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Deirdre’s Thanksgiving Message and Prayer

Betsy ChassePost

“Behind all this, some great happiness is hiding.”
– Yehuda Amichai

Dear Friends,

May this Thanksgiving be one of happiness, purpose and gratitude for you and your family. I am reaching out to you from the sacred land of Israel. It has been an honor to receive the wealth of mystical knowledge which this land holds. Every rock, every piece of sandstone has a story to tell. The weather has been beautiful and clear. The air soft from the gentle breeze of the Mediterranean.

From afar I look to my home the United States of America, I see two rivers emerging with swift currents and powerful rapids. The energy in the United States swirling about in uncertainty. What does this mean to the seeker? To the light worker? To the one that has chosen the path towards higher consciousness? The answer; it means we are the ones who have chosen to dive deep.

You are the one who said yes, “I am here to help heal and repair our world.” It takes enormous spiritual courage to live a life of gratitude, thanksgiving, wisdom and understanding. It takes a kind of emotional strength that is not easy to come by. The negativities of the world always pressing in – follow me, follow me. It takes resistance and it take restraint (Gevurah) to stay committed to the core values and virtues that make you who you are.

Therefore today, as you give Thanksgiving include a prayer of Thanksgiving that you have your consciousness intact. You are one of the Wakeful Beings on the planet. What a gift this is. You have chosen the road less traveled. You are paving the way for this road of consciousness to become fully alive in our world. And for this the Creator gives thanks to you.

As you sit across the table at your Thanksgiving dinner with possibly a relative or friend whose worldview is completely opposite of yours take a deep breath re‑affirm your soul’s purpose and see who this other person is beyond all belief systems and all judgment. Find the light of their soul within their eyes. Give thanks for their Soul’s Presence in your life. This won’t be easy. But then again living in higher consciousness never is. If it was everybody would be living in higher consciousness.

This simple step is how we will heal and repair each other. One moment at a time.

The second step, prayer, is how we will heal our world. Please join me in prayer for Thanksgiving.


Prayer for Thanksgiving
Deirdre Hade

Beloved Presence, Our Creator,
Bless all who have felt empty of your nourishment this year.
Help us to find your healing light of Thanksgiving.

Bring to all people the love of family and good friends.
Provide for everyone the gift of food, love and kindness.
Bring an end to hunger and poverty.
Bring an end to divisiveness and war.

Beloved Presence, Our Creator,
Fill our world with Your abundance.
Fill each person with Your gift of prosperity.
Tether the fruits of our generous Earth
into the arms of Your healing care.

Beloved Presence, Our Creator,
Bring us together. Help us to drop our differences.
Show us where our differences become
our greatest places of our love.
Help us to hold each other’s hand in harmony
around the table of Your Thanksgiving.

Beloved Presence, Our Creator,
Thank you for always being with us.
Thank you for always guiding us,
comforting us and sustaining us.

Today we gather as One United
Family in Thanksgiving.
We commit anew to your
purpose of healing and helping each other.

Beloved Presence, Our Creator,
With Deep Gratitude from the Light of Thanksgiving
We thank you. Amen.

Thank you for joining me in a moment of blessing this Thanksgiving, bringing heart‑centered gratitude to our whole world.

Much love,