Remembering 9/11 and Your Journey of Awakening

Betsy ChassePost

“The concentration of the true spiritual aspirant is attained through faith, energy, recollectedness, absorption, and illumination.”

– Patanjali, 4th century saint

Dear Friends,

The river of life is an extraordinary river. She carries us on our soul’s journey to awaken and enter a state of super-consciousness. When you acknowledge this truth, your river speeds up, for she is eager that you enter super-consciousness as soon as possible. The river begins to flow downwards over many rocks, forming rapids and, sometimes, a waterfall. As this happens to us, many disturbances in the field of our human existence occur. We are now at a time of powerful, global transformation from the elements all the way to the human mind. And the river we call Time and Space, our life, is speeding up; a waterfall is before us.

On September 11, 2001, we witnessed the horrors of insanity. We witnessed a kind of evil we thought unimaginable here in the United States of America. Please join me today in taking a moment by entering into your super-consciousness of peace and understanding in remembrance of all those we lost, and those who are suffering now from the long-term consequences of being a first responder, or of living near the Twin Towers in New York City. This experience on this day was a universal marker, and signified the speeding up and the rapid transition, the Age of Surprise, that God has been relaying to me. 9/11 was the turning point. 9/11 was the day we entered the Age of Surprise, which is also the Age of Uncertainty.

If you remember, those of you who have read or looked through The (not so) Little Book of Surprises, there is on page 62 a truth that was given to me by God over a twenty year period. It is an aphorism; it is a sutra for our times given directly from God. Study this aphorism. Contemplate it. And, when you understand the depths of its meaning, you are on your way to your awakening: the greatest, most satisfying journey there is.

Today, we are all feeling the heaviness and the burden and the pain of watching insanity unfold in our world. What can we do? We can be an activist for change, which is essentially important. But we must also be an activist in our own consciousness and ego structure. Take the time to root out hatred, intolerance, and the belief that opposites actually exist, because they don’t. The only thing that exists is love.

My purpose here in this newsletter, in every meme I send out, in our gathering together, is simply this: to provide a safe haven for you to experience deeper and deeper faith of love. As this happens, joy, happiness, and union with the divine occurs. Therefore, as our great river takes us on our journey of awakening, when the river becomes a waterfall, you will fly. You will soar, like the great bird with vast wings, through the rainbow created by the myriad of her droplets, and then you will gently land in the pool below of the mountain lake, with serenity and peace, completely whole.

We are at a choice point in the consciousness of the Adam Kadmon (the Hebrew word for the universal human soul). By you adding your consciousness of love, by you continuing to stay focused on the desire to enter super-consciousness, you, in fact, are helping humanity navigate the rapid river of our ultimate purpose.

Blessings to you. Thank you for your commitment to the Light and to the Radiance of all things. I am looking forward to being more present and in the world this fall, and I have so much I can’t wait to share from my deep journey within of the past several months.