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Become a Creator of Grace. Prayer to Heal America.

Betsy ChassePost

“Warm me and engulf me with your
most gentle love that every suffering
may seem light to me.”  

        – St. Catherine of Siena

Dear Friend,

If you are like me, you are sitting at home watching the news over this past week with a heavy heart.

Speak up. Speak out. Continue until change is achieved.

However, the truth be told we cannot control anyone other than ourselves. We cannot force anyone to wake up. We cannot strong arm anyone into becoming a kinder more tolerant person.

But we can take control of our own soul energy, our light, and we can affect the collective whole of the human mind. Our minds are intertwined. Our brains inform other brains in how to think, process and react. All of this has been scientifically documented. So, let’s use this power of our soul and concentrate. When our soul concentrates with love it is called prayer.

  • Prayer is a focused intention of radical mindfulness.
  • Prayer is a higher frequency of thought.
  • Prayer is a state of deep resounding connection with universal love.
  • Prayer is the unified field of our Oneness.

The unified field of humanity desperate for healing and care cries out from its prison cell of anger and turmoil.

We are being asked to be the peacemakers where peace seems impossible.  An eye has opened a brutal sore.

Your prayer is the salve to heal the trauma.  You and I together can collect our hearts and our minds in a unified field of prayer.  In connecting to each other with intention we create what the ancient Kabbalists called an, Ohr’ ha‑met, a living entity of light; in other words, an angel.

We are building a Living Entity of Light.
An Angelic Presence of Intention to Heal America.

It is our duty as lightworkers to contribute to humanity.  The action of mystical creating in prayer creates a field, a living entity of light.  You are what is necessary to counteract the field of hatred, divisiveness and fear.  This is how you can play an important role in healing our country.

Here is how you can help America change course:

Pray from your heart for our country before you go out the door.  Pray from your heart before you open your mouth to speak.  Pray from your heart that your personal light shines as a beacon into the night.  Unseen by sight, but known in the heart, spiritual presence is felt as an experience of grace.  In your deepest prayers you become a creator of grace.

Become the Creator of Grace.

I would be honored if you would join me in this prayer to heal America.  I want to say thank you to my global community for supporting this call to action.  Please share with me any thoughts or experiences.  How do you experience building a Living Entity of Light as a Creator of Grace?  I welcome your comments and feedback.  Please pass this message along.  Let’s be the movement of Love.  God Bless You!

Love and light, Deirdre

This prayer is an excerpt from the long version of Prayer to Heal Our World written in 2011 for Firefighter’s 911 Memorial, read by city of Hollywood, CA’s head of Police, head of Firefighters, City Council members and Mayor.

Prayer to Heal America
Deirdre Hade

Holy One
Hear Our Prayer

Teach us how to see
soul to soul
divinity to divinity

Teach us to have tolerance,
respect and care for every individual.
Help us to have faith beyond faith.

Help us to regain
our noble light.

Heal our country.
Transform our hearts.
Pour your grace into our wounds.
Reveal the hidden light in us
that has lost its way.
Retrieve this light.
Bring us salvation.

Our loneliness shadows our ability
to think and to love.
Help us to heal those places within us.

Help us sooth the voice
and the feeling of
intolerance and shame.

We are ready to receive your gift of

Give us the strength to reach up as we
push our palms through the
darkest soil of ignorance.

Send our prayers to all
the soldiers of freedom.
These are our friends, families, communities
and neighborhoods.
Each of us who call ourselves
an American.

Give our nation this piece of my spirit.
Send America this Angel of Light
to heal, care and protect
during our hour of reckoning.

May the peace and forgiveness
of Your Truth
sustain us, transform us
Teach us the meaning of Love.