Healing The Soul Of A Woman with Pistis Sofia


This morning I’d like to talk about the healing of the soul of a woman. We have a lot of energy moving around women today, the ‘me too’ movement and women getting into politics. And with that comes both the positive and the negative energies. As conscious beings we know that we are here to transform, to become awake and contribute to our world. And on this journey one thing that is very important is that we heal our soul … deep down at the levels where it touches our human consciousness.

The trauma that the soul experiences in this dimension where there is pain in the body, where the body gets hurt and the heart gets broken, the trauma the soul experiences is dramatic. And the soul does not understand this pain. The soul thinks, “What is happening?! Where I come from, none of these things happen!” And this wounded place in the soul where the trauma has occurred in our lives—including past life trauma—this trauma adds up and eventually boils out of us screaming, howling, and yelling. When the trauma is finally expressed, the only way that the ego mind knows how to interpret and deal with it is to turn the vast reservoir of pain and trauma into blame and intolerance—a kind of negative anger and resentment that does not serve. It boils out of us in ways that trip us up and keep us from being loved and from feeing that deep connection to each other.

This pain-filled, traumatized place in the souls of both women and men is what needs healing. And for this we need to turn to the Pistis Sophia herself, the Mother of the World.

Pistis Sophia means the cultivation and embodiment of wisdom. Sophia, translated from the ancient Aramaic and Hebrew, means wisdom. Thus the tradition of Sophia, the tradition of great wisdom taught through the wisdom schools going all the way going back to pre-Egyptian times—schools that were very instrumental in the work of Jesus, his mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.

It said that in the beginning first there was Ein Sof —the endless One — infinity — the I AM presence. Then, as the creator began to create these dimensions of consciousness, pre-physical levels of consciousness, the first level of consciousness was Truth. The truth of God. The truth of that indivisible reality. From that truth, the creator created the next emanation of consciousness, which is wisdom, sophia, (hochma in Hebrew, also known as Lady Wisdom). Everything that was fashioned into this incredible three dimensional reality we have ploughed into with its trillion light years of galaxies spinning about was fashioned out of wisdom.

When you touch wisdom, when you reach that place of deepest inner knowing that whispers “Here is the wisdom of how to act. Here is the wisdom of how to behave and think. Here is how to work with someone who is an adversary and who has negativity. Here is the wisdom of how to deal with and move out of a negative environment and a negative relationship.” When you hear those deep inner messages, that is when you have touched the level of consciousness called the Pistis Sophia.

Wisdom is the key to thriving in our world today which is filled with unpredictable surprises, both tragic and pleasant. And making this deep inner connection to the wisdom we embody as women is the key.

Women are the powerful force of creation. In our body is the template to create life—to create a living consciousness. It is not just a physical reality where you have these organs and where you have a womb. And it doesn’t matter whether you have children or not. The fact is, your body is formed as a template of life, and that, in itself, is a powerful, powerful consciousness that has a creative aspect to it that is beyond what we normally think of in our everyday world. So, I would like for us to really think about this and take the time to learn how to connect into the consciousness of our divine feminine power of creation.

Please, take a moment and really be in your body. Pour love into your beautiful body with all of its lumps and bumps and curves, its age or its youth, its beauty and its insecurities. Just take a moment. And from the silent watcher and observer place in your mind, love your body. Pour healing light into your body. Say, “I love you, body. Thank you, my body. For without you, I could not be here in this magnificent reality. Thank you, body, for everything you do.”

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Now ask your body, “Beloved body, reveal to me the secret of creation. Reveal to me my feminine power that you hold. Help me to understand who I am as a woman in this lifetime. Help me to understand what being a woman really means.”

Take a moment and really allow your body to speak to you. Tune in. And don’t expect words. This is an energy—the language of nature. Let an experience from your body fill you. There, deep in the cradle of our pelvis, in your womb, there is the creative power of life. Allow this golden light to begin to spiral upwards through your body, like a beautiful seedling growing towards the sky. Feel the energy rise. See the golden light grow up into your heart, up into your brain, spreading into your limbs with leaves of golden light.

See the roots of this golden light deep in your pelvis where the seed started to grow. Let the golden light pour down from your lap, down through and over your legs and onto the ground.

Here, at your pelvis, is the place where the golden light both ascends upwards and descends downwards. And here lies the great Tree of Life.

Imagine that here is where the crust of the earth lies. Imagine that you are the great goddess Sophia, the mother of everything, the ancient goddess, Inanna. Here, at your hips, is the line between the earth below and the heavens above.

You, yourself, hold the balance between air and the earth. You, yourself, your soul, are the sacred golden tree of the Shekinah—the golden light. Here, in your womb, the spiritual presence of love lives always in purity. This is your innocence. This is the shining place within you where you can hold many people, many thoughts, and many creations.

See now, in your belly, this beautiful golden egg. And around this golden egg is this beautiful blue sky color—the color of Sophia. Simply be in this presence. There is nothing to do and nowhere to go. This is peace. This is the place and presence of creation.

Now, I’m going to ask you to affirm something-something that you want to create in your world. Something for yourself, personally.

Begin by placing your mind deep in your belly. Affirm your core value of who you are and feel the energy of that core value. Resonate with it. And as you do, begin to see light swirling, radiating from you—the beautiful light of your wisdom radiating from your being. Know that as this light radiates from your being it is healing your soul. The Mother Sophia is breaking down the obstacles that keep you from deeply connecting to others, healing all wounds.

From this place, practice deep listening. What is the sound around you? Listen from your belly. What do you hear? When we listen to each other fully and are present with each other, we heal. You are the healer. Deep listening from your belly, your cradle of wisdom, from the feminine essence that is you is what will heal our world. This deep listening to each other, hearing our sorrows, our griefs and disappointments, is a magical and miraculous alchemy that heals all wounds and trauma, freeing the soul to be fully present to serve.

Your soul’s greatest service is to heal—to heal itself and then heal others.

To that end I’d like to give you a prayer. “Beloved presence and all that is, grant us Sophia, divine wisdom. Mother of the world, creator of our world, we pray that you bless our world. In your loving kind arms, Pistis Sophia, mother of the world, heal the hearts of those who live in anger, hatred and intolerance so that they no longer feel that they can only be heard through hatred, anger and intolerance. Heal their hearts.

“Beloved Mother of the earth, Mother of the world, Pistis Sophia, heal the hearts of all those who have been touched by anger, hatred and intolerance, and all of those who have been harmed by injustice, all of those who have lost loved ones and who have lost themselves. Pistis Sophia, love all those who live in depression, anxiety and stress. Heal all the wounded places in our souls— the places where we feel we can be heard only by becoming intolerant and feeling hatred—heal these places and replace them with great love.

“Great feminine power of transformation, understanding and wisdom, beloved Sophia, heal the places in me that have been harmed. Where I have been raped, defiled and destroyed, heal me as a women. Heal the places where I judge myself because I feel that I am not beautiful, because I feel something is wrong. Heal me so that I know that I am beauty, love and radiance. Heal the soul of all women. Heal my soul, Pistis Sophia, Mother of the world. Heal my anxiety, my stress and my depression. Pour your healing light into my places of dissolution and despair so that I might live in joy and be a catalyst for positive change. Free me from the crippling pain of anxiety and depression, Pistis Sophia, Mother of the world. Heal my grief, the root of all my pain. Pour your loving light into my grief. Allow me to grieve. Allow me to shed my tears on your feet until my tears become rays of effervescent light. Heal me now, Mother of the world. Heal me and heal the souls of all women.”

To you, dear reader, I say, “Hear the bells and the calls of a new time—a time of resurrection! Understand what it means to be a woman. Understand who we are as the teachers, the guides, the inspirers and the creators. Allow the presence of your light to become the Phoenix to return and to rise, loving and supporting men, boys, other women and our girls and all of the beautiful beings who consider themselves as without gender. Love them all!”

It is our time to reveal the soul of who we really are as women. Thank you for joining me in prayer to for filling the root of humanity with the light of wisdom. Thank you. Namaste. Shalom.