystical Journey
Into the Beauty & Awe of Life

Deirdre’s Book of Wisdom, Poetry and Prophesy
Help for the Changing Times We Live In.

“There’s a map where you can choose to go to God…so that you can enter into joy, happiness and bliss whenever you want to.”
– Book Of Surprises

A Mystical Journey
Into the Beauty & Awe of Life

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Deirdre’s Book Of Wisdom

The (not so) Little Book of Surprises is a verbal and graphic trip to the unexpected, whimsical, and wise worlds of writer and poet Deirdre Hade and her husband and graphic visionary Will Arntz.


FREE Activation Video Meditation
Ignite The Light of your Soul

Join me in learning this simple meditation key. In only 3 minutes, Ignite the Light of Your Soul will bring you inner peace and greater clarity by guiding your mind into calm thoughts and emotional strength. I have used this guided meditation for years to help me overcome the hurdles of motherhood, meetings, and traffic – in other words, life. Today I want to share this with you.

Ignite the Light of Your Soul is an energy meditation. While you are experiencing my guided visualization you will feel the warmth and the repose of Radiance; The Divine Presence that is here now to help us become free.

Enjoy the pleasure of re-connecting to your incredible soul!

love and light,

“Faith is a tangible light that creates miracles.”

Every Day People Have Mystical Experiences

“Each of us has felt the mystical in our life. It is not some far away place that only a few are granted access to. The mystical is a part of who we are. Though seemingly hidden the mystical union with God, The All That Is, The Presence, is the deepest desire of our soul. There is a place of brightness and enthusiasm for life that only the mystical can return us to. The mystical light is like a brilliant crystal buried inside of the earth. You have to dig deep to retrieve this very special gem. And what a joy it is when we find her! “

Jack Canfield

Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series,
author of “The Success Principles,” featured in The Secret.

Find your Magical Moments

Radiance Tree of Life Meditation

The Tree of Life is an energetic complement to the rest of Deirdre’s teachings and can be used in conjunction with Radiance Healing and Radiance Meditation.

Radiance Heal Your Heart Meditation

The Four Chambers of the Heart Radiance Journey contains the healing energy necessary to clear the four chambers of your heart from trauma and loss.

Radiance Pure Energy Program

This course will give you the tools you need to be able to read energy, understand energy and manage energy. You will learn to have a better, more fulfilled and joyous life.

“Find your inner wisdom and you will find your inner RADIANCE.”

Igniting Modern Wisdom

The frequency of your body and consciousness is different than your soul. To be truly happy you must live in the frequency of your soul. This is where the magic is. This is where the wonder lives. This is where miracles are an every day occurrence.

“Look deeply
into life, the deeper you look, the more love you will find.”

Join Deirdre at Portland, Oregon

6:30-8:30pm PST | September 8th 2017

Enjoy an evening of Poetry and Art as you take a guided journey into the Mystical Realms with mystic-poet-guide and author Deirdre Hade.


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