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The 6 Simple Keys – Key #6 Living in Bliss

Betsy ChassePost

Let’s define what bliss really is. Bliss is a state experience in your body, in your heart and in your mind, where you are fully connected to a greater reality. This state of bliss is a subtle field of joy—a subtle field of “Everything’s okay just the way it is.” Bliss is the internal experience of  “I have the strength and the tools to get through what I have to get through.”


Bliss is like a rainbow. There are many colors to it. Bliss can be happy and sometimes bliss comes in the beauty of deep grieving—the place where we go when we experience loss. There’s a beauty and a bliss that comes. You could also say that it’s a grace.


How do we receive this bliss? How do we live in all the different colors and facets of bliss? We do this by using the first five keys: living in our heart of the present moment, the central pillar of who we are; witnessing as the Silent Watcher, observing our thoughts, feelings and emotions without judgment; living from our core value, the virtue of who we are—the golden orb of light of our soul in the belly; connecting deeply with the state of purpose and integrity and alignment with who we are, the great sense of right action acting from this place within; being in service—the service we are giving to everything and everyone we touch. These five keys are the recipe, they are the backbone of life. They are the keys that unlock the door to bliss.


And what is the 6th key?


The last key of the six keys, the most important part, is to say, “I receive. I receive bliss. I receive life. I receive the goodness. I receive the dreams I have and see them coming true.”  Receive! By receiving you are giving service because you cannot serve without having someone receive. And when you are in this magical state, this mysterious state, synchronicity happens, luck happens. People show up and you live a glorious, fabulous life, spiritually connected and on purpose, fulfilled by joy.