Quote: “The darkness serves the light. The darkness is just darkness if you are unconscious.”

Betsy ChassePost

Mystics spend a lot of time in metaphorical dark caves, travelling around galaxies and universes, sitting in the middle of different solar systems counting stars, contemplating, “What’s this all about?” It’s wintertime now and I’d love to share with you some thoughts from my book, The Not So Little Book of Surprises , which is an Oracle book and a book of prophecy and a book of guidance from the angelic realms and the Ascended Masters and prophets that I have met on my journeys into these outer galaxies.

One of the greatest gifts ever given to me by them was a quote I’d like to share with you:

What that means in the Kabbalah, in the mystical Hebrew teachings, is that within all darkness there is a hidden light, there’s a light that’s been covered. It’s our job as human beings to discover that hidden light and retrieve it, to rescue it from the darkness, to lift these sparks of light and bring them back to the Creator. In other words, we’re here for service.

We think we’re so technical, we’ve got airplanes and spaceships and iPads, and we think the darkness can’t take us over because of this. But it can. And the way we keep that from happening is that when the darkness comes, you stay conscious and you ask the question, “What am I to learn here? Where is the light? What is the gift? What can I do to speak up? How do I stand for justice? What is my core value? What do I believe in? Am I willing to fight for that light and fight for that truth as a warrior of light, as a person of consciousness?”

This doesn’t just mean going out into the world and being an activist. That’s important. But if you’re not an activist inside, if you’re not slaying the demons inside you, if you’re not burning away the lies that keep you from being who you really are, if you’re not looking at every place where you’re angry and saying, “How can I address this and not be angry?” If you’re not looking into your heart and saying, “I choose to lift hatred out of my heart, no matter what anybody else is throwing at me. I choose to hold the light. I will not allow hatred to fill my heart”- if you’re not doing this then you are not serving, you are not doing what you’re here to do.

We are at a choice point now, we’re at a time where we are being given a huge opportunity, an opportunity to transform, to become conscious and alive, to really manifest the gifts that this world can bring to us. It is the 12th hour, but we can do this as long as we remain conscious and question and go deeper and continue the journey of becoming a true human being.

Blessings to you as we enter this Holiday Season.