Harnessing Resilience During Times Of Great Stress


The topic of how to harness resilience during times of stress has really hit home after facing a true disaster. For those of you who saw the news, the entire mountain, boulders the size of trucks, rolled all the way to the ocean through my home town of Montecito, California. I, and many others, mourn the loss of life of neighbors and friends and pets and the destruction of hundreds of homes. It’s quite hard to believe, because nobody really saw this coming.

Welcome to the Age of Surprise.

Calamity and/or abrupt change often come without any kind of warning. So how do we handle this? How do we care for ourselves and those that we love? How do we become that pillar of strength, able to take action? How do we manage the inner stress?

Personally, I feel like I’m coming apart. I feel like I have no control over life. The stress and anxiety worrying about lost friends and missing neighbors is enormous. After the recent fires tore through our community, I am, yet again, rootless, going from one friend’s house to another, living out of suitcases. But unlike so many caught in the mudslide or on the East Coast caught in the snow or those caught in hurricanes, I’m alive! And I still have a home.

We entered 2018 with hope it would be the year of possibility. We’re facing very difficult times here in our country and around the world, and we’re all very much in need of a boost. So I asked Presence this morning, “What does this mean? What can I share with my family and with everyone that comes to join me? What can I share from you that will help us find the possibility in all of this?”

The answer that came is simple. But it isn’t easy:

We are here at this moment in time to reconnect our souls with each other, to reunite in a state of deep love, care and compassion. Connection is the most important lesson humanity is here to learn. Everything that comes our way right now is to teach us that we must change our human perception and focus away from achieving, building, doing, setting goals—you know, all the great stuff, going after actualizing our personal potential—and instead learning to come together to aid and support others.

When catastrophe comes, all that we’ve considered vital and important gets put aside because now we have to survive and take care of one another. This is the great lesson, this is the great light inside dark tumultuous times. The Presence of creation, the worlds of light, the Creator, want all of us to know how to find each other and reconnect, soul to soul in the harmony of love, without having calamity to force us to do that.

Finding and harnessing resilience

We must begin a practice of carving out time to be together, soul-to-soul as real human beings, vulnerable, raw, facing and sharing what is going on inside us. The collective we of all that is wants to bring you some steps that will help you as we go through the times of earth change. These changes in the earth will continue. They are not going to slow down. The unexpected will become the expected and every single human being on this planet will be impacted by the global changes. With these changes will come a great deal of anxiety and stress. That’s just the reality. It really doesn’t serve for me to paint a picture of a bed of roses ahead of us. That isn’t going to help. but we can find roses along the way. We can plant seeds by being in touch with reality and looking straight at what is happening right now.

You see, we are here to have a human experience. If we were meant to be in heaven we would all be in heaven right now. We would not have incarnated into the volatile world we live in. We’re here and there is a reason we’re here. We are here to fully embody the human experience and to bring it to life. And we do this by coming together, by finding each other.

Step 1: Form Groups of 4 or More

I suggest no more than 10 people per group. (I call them Seed Pods.) Name your group–your Tribe. Begin to find your friends, people that you trust that you can share your innermost heart with. People you can be honest and open with.

Step 2: Make a commitment to meet body to body, soul to soul once a week.

If your tribe is in all parts of the country you can use the technology you have so you can come together. But as much as possible try to come together physically as a group.

Step 3: Share your feelings with each other

Each person should take about taking 5-10 minutes. Talk about your anxiety, your stress, your fear, your hopes. Be very real. The other people in the group should listen and not try to fix or give advice. You’re simply to be the soul listening, the witness to the human experience.

Step 4: Response

After everyone has shared, one person in the group says back to each person in turn:

Beloved soul, my dear, beloved friend _____ (insert name) I hear your anxiety. I hear your fear about ________ (whatever it is, children, flood). I am sending you my light as a god being, as a formation of love. I send my care and all of my light and I am holding you in that light. Know that you are safe. Your soul is safe and nothing can ever harm you. You are eternal—an eternal being experiencing the river of this reality. I know this. I hold you in the reality of the eternal. You are safe and I am with you. You are not alone in this.


This simple statement to the soul from the real place within you creates an alchemy. A sacred alchemy based on the laws of the physics of god. This is spiritual physics in action.

When this kind of connection happens, when we witness each other, when we hold one another during a time of stress and anxiety, a power comes in, a peace comes in and we are given a resilience we didn’t’ know we had. We are given the ability to have a calm center in the middle of chaos.

There was a time when we could do this all by ourselves, alone in our room. But now is not the time for that. We are in the time of the beloved, the age of the beloved. Now is the time we must reunite.

Our humanness has become so fractured we don’t know each other anymore. We can be on a street with hundreds of people and be completely isolated and alone. I know. When I was a single mother, the children and l alone in my little apartment, I felt so alone it was almost debilitating, I thought, “It’s me and these kids and if anything happens to me it would be devastation.” I went deep into spiritual prayer asking for a message. And the message I got was, “Find others and create a tribe and that will give you some strength and reveal you are not alone.”

This simple practice of creating a small group and supporting each other—finding one another, attaching at a very deep level, the kind of expanded connection that has a feeling tone of oneness that the poets talks about—this will give you resilience. This is the lesson.

We are here to become one with all things. But how can we become one with all things if we cannot become one with another human being? We are here to learn how to go into deep connection with one, two, three, four or more people and find safety in this tribe. We are here to bear witness to the human in us and to being in the world and, at the same time, not of the world. We are here to be the silent watchers, watching every experience, understanding this is expanded consciousness, understanding that only consciousness can free us and give us the resilience necessary to go beyond anxiety and stress.

From that place we can expand into universal oneness.

The human light right now is the greatest healer. We are here to heal ourselves and to heal the illusion of separation we have fallen into which has caused us to feel separate and alone, intolerant and judgmental. We take the human light, the lamplight of a God, and we say; I give you my human light. My soul is completely here with your soul and I hold you, I hear you, and I am sending you my strength. I am sending you my healing and in this you will experience the sacred alchemy of reattachment, of oneness.

This is the message from God. This is the message from the Beings of Light. They are not asking for us to find God individually in our rooms and in our caves. They are saying, “You must go out of your room and attach to one another because we are one soul, and right now the human soul is fractured, the way cancer cells are fractured. Just as individual bodies are beginning to get ill, so the soul of mankind is ill.”

We know this is true. We see the illness when we see the news. The soul of humanity, quite literally, is shaking.

In order to bring peace, in order to end intolerance, in order to change this disease of the human, we must begin to reconnect and reattach with each other. We must learn to love each other. We must learn what love is: a deep silent experience of unity and the language of the soul. Love is beyond any intellectual understanding or explanation by science or technology. It is the place within us we are here to return to. And everything in the universe is pushing us in this direction.

We can go into love without disaster. We can find this place without having to be forced to go into a great calamity where we have to drop our defenses. We can begin to be real with each other now. By finding each other and holding each other, not only will we survive these transformative time, we will thrive. We will be able to create, heal, and repair our world and each other.

2018 really is the year of possibility. And the possibility is YOU and your ability to love.

Here is a Prayer/Blessing for the world—especially those experiencing the tragedies of climate change through drought, fires, torrential rains, mudslides, snow bombs, hurricanes, and earthquakes.


As we open our minds to the great Light of the Presence of creation

The bells are ringing, the chimes are ringing

Calling us to embrace our magnificence.

The powerful light of ourselves is the living presence of creation.

We come together now to open the reservoir of our eternal devotion to one another

And to our journey home.

Look within your heart,

There in your heart is a golden temple,

Golden doors,

And upon these golden doors are a sacred scripture.

This scripture is the book of life,

It is the great story of the human experience,

It is your personal journey.

The gates open as we enter into the heart of existence.

Allow your body to relax, your mind to rest,

Allow the breath of life to come in

Of simplicity to come in

As the breath heals you,

your belly softening

Ahh …


I am here now

Oh love,

Embrace me now.

We enter the gates of love

And here we enter the holy temple of our soul.

We greet a guide, this presence is very personal to you

This presence, an angelic presence or a deity, your higher self, this presence lives within the temple of your heart

Now is it time to meet this presence to ask for guidance

To receive the enormous power and strength, to overcome any obstacle.

In this temple, there is a golden throne,

It is your throne!

Sit upon this throne,

For in this throne there is an energy and I want you really to engage this,

In your imagination allow this energy to fill your arms, your elbows your hands, to fill your legs, to come in through your back,

Above, an orb of white light

The great daylight, the opening to the angelic light,

And now this light pours over you in a waterfall

A veil of healing filling you with peace, filling you with knowledge, intuition, hope

Gently rest in this this seed of light, this flame of light and for a moment allow this presence to completely merge into your being.

So simple and so easy. Here we sit in peace in the vibration, the higher frequency of love, in pure love, the only thing that gives us meaning. Rest in this light for one moment.

As we say together

I am the sacred alchemy

I am the healer and I am healed.

I am the creator

I am one with creation and creation which is pure love supports me,

holds me and guides me on the journey with my presence and my light.

I now send to all those suffering, to all those who have experienced fear and terror, the global changes, for those who have lost loved ones and those that are afraid

I send to you your personal prayer from my light,

for light is eternal

for I am fully attached to creation.

I come from the temple of light,

I am the soul of God,

I am the enlightened human and I walk through this world a witness to our evolution into oneness, into love

I am the creator of all possibility and all possibility is my law

I create this

I am the creator as one and together witness of eternity.