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A Winter Solstice Message

Betsy ChassePost

The Ancient Ones knew that it was wise to go out on the beautiful solstice night to pay homage and listen to her message because the Winter Solstice, the one who keeps order and harmony for Mother Earth and the Sun and the Moon, always has a prophecy, a message for us.  Please join me in hearing her message.  I have found great comfort in her Presence and I know you will too.

I’d like to share with you the message from Winter Solstice 2018.

Many Blessings for a Beautiful Winter Solstice 2018!​​​​

“Beloved, children of light, eternal sparks of pure consciousness, stars from a galaxy billions and billions of miles away, souls of eternity, listen.  Listen to the river of light of time and space, the journey that you have traveled upon.  Look at this year and ask, ‘What choices did we make to bring us here?  What choices do we need to make to take us where we want to go?

“I am the light of Winter Solstice.  I wash karma, I clear away the debris so that you can enter the pure darkness, the void, the emptiness.  For the pure darkness, the Void in its emptiness is pure potential.  It is the void from which all creation is made.  It is thought before thought.  It is the place in you where you can dream, where you can dream of anything and you can actualize that dream.  I am asking you today not be afraid, but to bring your mind, heart and soul into my mystery, the place of emptiness and now dream, and dream again.

“What is your dream?  Where will this dream take you?  Take my presence, my light, and allow this light to open the doorway within the universe, within you.  Allow this doorway to open, revealing the possibility of what you are meant to be.

“This Solstice is so very special because you are ending the year of transition, in this year of transition has been set a destiny, a destiny for humanity.  All of the celestial beings are not only watching, but assisting you so that you can be all that you were meant to be.

“Take my light, take my blessing, let the spirit fill you and wash over you and lift you up out of your troubles and out of your doubts.  I am real.  I am as real as everything you see and bow to and I love you.  Thank you for being with me on this auspicious day where I reveal myself one more time every year.  God bless you.”

Divine Mother Solstice