Make 2020 Your Year of Spiritual Renewal! Deirdre’s Divinely Inspired Message and Blessing.

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“In the eternal present of the
moment you are free of time.”

– Ram Dass

April 6, 1931 – Dec. 22, 2019

Dear Friends,

A Message from YHVH, The Presence of Pure Creation, God the Mother and Father, Yeshua and Miriam, Allah, The Great Spirit “Wakan Tanka,” Pachamama, the Tao, Ascended Masters and Archangels as One Unified Light; this is their message to us for the Year 2020.

“You Are Pure Light.”

A Pyramid of Golden and White Light hovers over you casting rays of Gossamer Light over and through your body and consciousness. This Light is the Flower of Life of all of existence. This Light is always informing you, guiding you, teaching you and healing you. Call this Light. *“Step under the protective shade of the Almighty.” This Light is more real than your physical world. This Light has come to serve you, care for you, uplift you and guide you in the coming years. This Light is a faucet of love. Step into this Pyramid of Light and it will wash away all feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, anger and resentment. This Light is your holy (whole true) Self. This Light is your true form made in the image of God. Always remember this.

Place this knowledge, that you are Light, into every fiber of your being. Attach every cell of your human experience to this Light and a new kind of Love will fill you. A Love never thought possible. A Love that forgives the unforgivable and releases the pain and injury trauma has brought. Let yourself weep into this Love. Grieve your mortality into this Light of Pure Love. Become One with this and you will overcome every obstacle, inner and outer that you meet on your journey of becoming a full embodiment of God Consciousness.”

I woke up this morning December 31st, 2019 from a dream. It was of a Golden and White Pyramid over the head of mankind. So beautiful was this dream. Breathtaking. Then God spoke, not to just me but to all of us. “Attach yourself to this Light.”

The Washington Post, December 31st, 2019, “We stream. We swipe. We can watch anything, order anything. Instantly. It’s not enough. For all the early talk of hope, Americans are becoming unhappier, according to a recent United Nations report.”

“How can something seemingly so ethereal as an image of a Golden and White Pyramid of Light have any impact on reality, God?”

I put my phone down. The article continued to point out what we already know, massive opioid addiction, record suicide rates especially with our young people and children, the chaos of a changing climate, hate crimes, anti-Semitism, racism.

8th Century BCE.  The Rock of God; holy of holies from an
Synagogue found in Arad, southern Israel.

This next decade will become known as the decade of spiritual courage for it will take an enormous amount of spiritual courage to face what we have created.  Now neither you nor I actually created this mess but we are a part of it.  Not an easy conversation to have.  But a realistic one.  When will we learn that being spiritual doesn’t do anyone any good if it means being untethered from this reality and its challenges?  We must face the truth of reality in this Loca (Hindu name for this plane of existence).  Facing a truth that is hard to swallow, a truth that brings up our own sense of being out of control, a truth that knocks us into our own feelings of despair and anxiety – that takes bravery, courage and forthrightness.

However, there is another piece to this.  And this may be the most important of all.  That is, in order to face the truth of our age without succumbing to deep depression and debilitating anxiety, in order to rise to the occasion and mobilize to re‑create this reality to something more conducive to human living, we must as the lightworkers maintain a practice of keeping an inner state of calm, wisdom and wholeness.  “Oh no!” you might exclaim, “One more impossible task!”

“You already have everything you need
to become One with the Light.”

“You already have a meditation practice,”
God continued, “now use it.”

The point raised here is, in 2020, take your spiritual practice even more seriously as being the one thing that is going to save you and your sanity in the next coming decade.  There is a place within you that is unshakable, unstoppable, resilient and solid.  Find this place.  Tether your thoughts, feelings and emotions to this place inside of you and you will not only survive but you will thrive because this place is your “God Place.”  This is where all miracles arise from.  This is where you will be the miracle maker.  You will be *“the calm in the chaos.”

Your God Place Is Your Rock.

Now miracles we cannot control.  Miracles do not come from willpower.  Willpower is what is needed to will yourself to meditate when it is the furthest thing from your desire.  When you want to skip your daily meditation, a hint, this is the day a miracle will arise from your meditation.  Thus, be a warrior.  Shut out the noise, go within and tether yourself to your God Place.  Then watch what happens.  A miracle is right around the corner.  And this Light, the Golden White Pyramid of God’s Tent will always, always, shade you in Pure Love.  You will experience Spiritual Renewal.

Happy New Year Radiant Ones!

I love you,

Baha’i Temple Overlook, Haifa, Israel 

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