Love is the mystery that heals all


We are entering the month of February, the Month of Love in 2018 Your Year of Possibility. And I have a new Radiance Healing Journey from the Archangel Ariel on Healing the Four Chambers of Your Heart that I’d like to introduce and share with you.

The Archangel Ariel herself is the great overseer of the love of the Beloved. She is the connector of polarities, bringing together masculine and feminine energies, the light and the dark, and disparate beliefs. And she specifically works with the energy of the beloved. What is the beloved? The beloved is that energy of romance where we’re soft, where we become vulnerable and tender, where we drop our guard and realize we’re all souls and all the same. This love is the law of the beloved Archangel Ariel.

There are many facets to love. And we’ve already talked about some of them. There’s the love of duty, which we talked about last week as rigor. There’s a kind of self-love, the love where you can say “no”—where you can set boundaries. That’s a love. This week we’re talking about the love of the beloved.

The love of the beloved is the deepest and most profound healer because when you’re in love you drop into a state of consciousness where the ego falls aside and you melt. However, you have to feel very safe for that. You have to feel like the other person you’re with isn’t going to stab you while you’re all gooey and vulnerable. As a result, we rarely get there. We long to get there! We want to be in that soft, sweet state, but it’s hard to find a safe space to be there. What I propose here is that we begin to cultivate that space—we begin to set up the energy in our homes where we can experience it with our family and friends, our love interest and children.

We have a long, long way to go within ourselves to know this kind of intimacy. And it’s especially hard to develop this within our workplaces. But imagine this: What if in the business world there was a space, a room, where you could go and sit five minutes a day and just be with each other in a very warm and open space? Imagine what it could do for business if everyone could connect in this place?

What we’re really talking about is shared intimacy. Yes, when you’re with a partner or love interest, intimacy does move into the arena of sexuality and sexual experience. But it’s not primarily that. Primarily it’s a kind of intimacy where we’re in the oneness and softness of our world. Many people are afraid of this. You might be afraid of this. Which is why Archangel Ariel has given us a Radiance Journey for Healing the Four Chambers of Our Hearts. She explained to me that in the four chambers of the heart are found the four energies which create complete love. And these four areas in our heart hold trauma and hold a kind of protective covering. Because as we grow up we get hurt. Unfortunately, life is not yet a mirror of the divine self. As a result we build boundaries. But as spiritual beings we need to be flexible. We want to be able to put that boundary up and then remove it at will. But what happens in life is we build that boundary up and then don’t know how to drop it to get into intimacy. When we feel hurt, we lash out and hurt the ones we love. We get on a plane and go to the other end of the country. We put up a wall against the one we love and they put up their wall and we think that’s the dance of love.

We get confused. Sometimes we might build a boundary against one we love and then have no boundary with those that will harm us. In healing the four chambers of the heart, we uncross all these wires and clear away these confusions. And when we do, we come into balance and into harmony with life, and that protects us. We allow love in and it protects us from negative energies. Right now, I’m in the wilderness in Colorado surrounded by nature. But when we’re in the city and around a lot of people, there are negative energies. There is also incredible love from people. The majority of people don’t mean to come from negative energy. They just don’t know how not to. So, being in balance ourselves is so important.

Knowing how to love and how to receive love, how to have a truly loving relationship in intimacy is a basic, foundational tool for 2018 to be Your Year of Possibility. The whole point of my teaching, the whole point of being an emissary, and part of the message the angels, prophets, sages, and guardian angels want to give us is: We are in this world and we must learn how to build a bridge between the worlds. They can build the bridge halfway. We, the human family, must build our half of the bridge, which is why I’m here giving you these tools. Usually they’re only taught in Mystery Schools and there’s a reason for that. But I got the message to get this out there.

Finishing this bridge is what the Year of Possibility is all about. And one of the main foundation stones of this bridge we’re building is love—the love of the beloved, of intimacy, the ability to be intimate by being able to lay down the barricades as needed. We’ve laid down the stones of faith and trust and rigor. Our next stone is the love of the beloved, intimate love. When you understand this, when you move into the love of the beloved, the boundary you’ve put up will drop, and your inner harmony will arise in you and serve as the proper boundary against negativity. Because we must have boundaries in the world otherwise it can be an onslaught. However, we also want to be open to fully receive the love that is within every individual. Every human is emanating this love because the light of love is inside of every human.

This is the whole ball of wax we want to unravel. Because when we unravel the consciousness called the human mind what we find is love. And it’s a mystery. No one can ultimately say, “This is how I transformed. This is how I had an ‘aha’ moment. This is how love came in.” We can only say, “I took these steps. I did these meditations, listened to these healing videos, lit the candle on my altar and I did these mindfulness practices.” But how it happens is a mystery. And that’s the awe and the beauty of the divine Presence in this world—the divine Feminine and the divine Masculine—the Great Mother and the Great father—they reunite and become one through us. When we enact intimacy, the heavenly kingdom and the physical world reunite. They become one.

The ancient Hebrew mystery schools taught we are here to heal God, which is a radical thought! We’re taught to believe that God heals us. But what the ancients saw is that God is broken. Which means He is not the God of perfection, He is not omnipresent. What part of you believes God has to be perfect? I’m not talking about a God with a white beard sitting on a throne in heaven. I’m talking about the Divine Intelligence that is creating this reality in an ongoing basis. We’re in the middle of the Creation process in the time-space continuum. We’re a syllable in the mantra of God, the bead on the rosary, the pearl in a string of pearls. But the whole necklace hasn’t been created yet.

We are in the Age of Surprise. It’s out of our control. It’s part of the process of Creation.

Once we were created—once this reality was set in motion, God had to break the God self to form separation. So, to finish the process and take the story of Genesis and complete it, we, as humans, must co-create—we must heal God and the brokenness that occurred when this new realm of heaven was created. We must heal and build the bridge to meet our divinity. In order to do this, we must clear away our confusion.

You know when you’re creating something how any creative endeavor can get pretty messy? Your painting gets messy and colors splatter on the floor. Your kitchen gets messy when you cook. Your office gets messy when you start a new project. Creation actually creates chaos! It’s not a bad thing, chaos. It’s only “bad” if we don’t understand that it’s part of forming a new creation. And that’s where we are today—in the midst of the chaos of creation.

It’s kind of like being a cook or an artist or a writer and you haven’t yet finished your painting, and the paint’s all over your fingertips, or the model or the book are in pieces all over the dining room table. That’s where we are right now in Feb 2018. So, I want to encourage you to complete what we have started. We must complete building our side of the bridge. And in order to do this we must understand these aspects of ourselves. And one very important aspect is divine love—which is so yummy. It’s the romance, it’s the romance of life, the sensuality of life and the connection in a deep powerful way that we have with one another.

To close let’s do a little exercise: Take a moment and go within. Watch your breath in the stillness and quietness of your being. As you gently watch your breath, become aware and breathe through your nose, very deep quiet breaths. As you reach a deep quietness, become aware that there is a Presence, an energy, that has entered your room. This Presence is all around you, very warm and comforting, like a vessel or container. This presence is an aspect of the Creator of the Elohim. This is the Archangel Ariel. Her presence is like being home in a soft cloud of peace.

Allow the tension to fall away from your shoulders. Let the burdens fall from your back. Let your forehead relax … imagine your face and all the muscles relaxing. Allow your back to relax, allow your feet, the soles of your feet to unwind. And as we are in her beauty of golden pink light—it’s like being inside a cloud of rose inside a peony or a beautiful lotus—we see ourselves sitting inside this beautiful flower, right in the center.

Now look into your heart. There, in your heart, Ariel places a pink sapphire—a beautiful gem of light and healing. And with this pink sapphire, she blesses us with the gift of the beloved—the gift of intimacy. And from within this pink sapphire she invites us to clear the four chambers of our hearts and allow her pure energy to lift away the encumbrances and obstacles to the love of the beloved—and then bask in the unity, the sense of reunion, that lives in this gem of light.

Now, take a deep breath and say, “Thank you, presence, for healing me with your love and peace so that I can be the master, the healer, the leader, the nobility and virtue of creation.”

Come back. Wiggle your toes and shoulders and open your eyes. This pink sapphire is now activated in your heart. I hope you have enjoyed this small introduction. For the complete process of Healing the Four Chamber of Your heart, you can go to my website:

Thank you.

Rest in beauty and in golden light. Allow love into the deepest parts of you. Revel in the feeling of love with no boundaries, and be at peace.