2024’s Prophecy: The Return of the Lion

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2024 Return of the Lion
2024 Return of the Lion

‘There is a lion in every mountain,
     be joyful as a mountain touching the sky.’
                                            – The Lion

Dear Beloved Friends,

Happy New Year! I hope this email finds you well. Every year on December 31st I go into a deep meditation to receive God’s vision and message for the new year. 2023 was a rough year for many. I am excited to share that 2024’s message from the, ‘Lion of God,’ will bring you hope, comfort and upliftment, the spiritual tools of resilience. The Return of the Lion is coming to help you, and our world with a power of joy to heal all pain and sorrow. The prophecy contained here will provide you with invaluable wisdom and guidance on how to access the divine energy of the Lion to manifest your life and bring hope to others with spiritual tools and transformative Lion energy.

Snow covered mountains

I woke up from a deep sleep early in the morning. The voice emerges from a quiet still emptiness. A bright light, the snow-covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains leapt through the large, picturesque window of my room; white pyramids touching the blue morning sky like temples in the halls of illumination. My family had all descended upon my friend, Marjorie’s, mountain home. The younger ones for skiing. For me, the time to meditate, to hear what the Universe’s message is for us in 2024.

I sat up, recited my prayers, and meditated on the white light of the mountain peaks entering my heart.

The mountain voice continued,” So joyful to touch the sky this morning!”

Now, you may ask how do I know where this voice came from? Through my heightened intuition. I feel it. I sense it, not from a normal state of intuition but from a deep connection with the natural world, this state of awareness is beyond experience, yet it is grounded in the experience of being, ‘ONE’ with, ‘All That Is.’ To answer your question, I simply know.  In the Kabbalah this knowingness of truth is called, wisdom.

“What do you mean?” I asked the mountain peak. “There is so much turmoil in the world right now, so much sorrow – and the hatred; we are splintering apart. Why should we be joyful about anything right now?”

The mountain replied, ” Be joyful as a service to others. For those in unbearable pain and suffering, your keeping spiritual joy in your heart is a flame of hope upon the earth for those who, because of their circumstances, cannot find hope. For those who do not have a window that is open, ‘become the mountain joyfully touching the sky’.  Joy is a torch of faith that brings miracles. A miracle is that which keeps life and purpose afloat during a time of chaos and despair.”

I closed my eyes drifting into Samadhi, (a transcendent state where the body and this world disappear, the mind becoming empty).  The vision came, from the mountain peak – two sides of a Lion’s face. A great sun hovered behind, light emanating through the long rectangle between the two sides of the lion’s face. The two halves slowly moving together. The lion had a great mane of golden fire, his eyes were emerald green, The lion’s face hovered in the middle of a dark universe. The small twinkle of faraway stars floated around the lion’s face like a million tiny trumpets from a faraway galaxy.

As the two sides, left and right of the lion face merged, the Voice, (now coming from every corner of the vast emptiness the Lion and I were suspended in) spoke very clearly delivering the prophesy for 2024.

‘ The Lion Returns when the two halves of
      the Lion’s face become One again.’

The lion is meaningful in many religious and spiritual traditions. Israel is known as the Lion, King David, the tribe of Judah, and the entirety of the Jewish people are known as the Lion.
Jesus, (Yeshuah), was called the Lion of Judah, as he descended from the line of King David and was a fierce protector and force of God’s will.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Lion Faced Dikini, is the half lion / half woman, dharma protector, (dharma means, one’s soul purpose on this earth. In this lineage, demons are obstacles that try and thwart one’s purpose for incarnating here on earth, the ultimate purpose being enlightenment.)  Lion Faced Dikini is known as a fierce and wrathful deity, able to slay all demons, no matter how powerful.

In the Hindu Vedic tradition, the avatar Narasimha, is the half man/half lion fourth avatar of Vishnu,
(God who created this world).  Narasimha is God’s strength, the protector of a devotee’s light from evil forces. Narasimha defeats the demons where a human consciousness falls short.

The Lion is a universal archetype of God’s strength.

As we are human, imperfect, flawed and fragile in a body of the material world, the Lion is God’s power to face the darkest of the dark and ‘live to tell it’, our spirit unharmed. The Lion of God superimposes His/Her super-human ability to survive and thrive through adversity. The Lion of God is the strength, power, firmness, right judgment (wisdom), and restraint to overcome the evil we face in our world today. Witnessing evil, being a victim of evil, fighting in a war to stop evil, standing up for truth when lies and hate are turning our neighbors into our enemies, this all takes enormous courage and resilience. And this is why God, has revealed himself as The Lion of Strength we need in 2024.

2024 The Return of the Lion @Deidre Hade

The Lion of God Decrees:
‘The Lion Returns in the Mountain’

My strength, is the only strength that can destroy the evil that has been unleashed upon this world. When the tribes of my people come together and reunite, My great wind, the Ruach, of my power, upon the wings of Archangel Zacharael will destroy this evil plague and restore unity and peace within the heart of humanity for all people.”

I then asked The Lion of God, “Would you share some tools and a practice so that we may connect with you?” This is what He replied.

” Become like a mountain, believe in my existence with all of your heart and soul.”

“Pray as if you are the sky, with eternal patience.
Know that I will never, ever leave you.
Live every day in faith that My goodness will prevail. This is hope.”

“Purify your heart so the goodness within your heart – the heart which I created – will never fall into hate.”

“Practice finding joy in life’s simple gifts; gratitude for the smallest of things you normally overlook.”

“Open your heart to love where you think you
cannot love.  I will help you with this practice. It is the courage of the Lion that forgiveness.”

“Call my name, Lion of God! Pray for My strength and you will feel My Great Presence filling you, sustaining you, loving you, and guiding you. Invoke Lion Wisdom. And you will make it through the dark tunnels.  Where others only see darkness, you will see light. What seems insurmountable to others you will achieve – for you are The Lion of God.”

“And finally, know that My love for you and those
you cherish is the love that evil can never, ever extinguish no matter how hard it pursues you.”

“A Lion’s faith can never be broken.”

“For, My love is the love that spans and connects those you love here in this world with those you love who are in My world of heaven.”

“My love is the love of peace, harmony, and serenity. For, I am God’s Lion, the power of light over dark.”

“And, you are the mountain. The Lion is within you and has always been within you. Rediscover Me, your God, the Lion, and you will touch the sky as the awakened one.”

“You will bring many people together and you will create a heaven within for those who have lost their way. You will be the healer.”


Thank you everyone for your time and thoughtfulness in reading this message from The Lion of God.  I would like to view this as a kind of prophecy for our world.  I would love to know your interpretation of, ‘ The Lion Returns when the two halves of the Lion’s face become One again’ –
what this message means to you personally, from your worship and connecting with the divine.

Love and blessings for a Happy New Year 2024!

God bless you and your family,
God bless our soldiers in Israel who are putting their lives on the front line to protect not only Israel but all of our lives.
God bless the hostages in Gaza that they are protected and will be free soon.

God bless America. God bless India. God bless South America. God bless Europe. God bless the people of Ukraine. God bless all countries of all nationalities that the Lion of God will protect, all people of light, nature, and creatures great and small.

Thank you for joining me in this prayer.

– Deirdre