A Message From The Cosmic Beings

Betsy ChassePost

As a mystic I have spent my entire life traveling through alternate realities, tripping into these other interstellar systems, bumping up against Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Prophets, Animal and Nature Spirits, and they all have the same message. Today I’d like to share with you what these Cosmic Beings want us to know about our Earth trip, our world and our journey of being human.
Watch this video from the Cosmic Beings. Free will and choice are the most important things to consider during this most amazing and transformational of times.

We are now at a choice point in our evolution as human beings. Every single person is being asked to choose, “What kind of a human being are you? What is your core value? What truth do you put your attention on? What do you stand for? Who are you really? What are you made of?”
All the Divine Beings from every religion, from all of nature, are asking every single individual this question. And in this precious and precarious moment in our evolution and in our world’s history, free will—our free will to choose—has never been more important.
Thank you so much for showing up and for listening to their message. I hope this resonates within your heart as it has in mine.

Love and Light,