A Winter Solstice Message

Betsy ChassePost

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The Ancient Ones knew that it was wise to go out on the beautiful solstice night to pay homage and listen to her message because the Winter Solstice, the one who keeps order and harmony for Mother Earth and the Sun and the Moon, always has a prophecy, a message for us.  Please join me in hearing her message.  I … Read More

Quote: “The darkness serves the light. The darkness is just darkness if you are unconscious.”

Betsy ChassePost

Mystics spend a lot of time in metaphorical dark caves, travelling around galaxies and universes, sitting in the middle of different solar systems counting stars, contemplating, “What’s this all about?” It’s wintertime now and I’d love to share with you some thoughts from my book, The Not So Little Book of Surprises , which is an Oracle book and a book of … Read More

Happy Chanukah

Betsy ChassePost

Happy Chanukah! May the Festival of Lights bless you, uplift you and bring you the miracle of winter. Within the Chanukah story is the inspiration for all of us to keep faith and work side by side with the Creator and the angels to protect what is sacred, persevere and stand firm for justice as we march on to bring … Read More