Your Simple 4 Steps to Using the Light of Rosh Hashanah to Heal

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I lift up my eyes to the mountains; What is the source of my help? My help will come from Adonai, Maker of heaven and earth. – Psalm 121 Dear Friends, As the birthday of the world sings to us rejoice life has been born, we cannot help but ask how do we stay connected to the joy of life … Read More

How Do We Share Our Light? Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook.

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“Expanses divine my soul craves. Confine me not in cages,” – Abraham Isaac Kook, 1865 – 1935 Dear Friends, This beautiful and profound excerpt from Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook’s poem captures the heart and soul of our longing for the divine. At the heart of the question lies, How can I share my light? Isn’t this at the core of … Read More

Remembering 9/11 and Your Journey of Awakening

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“The concentration of the true spiritual aspirant is attained through faith, energy, recollectedness, absorption, and illumination.” – Patanjali, 4th century saint Dear Friends, The river of life is an extraordinary river. She carries us on our soul’s journey to awaken and enter a state of super-consciousness. When you acknowledge this truth, your river speeds up, for she is eager that you … Read More