How to Mend a Broken Heart


Today we’re going to talk about mending the broken heart. Every single person on the planet has a place in their heart that’s broken, a place that’s been touched, disappointed, betrayed. Because when you come into this world, when you incarnate in this world, you incarnate to find the wisdom and understanding to be garnered by being broken.

This is the place that breaks the soul – your soul which comes from pure oneness, that comes from a world of light. The heavens don’t understand this, don’t know why in this reality the soul gets broken, because in heaven all is One. As well, the core of your soul cannot be broken. We’ve talked about that. The core of your soul is whole. But there are five levels to the soul, and today I’m going to talk about the first level—the level that breaks most easily.

When the first level of the soul breaks, it’s the mind, your psyche—your psychology, your ego mind, the first level—that when it breaks it goes into a state of profound confusion. And that profound confusion can go from just not being able to get out of bed for a few days, to constant anxiety, to long-term depression, to mental illness. That’s why everyone’s a victim here, because the soul’s first level can be so easily shattered. When that happens, the rest of the soul, the other layers, begin to try to form themselves back together again. They try to knit, they try to save themselves. The soul is trying to save itself. In situations where you have extreme mental illness, however, the first, second and third levels of the soul all break. And when you have evil, the fourth level of the soul breaks. When that happens, then a human is only left with the core light that can never be broken—the internal spiritual light that will hopefully redeem that soul in some other lifetime.

At this moment I’m in Florida, right outside St. Petersburg. And I can feel the energy here, the sorrow, the confusion, and the pain of what’s happened with this terrible recent school shooting. It hits us so deep up when children are involved. When children are perpetrators and children are victims. I’d like to report that those beautiful innocent angels that were taken out are in heaven.

They are in a place of great light. I’ve been fortunate to communicate with them, to hear from them, especially now, being in Florida, I want to tell you their voices are singing! They’re with their families and they are in the arms of God. And what they’re saying is, “We’re fine. We are in heaven. We are in union with creation. But please, do not let our sacrifice be for nothing.”

I received the same message when I stood with the people in my community in California during the fires and then again when the floods and mud flows came. The fire said, “Do not let this sacrifice be for nothing. Wake up! Wake up humanity! Wake up and see that you are not born to fight. You were born to love! That’s what you were born to do.”

Today there is a great breaking occurring in this world. The ego construct that breaks our hearts has to change. We are here to meet the challenge of that breaking with the power of great love. It’s not easy. It’s a challenge. It’s a practice. But we’re up to the task and the time is now. That’s the meaning of the Age of Surprise. We are in an age of surprise which is our age of transformation. It is our age of coming together. It is our age of connecting. Because, ultimately, the only remedy to the breaking, the only remedy to violence, is to connect soul-to-soul—to connect one person to another. One on one, not en masse. Sure, en masse is great. It’s great to be in a stadium together. There’s a powerful energy of connection. But the healing that gives you the power to overcome what breaks your heart in the world only comes through intimate connection—one to one, two to two, three to three, four to four, five to five.

My great mentor, psychologist Dr. Lawanda Steinberg, who I was fortunate enough to be tutored by for over 20 years said, “If a child can have one person who believes in them—and it only takes one—that child will make it. They’ll make it out of the poverty and the violence.” Tragically, many children don’t have even one person to believe in them because their parents are broken and they don’t have a family. But all it takes is one person to save a child. She said this over and over and over.

As a being of a light and transcendence, as well as a human being in the physical corporeal world of the ego-mind, in this totality I know that I have the god spark and the power to choose. I can choose to heal. I can choose to be made whole. That’s the greatest power we have—knowing that we have a choice. But as long as I think, “I don’t have a choice. This is all I am and my heart is broken,” there’s nothing I can do. No power can come in to fully heal me. Every ancient mystical tradition says we are here to choose between light and dark, good or evil, healing or not healing. We are here to redeem our brokenness. That is redemption. Our salvation cannot happen until we are all redeemed, because we are all part of one great body called human existence.

When you make a choice to say, “I will surrender to healing,” when you make this choice you have just healed a part of humanity. Now, to do this and to take action, that is powerful. Because taking action has to happen. But taking action without being on the journey of healing really just takes the paint of destruction and moves it from one canvas to another. Have you ever noticed how when one war stops, oh, my gosh, another war starts somewhere else? Clean up one area and violence pops up somewhere else. When we take our action, when we are activists for change, we must carry the baton of our own personal journey of healing. Because only then can our activism elicit long-standing change. Because in activism, when you are on the journey of healing—meaning you don’t have to be healed, but you are on that journey—you’re made that choice. Then everything you do, your activism will heal wherever you put your attention. Even if it’s only to reach out to one child.

It is time, it is time to mend the broken hearts of others and it is time to mend our own broken hearts. So, let’s hold this idea in a moment of silence and allow our hearts to open, to surrender. Know that you are safe. You are free. Take a deep breath and let the to-do-list go, let the judgments go, the pressures, and imagine them pouring out your body into a stream of water that is washing them away. Above you is a shining star, the I Am Presence, the presence of healing, the supreme divine will of your soul that loves you. And from this beautiful star rays of healing light pour over you in gossamer veils of light, fresh like snow … newness, springtime, birth.

This beautiful light, this luminous Presence of pure love is grace. This light of soothing, nurturing power, is mercy. And they are real. They are very real. They are the ideals that shine unceasingly into this world. Grace heals all. It is time to look up again and to embrace the light of these ideals. Allow this warmth that you’re feeling to descend down through your head and into your heart, filling your heart with white light, filling the cracks where your heart has been broken. Feel it.

I highly recommend working with the first level of your soul and healing it this way. Also work with the Healing the Four Chambers of the Heart meditation that fan be found on my website. The more you do these meditations and heal your heart, the deeper the light will go into the fractures of your heart.

Brokenness is part of who you are, it’s part of your story. But let’s make it beautiful. Let’s take the coal, that black piece of coal, and let’s compress this lump of coal into the light of the Divine Mother until your story is a diamond, a gift. Ask, “What wisdom have I learned here? What understanding have I gained? How will this wisdom and understanding make me a better person? A healthier person? How will this help me receive love and bring love into the world?” And then listen, because your soul will speak to you saying, “My beloved, here is what I have to offer you. Together we can create a world of beauty.”