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Radiance Heal Your Heart Meditation

A 40 minute audio Meditation

The heart is the seat of the soul and the greatest gateway for healing. The Four Chambers of the Heart Radiance Journey contains the healing energy necessary to clear the four chambers of your heart from trauma and loss. Guided by the angels, you will travel through each chamber and be directed on how to clear and open your heart in a state of bliss and ecstasy. This simple yet beautiful meditation, along with the Tree of Life Journey, creates a total system for purifying the channels of light throughout your being.

“My beloved, where are you
how I have longed to feel your embrace,
you must be somewhere.”

“My beloved, where are you –
how I have longed to feel your embrace,

you must be somewhere.”

Love is the mystery which heals all

You are love. You are a connector which unifies and brings wholeness to that which is separate. Separation is the duality that heaven and earth are separate, but truth, which is love, that they are one. Your heart is the greatest angel. Your heart is the seed of love. Whenever you gather people together… whenever you share and give loving kindness, you are healing our world of separation. The pure energy of your soul can never be harmed — it is eternal. Find this place, connect to this place and you will know what it means to love when you think you are not able to love.

“…from your roots, on the shores of love we are One.”

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