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Introduction to a Radiance Journey Meditation

Betsy ChassePost

Today I’m doing an introductory Radiance Healing Journey and I’m going to share about why an energy practice—energy work, internal energy work, working with energy healers—is so important. This really is the cutting edge of the new science of understanding that we are pure energy. So I’m going to get into that more today.


Radiance is the eternal force that’s within all of us. Radiance healing is when we tap into that internal life force that never ends, the light, the divine light that carries us through our Earthly journey and then beyond into heaven. Every energy practice works with radiance simply because radiance is the state of energy you use when you work with Reiki, or acupuncture, or Qi Gong—that is a kind of radiance energy that the practitioner will connect into. You’re releasing and opening the meridian of energy that’s moving so your body can heal itself, because the body is a self-healing, self-regulating system. A very phenomenal system.


What the body needs is help from our consciousness. Let’s say you go to a Reiki Master or to a practitioner of one of the many other exceptional modalities of energy healing that connects into a greater life force—a life force that can heal and clear. And when I say clear, what I mean is, our thoughts, our emotions, our mental state, all create a web or a net. If you could see it, you would see how real it is—just as real as the air we breathe.


Your energy system is a net, a neuro net/energetic net that holds your body together, your thoughts, your consciousness, and it grounds you here in this reality. There are many different levels of energy bodies in you, your light body and mental body and emotional body for example. There’s a spiritual body and the pain body that holds the memory of trauma. These are different levels of you, the unseen you that is the driving force behind how you feel. When your energy body gets too weighed down with a lot of worry, of trauma, of not being able to slow down and rest, with too many thoughts, too many phones ringing, you actually start to close down your ability to create. In order to have this ability to create, to connect into that God sense of “I am the creator, I am the co-creator,” your energy body needs to be cleared.


This is something that we need to do every day, every week, and once a month. Clearing this energy field is why we go away on retreats. (I’m going to be at the Kripalu Center of Yoga, September 21-23rd conducting a deep retreat where we’ll be clearing our energy body.) Once your energy body is cleared, it’s amazing how the physical body can heal and just snap right back. This energy body within us informs us of our experience, and once

we release trauma, negativity and the everyday build-up of stress, our minds become clearer, colors become sharper, we can think straight because the build-up that covers and clouds our perspective of reality is gone.


Many times we don’t see the miracles right around us because we’ve got this filter. So when you clear your energy body you are able to clear the filter and then you can see the miracles that are right there. You can see that, “Oh, my gosh if I go down that path or if I make that choice, all kinds of incredible things could happen! I can’t believe I didn’t see that right in front of me!” That’s what happens. You see what’s available to you because when you get gummed up, you can’t really see or feel what’s in front of you. Also, when your energy body is not clear, it’s hard to receive love. You may have love all around you and yet you can’t feel it. You don’t know that something is keeping you from realizing how many people love you. And that can become so acute that, tragically, many fall into mental illness, deep despair, and deep depression. I know that many of us know people like that. Or maybe that’s you. I certainly know that that has been me at different times, which is why I began this journey decades and decades ago with my mother who had terminal cancer. I had to find out why it was that we felt so heavy and so down and so depressed that we couldn’t see the spark of light. So we began to study and take our mystical vision and look to see what was really going on. And that’s when we found out that we are pure energy and that we can actually clear this pure energy.


My dear friend, Jack Canfield, does his own Success Principle platinum retreats—very advanced retreats. And he says that the Radiance Tree of Life is the strongest meditation they do. People have profound life changes, because the journey lifts the obstacles out of the energy points of their bodies. Because the obstacles that are there, though invisible, actually stop us from being able to be successful, to be able to change what we need to change in the world. So we walk around as victims of this world.


Part of this new paradigm that we are here to initiate, why I’m here, why you’re here and why there are so many other phenomenal teachers and energy practitioners in the world today in big cities, small cities, just bubbling up like flowers, is that people are getting the message that, “Oh I’m here to be an energy practitioner!” All these people—thousands and thousands of people who are committed to seeing beyond the veil—are helping each other to be clear so we can heal. They are really God’s angels, and you may be one of them. So, if you are, I want to say thank you for choosing this path that is out of the norm. One day it will be very much in the norm. Those of you who think that that might be something within you that you haven’t discovered, I want to encourage you to explore it..


It doesn’t matter what level you’re on because the energy of the Tree of Life, it’s the knowledge that saturates the individual wherever they are on their path, because it’s a personal direct experience with God. There’s no intermediary person. The Tree of Life opens one to that direct lineage with God and a harnessing of universal resilience.


Now, universal resilience is a term that I was shown deep in my meditation from All That Is, and All That Is (God or whatever you what to call Source Intelligence) said, “What you need now is to tap into universal resilience.” There’s a lot of talk nowadays about resilience, obviously because of all the things that we’re going through in life. And what God said was that this universal resilience is about connecting into a field or a frequency of God’s resilience, of Mother Earth’s resilience, of the resilience that has propelled the universe to exist for over 13 billion years. It has given this creation the ability to survive many different kinds of changes, which means universal resilience is a resilience that’s far greater than human resilience. It’s greater than what we think is humanly possible, because we are limited.


You know, when you see these phenomenal firemen and first responders going to the sites of disaster all around the country and you wonder how they continue, how they fight all sorts of incredible weather and fires day after day. Well, they’re tapping into universal resilience. So, begin to meditate on this. Just begin to think about it and mull it over and ask in your meditations for God to show you universal resilience so that, when it’s necessary, you have it right there.


Universal resilience is a power that keeps us from falling into despair or discouragement. The Angels of Light, the hierarchy of the angels and ascended masters, their greatest concern is that humans fall into despair and discouragement. They’re concerned because when that happens we won’t be able to harness this energy, this radiant energy, to mobilize and lift our world up for a time of change, this time of great change. This Age of Surprise is really the Age of Awakening. Living in the dawn of surprise is living in the river or the pure energy of life. And to do this, we must clear our thoughts and our minds of toxic thought and clear our bodies, our energetic body from toxic energies, toxic beliefs. In this way, you will be the ray, shining your core value of who you are, fully embodied on this planet. This will be a phenomenal service for the world.


So, let’s take a moment now and take an introductory Radiance Journey to clear your energy field. I invite you to set aside the belief that this couldn’t happen. Close off that part of your mind and enter the part of your mind that can entertain the belief that, “Yes, I can heal and I can live a fabulous life.” Because we are energy. Ultimately, we can become the masters of our own personal energy. Now, if you can, go to my FaceBook page and follow this Radiance Journey. The crystal bowl I’m playing today is a beautiful bowl, a sacred alchemy bowl from Crystal Tones. You can find them on the web. This is one that is platinum with rows of many different gemstones, so she brings the healing energy of the Divine Feminine. Just listen to her and we’ll begin our energy clearing journey. If you can’t listen to the show, do the following in a meditation.


Close your eyes and connect into her sound, and as you do, see just above your head, above your crown chakra, a shining white star, a beautiful white star. This beautiful star is an angelic presence, the Archangel Uriel of clarity of vision. Archangel Uriel opens the gates into Uriel’s temple of light. As Uriel opens the gates, a great waterfall of light begins to pour over your face, over the back of your head, over your heart and shoulders, down into your organs, down into your hips and down into your feet. You are in a waterfall of light, a beautiful clear watery light. This beautiful clear light is the light of truth, the first universe of the Tree of Life, Keter Uriel, and sits on the crown of your head. From Keter Uriel pours the light of clarity into your body. And as this light begins to matriculate deep into your cells, gently watch your breath and with slow, deep breaths become aware that you are inhaling light and exhaling light. Light is the pure love of all that is. Light unifies all religions, all beliefs. Light is the source of all paths. This light is the healing light, the radiance of All That Is.


As you inhale this light, bring your attention now into your heart. There in the heart, in the center of your heart, you see, you experience, a golden nugget, a golden kernel of light. This golden kernel of light is the doorway into your heart, the doorway between the right and the left. And in the Tree of Life that is the place of loving kindness and good judgment. Become very aware if there’s anything in your heart that is a disturbance. You may sense something, a heaviness, or you may even see something. Perhaps it’s gray, perhaps it’s darker. This something is the block to your heart. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s just simply an obstacle to being in love. With a deep breath, I want you to very gently blow this obstacle away, for this light of radiance is within you, carrying this light on the pinions of the wings of the angels as in Psalm 91. Very gently lift this obstacle from your heart. If you’re comfortable you may use your right or left hand and really pull this obstacle from your heart. Just lift it out. And as you lift it out, whatever that obstacle may be, place it in a golden urn for the angels to take away.


Do this for another minute, again breathing the light, the beautiful white light. Again, you can physically take your hand and pull any unwanted energy out of your heart, placing it in a vessel of golden light. There, excellent! You’ve now released your heart. And as you do this, again notice that kernel of light within you. You may begin to feel a tingling sensation through your body. This golden nugget within you begins to pulsate and grow into a beautiful golden orb. This is the Sun, the internal Sun, the gateway into the world of pure oneness, pure love.


Now, imagine that this beautiful golden sun from your heart is radiating outwards, radiating through your body, filling your brain and your face, filling your shoulders, your belly, your hips down to your feet until you are a golden being, a golden light, shimmering, radiating pure thought, pure consciousness, pure peace and calm. As this light radiates through your body, it is clearing away any remaining obstacle, clearing away any negativity that you do not need. You do not need this negativity, let it go, let it be released as you are filled with the eternal light of possibility.


Remember, 2018 is our year of possibility, seeing what is possible when it looks impossible. You are the star maker. You are the Weaver of Light. Now, let us weave together with our light bodies, the healing, the compassion, the shift so that we may live in our birthright, which is love and happiness, connection, and ease of life. For this light washes away the control mechanism, that state of consciousness that would try to control your life. You say, “Not any longer! I am free!”


Please repeat this mantra within your light body: “I am free. I am an eternal presence of pure radiance. I am pure energy manifested and I am free. I am free to know Who I am. I am free to love and be loved. Whatever experience I have been through, it is simply that—an experience to learn. I do not need to hold this experience within me. I do not need to hold the pain or the trauma or the disappointment. That’s not me. Today, I lift it out of me and I say ‘Thank you, experience, for teaching me what you’re here to teach me. But you and I, we are not one. You can go now, for I am light. With a lightness of being, wherever I look, I see miracles. Whatever I feel, I feel the love and connection. I know that everything is great and that my journey, my path, is simply filled with experience. That’s all.’


“It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s just pure experience, and as a being of light, I dance through the experience.”


Let this, the pure spirit experience of beingness, sit for a moment. Goodbye experience of fear and bad luck! Goodbye experience of feeling worthless. Goodbye experience of feeling I’m not enough. Goodbye trauma experience. Goodbye experience of feeling hatred. Goodbye experience of betrayal. Goodbye experience of “Oh, everything’s awful in the world today.” That whole big experience, goodbye. I am the light, I am pure energy.


Now, take a deep breath and gently open your heart and come back.


You can practice just being aware of this orb of light that sits here, this great orb, the central point of the golden sun in your heart, radiating outwards. Now, I want you to be very aware of your feet on the ground. This is the Malchut at the base of the Tree of Life. Anchor your feet with that light into the earth and see that the gravity of Mother Earth is the energetic bond between your heart and the heart of Mother Earth. This is the ray of gravity. Just allow gravity to hold your light body, your spirit, here, very close to the Mother, so that your spirit is fully here, fully present in the now, living in joy and happiness and the wonder and awe of life coming back to gravity, feeling gravity.


This is Mother Earth’s love, and this is what holds our light body to the planet. Without gravity our spirit will fly. This is how we stay present. You know how it is when you’re with someone who’s fully present with you. It’s intoxicating. So often when we go out, we realize “Oh, my gosh, nobody’s with me. I can tell, every day, that everybody’s thinking of something else.” So we’re all lonely because we’re not with each other. So please, bring your awareness into gravity, because gravity will instantly bring you into the “be here now,” the power of now, the presence of being fully present in life. Having a practice of mindfulness, of being aware of gravity, that gravity is holding your spirit here in our world, this is how you will sustain your clear light body.