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From Suffering to Surrendering; Finding Grace as We Approach Passover and Easter

Betsy ChassePost

From Suffering to Surrendering;
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Finding Grace as We Approach Passover and Easter

Dear Friends,​​
Joy and peace for a blessed Passover and renewing Easter! Israel is calling – I am going to be with my son for the next few weeks. I promise that I will be bringing each of you with me in my heart! So you will notice a small break in my weekly letters to you. Please join me on my social as I will be posting pictures and messages from the holy land.
This is the week we prepare spiritually for Passover and Easter. It is here that we contemplate on the nature of our suffering – how Grace reveals herself when we surrender to the depth of Kavanagh (intentional prayer), by becoming mindful of our thoughts and actions.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Suffering occurs because we cannot see through the water, the veil of separation, into God’s All Knowing Presence. This veil of unclear water repels the truth from our eyes. For the light of knowledge to shine into the depths of our consciousness, we must actively clear away the smoke and debris of false thinking, confused judgment and harbored resentments. Consciousness confused and distracted causes the waves of suffering to descend upon us.
Grace will free you from your suffering when you are ready to be free – and whatever your suffering is, you will suffer to the depths that your soul and your consciousness requires for you to gain Wisdom. The experience your soul and consciousness needs may not become apparent for a very long time. This is why surrender is every spiritual tradition’s core value. Surrendering to “What We Cannot See” is the foundation of Faith. Becoming awake in the spirit of the light, is the Grace of Passover and Easter. These two traditions shine as a beacon of freedom and resurrecting truth.​​​​​​​

Now, Surrender does not mean non‑action. True surrender, is a state of consciousness, a state of awareness, where you have that “Aha! I am fully present. I am fully in my body. I am fully here in my Silent Watcher witnessing my story.”

Take a moment of silence to ask in prayer for the clarity to surrender and the faith to be able to see. The light of these two spiritual traditions, Passover and Easter, will carry Grace into your arms.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Affirm with me: “I part away the ego distraction from the water of my veil – and I know that the light of this Passover and Easter will heal my heart, lift my spirit, and bring peace – an end to my suffering. Hear my prayer that this light is shared with all who suffer – that they may come to know the peace of Grace as well. And from every particle of my being I sing gratitude, gratitude, gratitude for the life I have been given! Amen

As we approach Passover and Easter may your Heart and the Light of your Magnificent Soul be filled with joy, happiness and peace!
Blessings from Israel,
​​​​​​​All my love,