The First Key in my 6 Simple Keys to Living a Spiritually Connected and Purpose Filled Life

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I’m really excited to share this simple path to finding peace, finding alignment, as we move through the Age of Surprise, dealing with technology, weird weather, personal disagreements, politics … I think we’re all ready to find a place of peace in the middle of all the chaos. So, I’m here to share with you some paths, some tips, some wisdom on how to stay centered in beingness while we go through all the changes. And they are coming rapidly. They are coming fast and they’re going to get faster. But from the information I receive from the Divine Guides, the Ascended Beings of Light, consciousness really is winning the war, so to speak.


This means that all of you, all of us, who practice mindfulness, who meditate, who have a path of spiritual study, or whatever, are making a difference. Every path of spirituality has goodness, has truth. And it’s all going to the same place. This path that I share and I talk about and teach really is a synthesis of many paths. But they are all good paths. So, when we practice, when we take time to come into the silence, to connect to our inner core, we, in fact, are the threads of light around the world holding the fabric of our world in order and in balance.


Now, this is an ancient teaching. It’s not a teaching I came up with myself, though I’ve been told this in my mystical visions. This teaching goes back to the Navajo people, the Lakota people, our indigenous brothers and sisters. This goes back into the Kabbalah and a mystical Torah and mystical Christianity. This knowledge, this mystical knowledge that we are actually part of a seamless fabric called time and space and that our consciousness is interlinked, is universal truth.


There’s no separation between what we think, what we feel, and the world around us. We may say, “I’m really not doing anything when I meditate except trying to find peace inside me. That’s the reason I do it. That’s where it ends.” Yes, finding peace is a great reason to do it. You don’t really need to have a bigger vision. But it is nice to sometimes expand our minds into a bigger vision of why we have a spiritual path, a vision that is about something other than simply leaving our suffering behind. The truth is, when you relieve your internal suffering, when you find that deep peace, you are now bringing peace to the fabric of creation. So there’s no separation between what you want and what affects the world and how the world affects you.


The message I’m receiving is that the beings who are committed to consciousness, to raising consciousness, we’re having an effect. And the difficulties, the chaos, the conundrums we find ourselves in around the world are nothing compared to what they could be because of our work. So, I want to encourage you and support you, to uplift you and inspire you to carve out that five minutes at day, carve out that ten minutes to go within and connect to your inner soul.


So, let’s just take a moment to send love and light to all those who are dealing with natural disaster at this time, natural phenomenon of weather. And let’s send a special prayer to Mother Earth, to our beloved weather system, sending peace and harmony so that all extreme weather can gently come into balance and harmony, so Mother Earth can take a deep sigh “Ahhhh” and come back to an order of changes as opposed to a chaos of change. Let’s all join together and hold that vision for our world. Yes, we know that the Earth is growing and changing. But let’s hold her in our love so that as she grows and changes it’s a gentle birth, sparing us from extreme weather.

Artwork by Endre Balogh

Today I’d like to talk about the 1st key from the 6 Simple Keys to Living a Spiritually Connected and Purpose-filled Life, the Silent Watcher. The Silent Watcher is the observer, the place of neutrality guiding us. When we are aware of this Silent Watcher we step into a higher state of consciousness automatically because we become aware. The Silent Watcher is where we practice mindfulness. So, mindfulness, what is that? Being mindful is taking in the totality, the fullness of creation, in one moment. And that’s a beautiful journey. So the Silent Watcher is within you. It is you. It’s also a great ascended being and a consciousness from the first level of creation.


The Silent Watcher is asking you to please come into communion with me so that we can be partners and I can guide you through your life. From the Silent Watcher comes a wisdom, knowing when to say “Yes” and when no say “No,” when to take action, when to take no action, even how to breathe. The Silent Watcher is the regulator of your breath. Your breath—this inner and outer tethering or yoking we have to creation. When our breath is in consciousness and in harmony, we bring that harmony into our world and into our self. So the Silent Watcher is your friend.


To help you see the Silent Watcher as your friend, take a moment, right now, and close your eyes and look there in the center of your brain and imagine this beautiful blue orb of light right in the center of your brain. Remember, imagination is your key to transformation. So see this blue orb of light right in the center of your brain, this dot of knowledge from the Tree of Life. It’s also the sixth chakra. I want you to see this blue pearl of light and let yourself breathe into this pearl of light, inhaling and exhaling. Now, imagine that you are entering this blue pearl of light. You are merging with this beautiful planet of blue light, this beautiful eye. This eye is the eye of your Silent Watcher. Now, just simply rest there and allow yourself to be within the eye of the Silent Watcher, and from this place survey the landscape of your life. Just watch it. Perhaps there is an experience you had today. Just watch this experience from this neutral place of non-judgment.


Now, allow the peace that is coming to drop into your body and allow this beautiful orb of light to descend down into your throat and then down into your heart. From your heart, looking out, look around, survey your world from this eye in your heart, from this blue orb of light, this pearl of blue light. Watch in a neutral place of love, compassion, understanding, wisdom. Now, allow this beautiful blue pearl of light to descend into your solar plexus and now, from your solar plexus, survey your world from this eye. Look into the world from this deep place of harmony, peace, and gratitude. For the Silent Watcher there is nothing to be anxious about, nothing to be stressful about. Everything is in harmony and peace in our world, in your world.


Take a nice deep breath and open your eyes.


Wonderful! This short journey of the blue pearl of the Eye of the Silent Watcher, you can do any day, at any time, to reconnect with the Silent Watcher. This is your first key to the keys of awakening, the keys of self-realization, the keys of peace, and the keys which bring bliss. Next time we’ll be going deeper into the journey of light, into the inner cathedrals of light as we expand and open our soul in the Tree of Life.


Here is my Video on the 1st Key: