Happy Mother’s Day and a Prayer of Gratitude

Betsy ChassePost

“Being a full-time mother is one of the highest
salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love.”
– Mildred B. Vermont

Dear Friends,

Thank you all mothers, for you have taken the noble path of birthing, raising and guiding each of us.  Your presence is the healing warmth that will transform our world.  For this we honor you.  Whether you are birthing an idea, providing service, or caring for the needy, all aspects of mothering live within each of us.  Today we honor the loving consciousness of mothering.

My mother was a towering figure in my life.  She was my first spiritual teacher.  She taught me to love and appreciate nature. She was fierce.  And her reprimand was terrifying.  Thank you Mother for keeping me on track and tethered to values and virtue. Because of my mother, Katherine Blumer, I am here today.

Mothers, you are the reason we are alive in this world today.  In honor of all mothers here is my message; let us also make homage to Divine Mother and Mother Earth.  Without her we would not be alive and here today.  Please join me in my prayer to all mothers and to our Mother Divine.  Happy Mother’s Day!


Mother You Are the Light of Our Heart

Deirdre Hade

Mother you are everywhere
caring for our world
a tender sacred star
mending our scars,

Mother you are
the light
of our heart.

Mother you work tirelessly
bringing hope – prosperity
Mother of eternity
healing all our wounds,

Mother you are
the light
of our heart.

Mother of our countries
churches, mosques
and synagogues,
Mother of the sweat lodge
And, Mother of the temple,

Mother always tending
lifting up our burdens
walking endless miles
while chanting forgiveness,

Mother of Wisdom
our dark night’s lamp
Your guiding Presence
brings us back to Life,

Mercy gentle tenderness
teaching us how to love
when love seems impossible,

Mother you are
the light
of our heart.

Garland of evergreen
wreath of everlasting
we bring to you our offering,

We will braid your silver hair
and hold your soft hand
placing rubies and emeralds
around your precious head,

You are the jewels of the sky
the sunrise of the ocean
the forest and the amethyst
Our golden chalice,

Mother of roses
Mother of family
Mother of souls

Mother, you are
the light
of our heart.

Thank you for giving us Life.