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“It is time for you to step out from being a seeker and step into a template of self-mastery”

– The (not so) Little Book of Surprises

“It is time for you to step out from being a seeker and step into a template of self mastery”

– The (not so) Little Book of Surprises

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is one of the most misunderstood spiritual virtues, often conjuring up an image of a wise old man from a cartoon fairy tale. However, wisdom is one of the top three schools of spiritual study going all the way back to Egypt and Sumeria. At one time there were temples dedicated to wisdom. The great wisdom schools of the past brought initiates into wisdom and thus enlightenment. One cannot be enlightened without becoming wise first. One of the ancient traditions that I am schooled in is the tradition of Sophia (Sophia literally means wisdom). Wisdom – Sophia – is a feminine energy or presence of all-knowing truth and understanding. She informs us, guides us and teaches us how to live in wisdom every day.

The great purpose of wisdom is to guide us and keep us safe from the mishaps of life. When you are in wisdom you are in the deepest sense of your inner intuition. When you live a life of conscious wisdom you begin to see the outcome of an action long before it happens. So, you could very well say that wisdom is our great protector.

How do you attain wisdom? The first step is to become mindful of your thoughts and your feelings. Ask yourself “What will my thoughts and feelings create? What is the outcome? If I speak or take an action how will it be received by another person? How will they interpret it? What could go wrong and what could go right?” Then you make a choice. Then you watch the outcome of your choice and contemplate it. “Did I take a wise action?” This is how you can assess your behavior in future situations.

You see, we are really here to learn how to become masters in the random changing world of the third dimension. Wisdom is the key to becoming the master of your destiny.

That is the first level of wisdom. However, wisdom goes deeper into the nature of reality, the wisdom inherent in Mother Earth’s natural world, the wisdom of the celestial bodies, the wisdom of God. This deeper level of wisdom is what the ancient wisdom schools that were part of the mystical tradition taught. It is time to rebuild and re-establish the mystical wisdom traditions. My purpose is to do exactly that. And our having this conversation is the first step.

Simple tools for everyday wisdom.

  1. Watch your feelings, emotions and thoughts, observe how they inform your actions.
  2. Practice perceiving the various possible outcomes of anything you say and anything you do.
  3. Now, make the best choice you can. If you like, call in Sophia (she is one of the Ascended Masters*) to help you learn how to make a wise choice. She always comes when you call her.
  4. Take your action or speak. Now, observe the outcome. Was it what you desired? If it is not, meditate on the chain of events beginning with the first thought/feeling and follow it to the conclusion.
  5. Look to see where you could have been wiser. Make a mental log of this and try again. Remember it’s not about perfection. We are here in the university of life to learn.

Thank you for joining me in this brief explanation of the various types of wisdom. If you want to know more, please join me on my social media, sign up for my newsletter to receive more knowledge on the art of mystical wisdom and how it can lead you to living a masterful life.

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