Blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving. A Prayer.

Betsy ChassePost

‘The Great Mystery gave us our lives and
requires in return only that we be grateful
and love one another.’

 500 year old Thanksgiving Prayer
– Seneca Nation Northeastern USA

Dear Good Friends,

Many blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving. This year gives us much to ponder, both in gratitude and in reflection. This prayer is for our family and friends. This prayer is also for our country, America, where the Thanksgiving ceremony was first shared with the early settlers as the tradition of the native indigenous people.

The year’s Thanksgiving prayer is dedicated to the recent losses we have experienced in the United States to gun violence.

This prayer is also an homage to those worldwide, that the spirit of Thanksgiving’s message serve to uplift all bringing us closer and more unified.

Thank you for joining me in my prayer/poem for this Thanksgiving.



Deirdre Hade


Beloved Presence, Creator,
In Thanksgiving we come to you.

We gather to rejoice in the
gifts of your harvest, stalks of golden light,
a warm field of corn bathed by sun
braids our friendship and family together as one.

God bless this food we eat.
You our sustainer and our provider.
Your grace fills our table,
and we are truly grateful.

This day we place aside our fear
we choose to leave those shoes outside.

The misunderstanding years and their
frayed coats, finally worn out
on that borrowed trail named time.
We leave them at the door as well
as we enter, into Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving knows
what brings us real happiness.
Sitting around a table
with those we love so dear.

Thanksgiving you were made for the cranberry sauce.
If we weren’t given this entire day whenever, would we find
turkey and stuffing, sweet potato pudding, potatoes and gravy
all to be eaten in one sitting.

Any differences that we
might think pulls us apart with a
slice of pumpkin pie we cheer unite
our comradery in friendship and the family.

These are the connections that create
the future – a blessing of sacred leaves
falling from one tree to the generations after.
The tradition of Thanksgiving is
a glue that holds the soul safe.

And in this moment of prayer
from seed to sprout, fruit to grain
help us to remember to make
everyday a day of Thanksgiving,

Country and World

Beloved Presence Creator of Life
hear our prayer, may all who feel empty
receive your nourishment,
bringing your comfort and hope to all.

To those who have lost someone they love
fill their grieving heart with your light of healing.

And for those who left us far too soon
send your angels to heal their shock,
shepherd these beloveds a safe journey home.

Great Spirit of Thanksgiving lead us.
Show us how to transform with
compassionate differences.

Help us learn how to hold each other’s hand
when the storms come splitting
and the screeching fires demand.
Loss is the same for everyone.

Open our hearts free our souls.
Bring our country together.
Thanksgiving; America’s first tradition.
It’s one thing we got right – pass it on!

Dear God, You, called me this Thanksgiving
to search my heart in forgiving
that I might reach the promised land

find the greater spirit within, and return
with a bucket of sweet honey
your gentle mercy that will heal our community.

Rock of my strength and resilience
you are the one that keeps me going
for the river of changing wind
sure does keep blowing –

Mend divisiveness. End violence.
Heal mental illness.  Expand tolerance.
Provide for everyone
healthy food and loving kindness.

This is an awful lot to ask, my Lord.
It’s going to take the miraculous.

A deeper water of faith
to find this kind of grace.

So, I send you my Thanksgiving
Lord, in gratitude for your
steadfast honing of my spiritual sword.

Noble Thanksgiving of generosity,
wonderous gift of eternal light,
may our prayer be heard and
our hope take flight.