Fatherhood as a Path to Enlightenment

Betsy ChassePost


Today, I would like to share a little bit about fatherhood as a path to enlightenment. Anything that you do in life is your path to enlightenment. If you can embrace it, you can incorporate it into your spiritual self.

There is a wonderful quote from Justin O’Malley’s Keystones of Thought, “A father is a man who has two or more souls to save or lose.” This is because the presence of the father, the archetype of the father, is the protector, the true patriarch. The spiritual pillar of our world is the masculine presence. The masculine energy is the energy that holds and contains—you can think of it as the banks of a river. The feminine energy is the river. Without the banks, where would the river go? Where would all that energy, all that water go? It would just dissipate. So, the energy of holding, the energy of creating boundary, the energy of grounded-ness, of nurturing, of protection, is the masculine energy.

This male energy is essential to having a balanced and safe world. It is such an important presence. And it doesn’t matter whether you have children or not—you have within you a father. You had a father. Maybe you had a good relationship, maybe you did not have a good relationship. But either way you can evoke that father archetype within you to serve for your own enlightenment and your own presence in the highest, your own place in your family and in your world.

It is the father who cares, who nurtures, who protects. You have a responsibility. You hold a place of responsibility—and it’s a core value and a virtue—one of what I call the “ropes of time and space,” holding all of time and space together. This is the energy of the father. And because you have two or more souls to save or lose, it means being father you must operate from the open eyes of awareness. You must always be aware. This is your intuition. Women have their own kind of intuition. But this is your intuition—your ability to sense what is going on. Someone near you … are they sinking or are they swimming? Operating from the open eyes of awareness you know. The next aspect of the masculine is to take action, because the masculine energy is also the energy of action.

You will note here that I don’t differentiate between gender—being a man and a father—and masculine energy. I want to clarify this because we all have the different energies in us. Everybody has both masculine and feminine energies within them. Then we have our gender, or we have the gender we identify with. (It may not be the physical body.) Wherever you fall in your identification, I hope you can take this information and incorporate it into your own personal life.

Within the father archetype there is an energy of the intuition of the patriarch. We see this in Moses who had a vision, who could see a way to take the flock, protect the flock, and leave Egypt. Then, along with his brother Aaron and his sister Miriam, he parted the Red Sea in order to be able to take his people to safety.

Unfortunately, the divine fatherhood presence has been something of a shadow the past 5000 years in our patriarchal time. It has gotten swept under in the current of the patriarchy which has become, in many cases, aggressive, over bearing, and authoritative. Instead of the divine intuitive protector, the patriarch has become about taking over, about taking what’s mine. That’s fatherhood gone very wrong, gone off track. That is the energy of fatherhood that has yoked itself to the wrong ship and taken us into a great deal of pain.

It is time to resurrect the divine presence of fatherhood, the divine energy of what that means—those guiding banks and those arms—that power that holds life, that helps to birth life, that cares for and protects life, caring for the planet, shepherding, husbanding the animals, caring for the tribe, leading the tribe, and taking action with wisdom. Enlightenment through fatherhood is about shifting your perspective and seeing fatherhood as an opportunity to attain wisdom, to expand your own knowledge of yourself and the greater reality, to take right action and know when to take that action.

Divine fatherhood also means to understand that vulnerability is strength, that tenderness is a strength. One of the most beautiful things to see is a new father with a brand new infant. There just seems to be nothing sweeter than that, even sweeter than the mother, because the mother has just come through that huge, huge endeavour of birthing. The father is just this presence that is so beautiful. So that energy, that vulnerability, I want to encourage you to make that okay, to allow that place in you which exists, which is part of you, which is where your wisdom lives. Access this and say, “I can be strong, I can be a guide, and I can be the father of my family, friends, community, tribe. I can also be very tender and vulnerable, have doubts, seek out council, gather information, gather facts, so I can make a well-founded decision and take action from this.”

Part of fatherhood as a path of enlightenment is to gather facts, gather information, listen deeply to what is being shared, and then connect with your own self before making a plan. Enlightenment through fatherhood is really about becoming the great strategist, the strategist of enlightenment. I know we say enlightenment just comes, that you can’t really control it, and that is true. I’m not saying you’re going to control your awakening or that of other people. However, you can make a strategy, you can put it in place, you can make a plan.

Everything in this world is better when there is a plan. Even if the universe comes along and says, “I am going to change the plan for you,” that’s okay. Learn to be more open. Know when to bend. But make a plan, make a strategy, implement that strategy, and do all this from the perspective of, “I am here to open my eyes, to see the world through the eyes of my soul, through this ancient being which has existed for billions of years, this presence, the Adam, the Adam Cadman, the first man, the man of mankind. I, as this ancient being presence, can tap into the divine source in myself, and see a plan, have a vision, then speak of the vision with my staff, implement and have a strategy for this vision to be manifest.

Now that, my friends, is the meaning of the kingship, the true king. I would like to ask you to throw out all your beliefs of what a king is based on what the ego has created, and understand that in the ancient Kabbalah, in the Tree of Life, in the ancient Christian Vedic teachings, the king is the presence of attainment, the presence of the masculine becoming the full enlightenment, manifesting that into this third dimensional reality. It’s interesting to note that in the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life within the kingship which is Malkuth, is the Shekinah—the divine presence of God, which is feminine. So, the king is protecting and holding the shekinah being the divine presence here on this planet—the divine Earth herself—the life force which creates all of existence, the spark of the all that is, that lives in this third dimensional world.

So, within you as the king, is the feminine. As the king, you are protecting, holding, manifesting this light, at the same time, open and knowing that this light, this divine feminine presence is what gives you life. It is the fountain of life, it is the wellspring of creation, that gives you life in order for you to be the king, the enlightened man, the true patriarch.

Please, take a moment and let all that sink in.

I hope that this little piece of mystical knowledge can help bring you happiness and joy and bring your life into balance and harmony. Remember that you are sacred, that man is sacred, that the masculine is sacred. You are goodness, you are caring. And you are needed now more than ever in our world.

It’s time to heal. I want you to heal. I want you to know, as a man, that your divine presence holds up half of the universe and that we won’t make it as a species without your contribution in your very sacred, powerful presence.

I would like to ask all of you to say a special prayer, to send this presence out into the world, to heal our world, to heal our communities, our countries, to pray that the energy of the masculine comes into alignment as the sacred man. Pray that this enlightenment, that fatherhood, the fatherhood of mankind, truly becomes the king of goodness—the guiding wisdom, this vision of strategy, implementation, care, and tenderness—the heart of father, our father.

Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name;

thy kingdom come;

thy will be done;

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass upon us.

And lead us not into temptation;

but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

the power and the glory,

for ever and ever.


Blessings to you, all fathers, blessed be to you for your service to all of us, to women, to the children and the families and the community and to the Earth. Thank you. We honour you with the upmost gratitude.

The invocation of Divine Fatherhood: I am the staff of life. I am the sword of truth and benevolence in action. I am the kingship, the conduit of victory and right action of goodness over evil. I am the container. I hold my sacred family and the world in harmony and in union. My feet grounded upon the earth, I walk firmly, holding the shield of order, harmony and protection. I am the enlightened father.