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The Dog Angel and a Practice of Contemplation

Betsy ChassePost

“This world is a beginning and a base,
 Where Life and Mind erect their structured dreams
An unborn power must build reality.

​​​​​​ –  Sri Aurobindo
 Savitri; The Secret Knowledge

The Practice of Contemplation

Dear Friends,

My heart is forever grateful for your outpouring of love and support at the loss of my little angel and best friend Yeled. Every day I go down to the oak grove to sit in his meditation garden, a powerful peace comes over me. For those of you, Creature Lovers, I’d like to share a message that I received from a Presence that identified himself as,

“The Dog Angel.”

Grandfather Lakota

“Each animal is a spirit and an angelic presence sent to earth for a specific mission. Dogs are part of an angelic order that was created alongside man/woman kind in the very beginning. Our duty is to love, protect and serve our master. You humans are our masters and it was written this way since the beginning of time, nothing you do can ever change this. We will always love you. We are devoted to your health, safety and happiness. Every dog on earth is looking for his master, the human he is to serve; We are – all forgiving of your mistakes and confusions, even if we show fear, we have already forgiven you. If you let us, we can be a teacher for you to learn how to love by learning how to receive our love. When you receive our love and devotion you heal.”


After I had this experience with, The Dog Angel, my heart felt healed at a deep, deep, level and I know my Yeled, will always be with me.​​​​

Yeled Puppy

 ​​​​​​In this weeks video you will learn how to have your own contemplation practice for healing. I share how to pass through feelings of shame and guilt and how beneath these feelings there is a key to your healing and awakening.
A practice of contemplation clears away the obstacles to you building your Ship of Serenity. The ship your soul requires to travel smoothly on the life long journey of consciousness. Enjoy!
Have a beautiful wonderful week!
I love you,