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Creating Your Ship of Serenity

Betsy ChassePost

This is a poem about the great ships that wandered the oceans, ​​​​And groaned sometimes in deep voices, grumbling about fog and submerged peaks,​​​​​ But usually they sliced the pages of tropical seas in silence,​​​​ Divided by height, category, and class, just like our communities and hotels. –  From, Great Ships, by poet Adam Zagajewski, translated by Claire Cavanaugh​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Dear Friends,​​

Thank you for your time and thank you for your prayers for my beloved dog, Yeled. At 2:00 a.m. this past Thursday, March 22nd Yeled slipped into the light peacefully with a little smile on his face. We created a garden for him to rest in at the end of our property overlooking the ocean. He is happy, and my heart is at peace. So thank you very, very, much for sharing your soul’s heart with me on this journey.

In case you haven’t noticed, the ego does not want you to have peace and serenity. The ego is always stirring the pot. As our news and media alerts us daily bringing us more and more heartbreak and the anxiety that follows – it can be difficult to find and sustain inner serenity. Let me share with you why it is so very important to put into practice a contemplation path to serenity.
Your soul is here to grow, learn and guide you into higher consciousness. Your soul uses all of its strength attempting to take you across the energetic river of separation to meet your Higher Self. Your awakened Self waits for you on the other side of the separation river.
Now your soul must have a vehicle to carry you across this river.  Your soul cannot get on a toxic ship – only one of virtue and clarity.  The soul has a name for this ship, it is called Serenity. Your soul can only carry you to your redemption on majestic Serenity.

You are the only person that can build the

​​​​​​​ship of Serenity for your soul.


​​​​​​​Serenity is your Ark.​​​​

And, in order for you to build the ark of Serenity you will need the help of your Silent Watcher, the place within you of mindfulness and neutral observation. From the Silent Watcher Serenity is formed.

To gain Serenity: Practice a meditation of deep breathing.​​​​​​​

1.     Watch your breath from the place of your Silent Watcher and mysteriously Serenity appears.

2.     ​​​​​​​Repeat: I am Serenity with each breath.

3.     The more you practice this simple meditation technique the stronger your ship of Serenity will become.

4.     Do this everyday for ten minutes and I promise you will experience deep Serenity.
And then one day you will see a horizon of such beauty and awe – you will know you are almost home. Your Higher Self, Self-Realization, shepherding your soul to the Promised Land, the kingdom within of bliss, joy and happiness.

Serenity, will bring you miracles,

​​​​abundance and possibility.

It’s all here. There’s enough money for everybody, there’s enough food for everybody, and there’s enough water for everybody. We just have to reframe how we look at our garden, how we honor our garden. Access your Silent Watcher and ask him/her to guide you in building your Ark of Serenity.  This Ark is your freedom train…

Love and light,
​​​​​​​Deirdre ​​​​​​​​​​​​​