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“Magical Grace has been forgotten, but she is all that sparkles and glitters within you. She is that which emanates from the mystery, her veil flying behind her in the wind.”

– The (not so) Little Book of Surprises

“Magical Grace has been forgotten, but she is all that sparkles and glitters within you. She is that which emanates from the mystery, her veil flying behind her in the wind.”

– The (not so) Little Book of Surprises

How do you find magic?

You know how sometimes you feel, “I am in the magic zone” only to have it leave? Well, that is one of the mysteries of life. That along with miracles is something we will never ever fully comprehend. And it is meant to be this way, put into the universal law of our reality by God so that we could experience the magical joy and surprise of the unexpected wonder.

However, there is a way for you to find your personal magical gift. This magical gift is a presence of potential divine energy. It is always waiting for you. True magic lives inside of your soul. That is where you find your magic. You can access this magical potential in you simply by igniting the light of your soul.

There is a great deal of awareness and discussion about miracles in recent years. But what about the little synchronicities that bring joie de vivre, happiness and excitement into our lives? These are the magical moments, and you can experience them.

Magic happens when we tune into the refined frequency of our soul’s light. When this soul frequency happens our thoughts and feelings begin to create, searching out through the galaxy other forms of similar frequency. Then voilà! The two meet, quantum creation occurs and something magical happens.

The ancient mystery schools were filled with magical incantations, amulets and soothsaying wizardry. Often this was torqued into a distorted array, otherwise known as black magic. Hence the wise men and women of old decided to put the kaibosh on all forms of magic. Which was a wise decision. You don’t want just anybody waving a magic wand and blowing your house down. Fun aside, there is another kind of magic that is wholly appropriate and that is called the spiritual white magic. She comes in the form of Grace. She lightens up a room. Makes people feel loved. Turns a bad day into a good one. In other words, her magic turns lemons into lemonade. This is the sacred alchemy of thought and feeling attached to the inner light of your soul where you can access magical qualities at any time.

Through the use of your own inner magic you can clear your aura field to bring better health.

You can create the possibility of having magic in your life.

You can find your inner gift that is ready
for the world to see.

Magic Hummingbird

Some tips to harness your own magic:

  1. Practice my Igniting the Inner Light of your Soul free energy meditation. I made this for you to awaken your soul’s hidden light so your soul can begin to co-create your reality with you.
  2. Spend time at your altar in meditation (*read On Mysticism) this will en-lighten your magical soul to become empowered in her (sorry dudes, the soul is a feminine energy) ability to soar.
  3. Practice looking for the magical moments in your life. There are more there than you imagine. Many times you walk right by them. So be conscious when you find a magic moment – it is gold!
  4. Repeat this mantra: I am magic and Magical Grace is creating magic in my life everyday.
  5. Create a journal of all of your magical moments and then watch as they multiply.

Then there are miracles …

your friend recovers from cancer, you narrowly miss a life-threatening accident, the seemingly impossible becomes the possible.

Miracles are not only possible but highly probable, and they come by God’s Grace. Magic is created by the Light of your Soul. Miracles are created by God.

Devotional prayer is the number one key to bringing God’s miracles into our life. Pray from your heart, from humility and humbleness. Ask the Presence to use his/her wisdom in interceding. God always listens to the heart. (If you have trouble getting started visit my poetry, blessings and prayer page for help.)

And this is where we must find Faith…
Sometimes the miracle doesn’t happen the way we wish it would. God’s far reaching wisdom sees a much grander picture in every situation. But that doesn’t mean a miracle is not around the corner in another way. The key is faith and trust in the unseen mystical universe of God’s wisdom and mercy.

I am very grateful you have joined me. I hope you have found this informative and helpful. If you want to know more about how to bring magic into your life, if you want to learn more on how to pray for miracles, please visit me on my social media and sign up for my newsletter.

I value your time and look forward to sharing my knowledge with you so that you can have a life of magical moments and miraculous love.

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