Deirdre talks with Alan Steinfeld – Introduction to the 6 Simple Keys

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Deirdre: Welcome, I’m Deirdre Hade a mystic and guide into the other realities. I am very excited because I have my good friend, wizard, miracle embodiment of light, Alan Steinfeld—a real pioneer in the movement of consciousness, leading the discussion about what is on the other side of that veil? Can we go in there and find out? He has been so instrumental in my life. So delighted to have you with us today.


Alan: I remember the first time we met was when I showed up at your house about ten or fifteen years ago to talk to you about your process of transformation. I didn’t know anything about you. And we’ve been in touch ever since. Now you have emerged back on the scene as a spiritual leader.


Deirdre: Well, thank you so much. As many of you know, I have been told throughout my life at different times, “You have to now retreat, go into a cave, go into deep meditation.” And I always would say to God, the creator, “Really? Why?” But I’d do it, and receive information. And then maybe five years later I’d get the message, “Okay, Deirdre it’s time to go back out.” Fortunately God has now said I don’t have to go back into five or ten years of retreat.


Alan: I wondered what happened to you. We did that interview, then you sort of disappeared and went through a new incarnation of your spiritual gifts.


Deirdre: After that time of deep, deep, deep meditation, I just kept receiving greater and greater light of consciousness, connected to the One of all things, receiving the information I’m sharing now. It’s just really an honor now to share what the angelic presences and ascended beings have shared and said. It’s really for everybody. I was just the designated target to receive a portion of it. So, now, here we are together, working together in the community of the spirit, finding our Soul Pod, coming together and collaborating. That is really what the energy on this planet is about. It’s collaboration, community, sharing our knowledge with each other to expand the knowledge and the love for the greater whole.


Alan: I see that. But I also see, like you just said, a work in progress. As the planet expands we always have to keep looking at ourselves and saying, “Can I be more conscious here? Can I act better there? Can I be kinder here? Can I be giving?” For me it’s a constant process of learning and having other people reflect to me in a good way. There is criticism and there are people in life who say, “Oh, do you see how you could have been more conscious there? How you could have done that different?” This is not to put us down, but rather to make us better. Because we are here to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. And it is ongoing work towards that awakening. In a way it’s fun to see our progress, and see how our awakening contributes to the bigger picture as well. Because when we are whole we bring that to the rest of the world.


Deirdre: Absolutely. That is exactly what I’m talking about now and engaging. You really touched on the second key in the 6 Simple Keys to Living a Spiritually Fulfilled and Purposeful Life which just came out in L.A Yoga magazine. Videos are now out on YouTube, and the article in L.A Yoga has been very well received. Today I am just going to go over the keys. But you really touched, Alan, on core virtue, the core value of who we are as individuals. We have to reconnect with that every moment of the day, because the distraction of confusion, of chaos, of the ego mind is always pulling us off center. Then you brought up something else which is also very spiritual but often forgotten in the spiritual community. It’s part of the other pillar of forgiveness …


Alan: You mean rebuke?


Deirdre: Yes, rebuke. Rebuke means telling a friend, “Hey you’re off base now. You are not in your normal best self. You may not see that I love you. So, I just want to be a mirror for you here—not critical, but a mirror saying, “I feel like that’s not coming from the real you.”


Alan: Right.


Deirdre: It is profound to have people in our life who are loving and honest to gently remind us where we could be deeper, more connected. That is a powerful spiritual aspect of the spiritual path.


Alan: It is. But some people are not ready to hear that, because they are so fragile. They have to work so hard to just to get to a place they feel good about themselves that … well, some people just aren’t ready to look at that level of themselves. We have to be patient and say, “Okay. If you are ever interested in what I see, and how I see you can even be even more wonderful, let me know!”


Deirdre: Absolutely, absolutely. It’s really so simple. That is why I call them the 6 Simple Keys, because they are a very simple path or map to follow to transform.


Alan: Can you name the simple six keys?


Deirdre: Yes, absolutely. The 1st key is connecting with the Silent Watcher, the place in you, the observer that is always watching from a neutral place of no judgement, just, “Oh, there, you are doing this, and there, now you’re doing that.” Observing this way we are consciousness. We are conscious of our behavior.


Alan: Right, and when the dramas come up in our lives, we don’t have to get so emotionally engaged if we are that witness.


Deirdre: Exactly. And the Silent Watcher leads you to wisdom. It leads us to ask, “What is the best way I can handle this situation?”


Alan: Right.


Deirdre: If it’s getting all heated, or if it’s out of balance, we have to learn to ask ourselves, “What is the best way for me to act in this situation? What am I here to learn in this situation? So the 1st key is your Silent Watcher. The second key is connecting to your core virtue. Your core virtue is the center pillar of light in your Tree of Life. It is an actual universe of consciousness that is the value, the imprint that your soul, before you incarnated on planet Earth, said, “I am going to carry this ray, this imprint of God consciousness. This is my purpose, and I’m going to carry it.”


Alan: I see. You know these are values that are with us all the time, right? These are like things that are constant in our awareness.


Deirdre: And sometimes we become unaware of them. So connecting with our core value, knowing that and making that mantra is a powerful tool. It’s simply finding one’s center.


Alan: I know that’s really key. Why did we come here and are we serving that purpose 24 hours a day?


Deirdre: Right. And how are we doing that? The next key is living in the present moment of mindfulness. That comes from having the Silent Watcher engaged, knowing your course or your center. Then simply being present—here I am with you, all of me, here with you. That’s actually a practice, because we are always multitasking in our brains. We have all kinds of conversations going on, spinning the future and the past. Rarely are we here, right here, now.


Alan: I feel your presence, Deirdre I. feel you and I can see light, shining light, coming off you in this present moment. When people are present you just see the light coming out of them.


Deirdre: Absolutely. It’s simple. It’s a magical part of the mystery. When present, the light, the love, just begins to shine. I think so much of the pain I see in our world today is because we are not hearing or seeing each other. Everyone is subconsciously screaming, “Help, help, help! See me, see me! I feel invisible. I don’t matter.” That is a deep pain.


Alan: Right. And that’s why people retreat to Facebook or Instagram because that’s a chance—even though in a way it’s not real—to be seen. I guess people are seen there and it’s somewhat of a satisfaction.


Deirdre: It touches on something but it doesn’t satisfy the soul.


Alan: It satisfies an immediate reaction, but not the soul.


Deirdre: Not the soul, and we are here on Earth to have a fulfilling experience of the soul. That is what it means to have a purpose-filled life. When your soul feels fulfilled, when your soul feels full, everything is okay, everything feels good. Even when something bad happens, you’re clicking your heels knowing, “I’m happy because I have connected to my soul.” This happens in the present, by being in the present moment.


Alan: That’s good, thank you for that.


Deirdre: The next key is living in integrity of action making conscious choices as opposed to unconscious choices. Being in service, giving of your heart and service to others to make the world a better place. And then the last key is living in bliss. Because when you’re living in bliss, you’re actually doing all of the above, because that’s how you get there. You are giving a great service to humanity because you are now unlocking the keys for your brothers and sisters to also live in bliss. When we are in bliss and joy we can change anything. We can feel anything.


Alan: Feeling your bliss is bringing me to a place of bliss, of peace, of a clearer perception.


Deirdre: A clear perception is so important, because in clear perception we see the nature of the true reality, which is love. We all love each other somewhere in there, under all that. And this is the clarity of perception.


Alan: I think everything is done out of love, it’s just misinterpreted and confused. These essential points help us get clear about how we can get closer to acting in love.

And I think you’ve named the reason for reincarnating. Purpose is the reason. It clears our soul’s past when we can get to those points, all the stuff we may have regretted, or may have felt we could have done better, or whatever, all that starts to dissolve and we get back on the path. The thing I would add to that is– well maybe you’ve said, but doing a passion, doing what you love to do. Finding that first, then doing it. That will also bring you the bliss.


Deirdre: Absolutely. That is key, and that is also in our core value. Living the virtue of who we are is passion.


Alan: And I think we are coming to a time in our collective consciousness where it is a creative passion, it’s creating, it’s singing, it’s dancing, it’s talking, it’s writing, painting. All the arts are really the purpose for the incarnation to give expression to the soul’s expression here.


Deirdre: Absolutely. And we are all artists.


Alan: Yes.


Deirdre: We are all creators. We so many times think, “Oh, I’m not creative. I can’t write or I can’t draw.” No, it’s buried in you. It’s in your bright shadow. Part of your purpose is to retrieve the places in you, the creative sparks and express them so that the soul can be happy.


Alan: I am writing about this, and about the artist’s role in creating new realities. The purpose of creating or expressing is to feel more, to feel more of what we as humans are capable of bringing in. Sometimes that’s unknown, sometimes there are no words for these feelings. The role of the artist is to expand our capacity to express and feel. That is the most exciting thing here.


Deirdre: Beautiful! So tell me a little bit about what you’re doing right now


Alan: I’m writing about our capacity to feel, our capacity to cognize new realities, to tap into the unknown, “to make the unknown known” as somebody once said. How do we know what we don’t know? Well, we have to let go of the logical conscious mind, and dip into something that, in a way, doesn’t make sense, that is beyond the left brain. We open up to this cosmic vision of what’s possible, that transcends the old realities. I ask what’s the difference between cognition and recognition?


Deirdre: And what is the difference?


Alan: Well, recognition means to recognize something. How do you cognize? What’s the nature of cognition? It’s to take something you don’t know and make it known. It’s like, how do you know what an elephant looks like? It’s because someone showed you a picture and said “That’s an elephant.” Suddenly you see this animal and you recognize it. But what if there was something you were not prepared for? You wouldn’t recognize it. So we have to develop a cognitive awareness of the unknown. This is where the arts come in. The arts give expression to what we have yet to know. It brings it into the collective so we can then recognize the un-named feelings, a bigger vision of reality. For me that is the most exciting thing that I’m working on. That’s the passion that I have. How do we make known the unknown?


Deirdre: It’s a lot of work to forge new ways of thinking about reality.


Alan: It is. It’s easier to say than do. To really go where no one has gone before takes all my efforts. It’s exciting and challenging. I think that’s when we know we’ve found our passion. It’s when something is both exciting and difficult, and it takes all of us to do it, all aspects of our being, to engage these new realities.


Deirdre: Very well put, how beautiful.


Alan: Thank you for asking the question. You have helped me articulate a sense that I have been trying to formulate. Your presence has helped me more deeply understand my mission. You held the space for that. You were genuinely interested, and you were present enough to help facilitate a reaching out for me in that moment into the unknown. That is what we can do for each other.


Deirdre: I really appreciate you saying that, because that … that is really living. That is an example of how we live in the moment. And when we do this we ignite each other. We ignite each other’s light.


Alan: Right, and the present moment is full of the unknown. That is the only place the unknown exists. It doesn’t exist in the future or the past. We have projections of the future based on the past. But the present moment is where everything is fresh and alive.


Deirdre: Yes, wow! I love that. I love you. Thank you for being here with us today.


Alan: It’s nice to have shared these moments with you.


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