The Flame of Hope

Betsy ChassePost

It’s crazy out there. It really is. The Age of Surprise has sent us tee-tottering onto the edge of our spiritual threshold. It is hard, very hard some days to fight back the urge to get angry, to fill our hearts with thoughts of revenge. But we can do this. We can be the torch of a new song. A song of redemption. A song of hope. A song of peace.
So what do you say we do this! What do you say that we just declare, “Hey world! Even though you spread fear and hate, we choose to stand tall in the face of your falsity and harshness. We choose to love. We choose to live lives of goodness. We choose to cast away false fear.”

In doing this, we are the lights of the future world. We are the keepers of peace. We are the match that strikes in darkness. And together our light will be the warmth of a harvest moon lighting the way for others to see that we are not separate. We are one human form of creativity and spirit and unfolding presence of possibility. And our individual lights, which are the transcendent love of our true nature, will become actualized as Magical Grace. And with our faith we will embrace each other and hold each other and heal each other until we are all free.

So, today we have an opportunity to believe. This is what our Founding Fathers and Mothers passed down to us, knowing all the time that the experiment called democracy was an infant child compared to the history of Kings, Queens and dictators. This thing called democracy, where we each get to vote our conscience and say our say and be heard by the tally of the majority—well, they are looking through the Looking Glass at us now, wondering what we will do. What are our values? What do we care about in 2018?

So, God bless you today. This is a glorious day to cast your truth and cast your ballot. This is a glorious day to say, “I am a wisdom keeper and I will put my truth into action. I will vote because every act of truth creates a greater truth. And this I know that I am the divine truth of creation.”
Today is the day of the mid-term elections in the US and I want to encourage everyone who receives this message to be sure to get out and vote. We all carry within ourselves the violet flame of hope, and today, as never before, that flame is burning brightly as we activate hope and make it manifest by exerting our right to make change happen through our God-given right to choose—which in this moment means voting for the candidates that most resonate with our hearts in today’s election.

To help inspire and strengthen you today, I suggest you carry a rose quartz, the mineral gem which heals illness, heals disturbances of the heart, bringing us peace and serenity and hope—a very powerful crystal. I’m also sharing a video with you, the Radiance Journey of the Violet Flame of Hope to heal your heart and give you strength to stand in your truth.

Each one of us carries within our soul the Violet Transforming Flame. And when we come together in loving intention bearing this flame of hope, its power radiates around our globe, filling everyone who feels hopeless, bringing peace to everyone who thinks that the possibility of goodness is fading.

Please join me in this Radiance Healing Journey. And may it bring peace and resolution and joy to your heart as you go to the polls today and honor the duty given to us of sacred choice. Pass on the flame. Be the light.

Have a blessed day.

Love and light,
~ Deirdre