‘Speak the Truth!’ A poem of Inspiration and message of Hope from the Ascended Masters for you.

Betsy ChassePost

Dear Light Warriors,

Please allow me to share this poem which was dictated to me by the Ascended Masters for you and every soul committed to love, healing, and transformation.

The Ascended Masters want you to know that they are here among us now.  They are bringing in a frequency of Ascended Consciousness to elevate humanity from a consciousness of hate and punishment to our true state of consciousness, that of understanding and compassion.  They also want us all to know that as we journey through this next phase of human evolution that we must gather our light together in a unified field of love.  This will keep us bolstered up, full of joy on our journey and protect you from getting burned out or falling into despair.


As you read this poem, try reading it out loud several times with passion.  Let your voice rise, speak the words as words from your truth.  You will experience the power of the Ascended Master Light pouring through you in waves and waves of powerful white light, purple, blue, aqua, and rose‑colored light with a shimmering of gold.  This healing and Uplifting Presence will be filling you with energy, rejuvenation, inner peace, and calm.

A little surprise, ‘Speak The Truth’ was chosen by a major Hollywood producer to be recited by an amazing actress and will be released on a major platform in July!  I am so excited.  I can’t say more about this now or I’d give away the surprise!

💕💕 Deirdre

Speak The Truth

Deirdre Hade


Speak the truth of the day.
Tell the world what you have to say.

For in you wisdom speaks great
in a world that often forsakes.

Look into your heart
there is where your
angels call.

Whether your voice
is great or small
bold or meek
speak it all.

Harness courage
tell what must be told;

That a life well lived
is all there is,
Love of one another
is all there is to give.


Be brave in your task.
Seek to heal the past.

Hold onto the light
where the dark fists might.

Tears from bones
water souls – Grow;

Become the Messenger.

We are in a possibility of time,
creativity connecting with divine.

The voiceless
union brought us here,
community – it is time to care,
mend your heart from all despair.

Go Now – Speak the truth of the day
Tell the world what you have to say.

Share your Wisdom.
Shout your Illumination.

Never look back.
Act on your conviction.

Love this journey.
You are the Transformation!