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Many Paths to Enlightenment in the Workplace

Betsy ChassePost

Today I’m going to give you some keys and tips to finding enlightenment in this hectic, crazy world we’re living in, especially the workplace.

We all have a workplace. We all have a cubicle or an office or some sort of place—a kitchen, a warehouse, a theater, a shop—where we have to show up. That’s the work paradigm of the modern world. We’re not going out into the fields and tilling the soil. Well, maybe some of you are. We’re not nomads. We’re not living in yurts tending to sheep. That’s how we mostly lived when all the great books were written. And all the great books have great knowledge within their covers. But today we have to have new tools, new teachings, new keys to live in the world and be here for our purpose, which is ultimately to become enlightened, to become free.

When we’re in the workplace, there’s a lot of stress and a lot of people come together from many different walks of life who have many different behaviors, many different ways to articulate and communicate. We’re thrown all together in a big jumble, and we have to try to figure this out—how to work with this jumble and not lose ourselves in the process. The thing you have to know is that there’s a purpose to this. You’re being thrown into this cacophony so that you will be the catalyst for balance in the universe and for God. Remember, in this world (and this is a radical statement!), God is broken. God is in many pieces. As a result, God is desiring that we co-create, that we bring harmony and unity to the pieces of the universe that have exploded  into existence from the Big Bang.

We’re still living that Big Bang. And if you look at the news lately, it seems like there are a lot of big bangs out there, a lot of explosions happening. That is the current paradigm. But we are here today to shift that paradigm, and you are an integral part of that. You were born for the purpose of shifting this paradigm. That’s why your soul is here, right now, on the planet. So, I’d like to share with you some keys for being able to achieve your purpose on the planet as it is revealed in the workplace. Then we’ll finish with an activation of these keys.

There are three important pieces of information—three keys—that will shift this explosive paradigm that we’re living in. The first key for you to know is: you are living in a prison. Seriously. It’s just the reality of the situation. For the spirit, the body is a prison. When we get sick, the body definitely feels as if we’re in prison! Many times responsibility feels like a prison. In our workplace, we may feel like we’re in prison part of the time, or maybe all the time. What I want to point out  is, when the body—our base of operations—is a prison, there’s no way out of prison. It’s just the world we live in. You can change rooms in the prison. You might have a  beautiful prison or you might have a prison that’s not to your liking. Either way it’s still prison.

What to do?

What you can do is create the prison you want. That’s the key! By seeing this just for a minute, just saying, “Oh, yeah, right. I’m in prison.” Acknowledging that is an energetic key that actually unlocks the prison. It’s a paradox, but it works. Try it. Go to work. Look around and just say to yourself, “Okay, that’s right, this is a prison,” and see what happens. It’s an energetic key that unlocks a door because when you perceive the prison you’re seeing that the world is a game. You’re seeing that we’re all on a big, grand, game board. I hate to lay it out so plain like this, but it’s the truth. You know the kids’ game Chutes and Ladders? That’s what we’re working with here. So, see the prison and you unlock a door and see a different reality.

Now that you know you’re in this prison, the next step is to shift the prison. Because you see, this world, the third dimensional world, is a container in which the spirit will never be free. The only freedom is an inner state of consciousness. And when you touch that inner state of freedom it’s exciting. That’s something to write home about. And I want each and every one of you to have this experience because it’s so wonderful.

The second key is: every soul in your workplace came together with your soul in an agreement. You’re in an agreement to come to this place at this time. You’re in an agreement to ignite each other’s ability to wake up. And it may be by pressing somebody’s buttons, or it may be by mentoring. It can be either a positive or negative situation or both. So, begin to see those people that work with you as soul partners. Look at them and think, “This soul I know, and this soul knows me. My ego self may have friction or may not understand this person, or I may like this person better than that person. But really, our souls are here to communicate. Our souls are here to bring each other lessons so that we can wake up.”

Beginning to see everyone else as part of your soul agreement is the second key. That key will also shift your perception. When it does, the matrix called your life will change. You will see and experience the world differently.

The third key I want to give you is: we are living in a time of petty tyrants. The petty tyrant is like an enzyme stirring things up. It creates a disturbance and this disturbance is created so that you—and everyone else—will wake up. It’s that simple. It’s not rocket science. This is Mystical Truth 101: the petty tyrant is a catalyst and enzyme for change.

The petty tyrant is someone who gives you grief. Nothing is ever right for them. It’s the manager breathing down your neck. It’s the client that is a pain in the you-know-what. It’s the one that just seems to have it out for you, that undermines you. It’s the one that most likely is non-truthful, maybe even a pathological liar. Not to get into politics, but we’re seeing a lot of this around the globe today. This is happening because we have all made a soul agreement to wake up. And so now is our opportunity in the workplace to shift our perception of the petty tyrants and say, “Aha, I see you! I know what you’re doing. I choose to access my mystical wisdom, my mystical self, my spiritual warrior, the being I really am, the me inside the cloak of all my identifying labels—my socio-economic role, the status the color of  my skin gives me, the gender I am—all of that is the cloak. That’s the role that we’ve been assigned here on this game-board stage called third dimensional 21st century earth. Under that lies the real you, the place of you that is your soul, and that’s all that matters. You know the real you in there. And you very much want other people to see that real you, because to be seen as the real you is the most powerful healing there is.

In the workplace you are given an opportunity to experience quantum growth in awareness and enlightenment. But it means shifting how you see the workplace and understanding why you’re really there. You’re not just there for a paycheck, and you’re not just there to climb the career ladder. That’s what your ego thinks. But you’re being tricked! You’re really there because your soul wants to be seen and the universe wants to be healed. So, when that petty tyrant comes at you, hold that enlightened perception of, “I see who you are. I see what you’re doing!” Now, I wouldn’t recommend that you say this out loud. Maybe you can the day before you’re going to leave that job. But it’s not important that they know you see them. It’s an internal job of awakening for you.

So, begin to shift your perception and see what’s really going on. That’s the key that will unlock the matrix. And when that happens your life and the universe will change (and the petty tyrant will be off your back!) I’ve seen this happen hundreds of times. I’ve had many different kinds of careers in my life.  I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve worked in business and building townhomes. I’ve worked in the ballet dance world. I’ve worked as a healer and teacher. And within all of this I discovered how to be free inside of the workplace. So, to sum it all up:

First Key: see that you are in a prison. Then ask, “How can I change my prison?” (Not “How can I be free of it?”) Freedom is a byproduct of right perception. It just happens. Your job is to figure out how to make life in the body-prison the best it can be.

Second Key: see the people you work with as having a soul agreement with you and you with them to wake up. They may or may not ever see this, but that’s not really your concern. Your concern is about your enlightenment.

Third Key: understand that in every workplace, in every place in the world, there are petty tyrants. Understand that the petty tyrants are catalysts, enzymes to cause disruption, to make us uncomfortable, to get us in a state of chaos. For from chaos comes new creation.

By being your mystical self you change the energy around you simply by seeing the keys. This is the first step to insuring that your world comes into a place of harmony.


Let’s finish by activating the keys with a short Radiance Meditation.

Find your energetic center. See your center as the central pillar of your being, the core of your being. This is the doorway to your mystical self. Now, repeat the mantra:

Nothing can harm me, no one can take anything away from me, no one can touch who I am.

I use this mantra every morning. I say it before I go to work. Whenever I’m uncomfortable, I say this mantra. And the energetic field, the radiance of this mantra, forms an energetic capsule around me.

My soul will be free. I will know freedom.

Connect again to the central pillar within you, from the crown chakra down to the arches of your feet, into the earth. This central pillar is a tube of brilliant white light. This is the sword of truth, the sword of the I AM presence, your soul.

No one can take anything from me. I am safe, nothing can truly harm me.

   I am eternal light. I am spirit poured into this vessel, the body to shepherd, my soul to grow and bring my soul’s purpose into fruition. I am the conduit for balance. And to all disturbance that comes, I say, “Nothing you do can harm me. Nothing you say can take anything away from me. Because I have everything there is within me.

     I am pure love, pure creation, pure brilliance. You may think you can harm me, but that is your delusion, because you believe that this world exists. But I know what truly exists, the eternal light, the eternal union, the oneness of creation.”

This world comes and goes. It is simply the game. Choose to play the game. Choose to win by choosing enlightenment. Allow the Presence to fold around you, allow the Presence to hold you. The Presence is not a prison. The Presence is the container of your personal freedom. Thank You, beloved Presence, for being here today.