The First Key in my 6 Simple Keys to Living a Spiritually Connected and Purpose Filled Life

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  I’m really excited to share this simple path to finding peace, finding alignment, as we move through the Age of Surprise, dealing with technology, weird weather, personal disagreements, politics … I think we’re all ready to find a place of peace in the middle of all the chaos. So, I’m here to share with you some paths, some tips, … Read More

Deirdre talks with Alan Steinfeld – Introduction to the 6 Simple Keys

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  Deirdre: Welcome, I’m Deirdre Hade a mystic and guide into the other realities. I am very excited because I have my good friend, wizard, miracle embodiment of light, Alan Steinfeld—a real pioneer in the movement of consciousness, leading the discussion about what is on the other side of that veil? Can we go in there and find out? He … Read More

“Love No Matter What” with Cate Montana

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  Deirdre: Today I am excited to have another wonderful friend on the show—Cate Montana who is a wonderful spiritual leader and author of The E Word: Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials. You have just moved to Hawaii isn’t that right?   Cate: I just moved to Maui, yes.   Deirdre: What’s that like?   Cate: It’s extraordinary. The sea … Read More