How to make Wise Decisions; Cultivate your connection to the Inner Light of your Soul

Betsy ChassePost

“When we genuinely love and care
for ourselves, we cannot help loving
others too and wanting their rights preserved in justice.”

– John Bradshaw, from Reclaiming Virtue

Dear Friends,

Divine Light actually works. Divine light is the transforming power of “Life It’s Self.”  This is not hypothetical nor is it ungrounded.  Divine light is the grounding of God’s energy, the love and miraculous forgiveness of God’s compassionate heart. Having a spiritual practice in your life is how you ground the divine light that performs miracles.

Thank you everyone who shared your powerful stories with me on using the steps for healing as we grounded the Rosh Hashanah Light and the steps for clearing Karma with the Yom Kippur Light.

Read below Ulrike’s story of discovery and healing using the Rosh Hashanah Light.  See how she learned to find a wisdom that transformed her life.  In Ulrike’s story you will see a unifying theme which we all carry.  Her story will assist you in healing your own story.

And if you have never read any thing by John Bradshaw, his book, Reclaiming Virtue, is a lifesaver. A must read to thrive today.

Love and light,

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Ulrike’s Story of Healing

“Thank you so much for the 4 steps of receiving the redemptive light of Rosh Hashanah, Deirdre.

I would like to share my experience which was very magical and healing:

The place within that I found, was the tendency to please others, to make it right for them.

My life lesson from that pain is that I lose myself and my power when I focus my energy to something outside of me. That I betray myself, my own soul in this moment.

The wise decision I must take now, is to go within for answers and to find peace, serenity, wisdom and everything I need within.

How I can repair this: Each time when I catch myself wanting something from, ‘out there’ to stop and breath and turn my energy 180 degrees around, which means back inwards.  I have to turn my energy back to myself, into my core, into my belly.

I filled my belly with substitutes (like food, etc.) because my core energy was ‘out there’.

Wow, such a profound insight that brought waves of tears washing the pain out of me and allowing me to release it. So much gratitude for your spiritual guidance!”

Blessings, Ulrike
– Germany