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The Mystical Story of Passover and the Steps to Becoming Free

Betsy ChassePost

“The Lord is Close to the Brokenhearted”
– Psalm 34:19

Dear Friends,

Blessings for a beautiful Passover.  Today the moon shines as bright as it has for 10,000 years.  Look up into her face for you will see her light of hope.  This is the hope that throughout time has been a beacon bringing us together during times of broken-heartedness.  We face such a time as this now.  With our world on lockdown we ask, what will become of our world?

In Estelle Frankel’s book, Sacred Therapy, she gives the teachings of the ancient sage, one of the father’s of Kabbalah, Rebbe Nachman.  From her book, “A broken heart is simply a sign of our deep humanity.  And we bring our sorrow to God’s doorstep, we join the broken and the whole; our broken heart becomes the point of connection to the All, and to all others who hurt.”

This is our time to join together; find each other’s human soul and knit the fabric of existence back into the whole of love and care.  We do this through ritual. All rituals are an appointed time to put aside the hurried-ness of life; make time for connection and look for the deeper meaning of life.  I invite you this Passover week to make time to journey into your own personal redemption story.  Share your story with each other and we will all make it though this darkness.

Below is a short rendition of the mystical meaning of Passover and some guidelines for you to connect with the healing light of our Passover moon including an affirmation to invoke your personal path of healing and freedom.

God Bless You!  Stay healthy,


The Passover Story

Passover is a journey of freedom from your personal Egypt to your personal land of resurrection.  Egypt is all the parts in you that are in prison and bondage, slaves to your ego.  Pharaoh is the master ego that drives you into darkness and suffering, experiencing all the resentments, judgments and self criticism that you feel you cannot escape from.  Look within, find the places within you where you experience Pharaoh.

Know that there is a key.  There is a way out.

Moses represents Divine Will, your hidden key of salvation.  Moses, raised in Egypt (personal bondage), knows that we are not born to live in slavery.  When we live in old and outdated personal beliefs we live in bondage.  Action is necessary to begin the journey to leave bondage.  Discover Divine Will, the Moses within you, and transform.

The Staff of Life is your strength to choose what to think, how to love, what virtue to live by.  Make choices from your core value and the Pharaoh within you has to let you go.  The journey to the Promised Land (salvation and redemption) is your guiding ray.  Tether your mind fully to your Divine Will and you will be given the Staff of Life – the strength and the power to overcome any obstacles to your salvation, your pursuit of freedom.

Choose personal liberation and a miracle will occur.  The parting of the Red Sea (your greatest emotional trauma) signifies your heart has been healed.  When this occurs, you are free to enter The Promised Land.  The Promised Land is where your Soul and the Light of the Creator are One – the land of milk and honey.

The Questions:

During Passover, for the next eight days, ask these questions in your daily practice of contemplation.

• What thoughts, feelings, and beliefs keep me in pain and suffering?
• Where do I judge, hold resentment, am jealous of another?
• How do my beliefs hinder me from living the life I truly desire?
• Can I love this place within myself?
• Can I love as I have never loved before?
• Can I forgive my place of bondage and the past of others?
• Can I surrender my ego will to Divine Will?
• Can I drop my judgment and criticisms and allow the sweetness of my Soul to exist?

Discover the answers to these questions and then say aloud the following affirmation for healing and you will be well on your way to personal freedom, out of bondage, living a happy and meaningful life.

The Affirmation:

I am within the healing light of Passover – the light of forgiveness, redemption, and freedom.  Healing light pours into my heart, my mind, and my soul, cleansing my thoughts, my emotions, my misunderstandings of life.  I fully receive this light.  I fully receive this cleansing.  I fully receive this love.  For I am the key to my own salvation in the wholeness of wisdom, compassion, and grace.  I am healed.  I am free.  Amen